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My first GOALS post. This is how much I NEED to be writing down goals…..I had a “Goal” to blog about “GOALS” since January 1st…. and now it’s January 25th and I’m just now getting around to it! Get my point?? I think blogging about some monthly goals may be extremely beneficial for me for many reasons. 1. It will hold me accountable. 2. It will hold me accountable and 3. It will really hold me accountable. That’s what I need! My to-do lists are wonderful but there are always a few things that I really need to just get accomplished and I keep re-writing them on my daily to-do lists and before I know it, they disappear and never get done. So!

I am going to blog a monthly GOAL list and let me preface this by saying that I WILL NOT ALWAYS get everything done… I realize this! I’m ok with this! However, sharing some of my goals will the internet world should kick me into high gear on days when I’m lacking in energy! So here we go! I have Business goals and Personal Goals:

Business Goals | January

  • Finish album designs… ALL OF THEM
  • Update the Engagement gallery on my website
  • Re-order my personalized CD’s
  • Design Thank You cards for clients
  • Send Thank you cards to be printed
  • Come up with a better blogging calendar



Personal Goals | January

  • Daily quiet time
  • 30 Thank you notes done and mailed
  • Hang curtains in Youth Room
  • Order prints for ALL empty frames in the house
  • Start working on our Wedding Video
  • Finish editing Honeymoon pictures from Croatia


Now I realize that this isn’t a massive list… but that’s because it’s JANUARY 25th!!!! I have a limited number of days because I procrastinated blogging about GOALS! …..ugh. So I’m nervous/excited about this new little monthly series and I’m really hoping it gives me a little extra push to be extra productive! Here’s to a super productive Tuesday!! Let’s get a lot accomplished!!

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  1. Lauren B reply

    you can do it! you can do it! :)

  2. Allison reply

    Get it girl!!!!!!!!!! You got this!!! I know you can accomplish a lot of those goals!!!!

  3. Gail reply

    The funny thing is, I created this very kind of month-by-month breakdown of goals for myself. You’ve inspired me to blog it! (and I still haven’t finished mine yet…we still have a week, right?)

  4. Michelle Ocampo reply

    Where in Croatia did you go for your honeymoon?! I’ve been to Dubrovnik two times and LOVE.IT. :)

  5. stephanie b reply

    I love how you are writing about your personal goals too and not just your business goals. I def. need to start making goals. I know how things just seem to “disapear” off to-do lists. You can do it :)

  6. Melissa reply

    And my husband thinks I’m the only one with empty frames around the house, lol.

    Great Goals! You can do all of them I’m sure.

  7. Andie reply

    I love you. thanks for inspiring me to actually put pen to paper on my personal and business goals – beginning with January, not February! You are so right, blogging really does help hold you accountable… I’ll start with putting clear dates with my goals though :)

  8. Julianna reply

    Addition to Personal Goals: COme to Virginia Tech to hang out with your sister and her friends.

  9. Cati reply

    you have empty frames too? That’s been on my to-do list since we got married in November….I’m gonna finish that too!

  10. Kim Lee Schmidt reply

    You go Katelyn! :-) I’ll be praying for you as you pursue these goals. Now I need to write mine down. :-)

  11. katie reply

    goals, that’s great, now i need to write mine down!!

  12. Karin reply

    I’m over here thinking what a massive and ambitious list that is, and then you said it’s not massive and that you meant these were all goals for the next SEVEN DAYS. I almost had a heart attack. (Perhaps I still have not adjusted to trying to run a business while simultaneously keeping a baby alive…) Maybe I’ll just sneak a few of my goals onto your list and you won’t notice. : ) Hope you get lots accomplished!

  13. emy reply

    i completely second julianna’s comment. i like to think my sister loves me, however, she never comes to visit! j/k i know that you love me and im so thankful you’re my sister… because basically you’re awesome!!

  14. Peter reply

    Great list, but even greater is you writing the list. Tough to do – I know.

  15. caroline reply

    yes yes YESS!!!!! this is where all those doors come into play!!!! are you going to bring back the ones from europe????
    love you!!!

  16. Kristina N. reply

    Writing down goals and especially telling about them helps so much! Knowing people are there to ask you if you’ve accomplished them definitely helps me stay motivated!

  17. caroline reply

    ok so my first comment was a little off HA! i just saw the door and got excited. Now i get the whole goal thing – you’re good at it!!

  18. Alex reply

    I would like to third julianna’s comment =]
    Amen to goals and productive Tuesdays. I was just checking out some other photography blogs and found myself getting bored so easily. I always come back to your blog because I know there will be something new…even if I have to wait 24 hours! Keep it up. This is gonna be a great year.

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  21. Barbara reply

    I recently stumbled upon your blog and I loving it! Great work and great tips for people like me who are just getting started :)
    I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon in Croatia – I live in Croatia’s capital Zagreb :)

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