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I specifically remember squealing when I ran through the front door to tell my roommates about the couple I had just met.  Immediately after meeting Jared and Lauryn I knew I was going to love them.  I have been looking forward to their wedding day since we first met because I knew it would be beautiful…and it was.  It definitely wasn’t beautiful because of the weather! We were dodging downpours all day! It was beautiful because two best friends committed their lives to one another and to their Lord.  Jared and Lauryn committed to loving and serving each other forever.  They took communion together and it was beautiful. Listening to the prayers of their pastor and the toasts from their friends, it is evident that Jared and Lauryn are deeply loved.  They couldn’t have been happier to finally be married.  The look on Lauryn’s face when she was called Mrs. Galloway for the first time was priceless! It was such an honor to be a part of the very beginning of their new life together.


Mr. and Mrs. Galloway, thank you for allowing me into your lives.  You are beautiful people, inside and out and it was a privilege to capture that beauty last Friday.  I’m so excited for you and I wish you the very best! God bless!!

Ok, before you think this is a Home&Garden post, you must realize that Lauryn had the CUTEST details.  I LOVED them.  Everything about their day fell into the bright, light country theme.  Loved it!

Jared and Lauryn opted for a “first look”! This is where the bride and groom get to see each other right before the ceremony and I get to capture their first interaction on their wedding day! It’s awesome!

This is what happens when you are shooting too fast because you’re scared of rain and running out of light! haha Cool huh!?

Like to see more?! Watch Jared and Lauryn’s Slideshow

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  1. Anna reply

    awesome, KK! I love them… I can see how that first look does work out rather nicely :)

  2. Shari G. reply

    What beautiful pictures of beautiful subjects! Can’t wait to see the slidshow and all the pics! Thank you!

  3. Tira J reply

    These are awesome Katelyn! I love the hydrangea bouquet’s and all of the beginning of what looked like a TTD session? Great work.

  4. J.T. reply

    I have to say that my two favorites are the one of the ties and the one in front of the truck with the lights on (the last one). KK every picture is something new. You don’t have a formula for a picture (What I mean is that it’s almost never the same!) which is absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  5. Nicole reply

    Beautiful pictures! I may need to hire you soon!

  6. Maria Moore reply

    These are awesome! And I know a large percentage of the bridesmaids which makes it even cooler :)

  7. Charity Knutti reply

    I adore them…the last one is amazing!

  8. Michael Alsop reply

    I agree with JT. The tie one is pretty awesome…it looks like a JCrew ad. There better be some ceremony ones in the slide show. I told Justin it looks like an engagement session, but she is wearing a wedding dress. Good idea with the flowers in front of the face and them kissing. Turned out REALLY GOOD!!! considering it was pouring down rain most of that day. AMAZING. Love you…

  9. Chrissy Duke reply

    every bride is always scared of rain… but never again after you have katelyn as a photographer, because that last picture is the most amazing, fabulous picture!! Truly it wins, what an incredible memory!

  10. Emy reply

    I’m just adding a comment cause I enjoy seeing how excited you get every time you get a notification. =) But I really do think these are absolutely fabulous!!! The last one is AMAZING!! Shoot “K” you’re amazing! The sky’s the limit!!! ;)

  11. Elise reply

    What a fabulous wedding! I’m so happy for you KK :) The couple was so cute and I agree- each detail was incredible. My favorite photos were the tie one, the one of them kissing with the flowers covering their lips, and the last one. I also liked her veil blowing in the wind. SO much fun!

  12. Alice reply

    Simply….Fantastic, Amazing Job!!! I love looking at your work God has truly blessed you with an amazing talent!!!

  13. Sara Touchet reply

    There are many things I love about these pictures so, I’ll keep my comments few…
    One, I love that the poses are very natural. Two, I LOVE THE shoe shots. Those yellow shoes were amazing. Third, the tie shot was really cool. I’m so loving your bouquet shots as well! Fourthly the one where they are bending over in front of the barn kissing may be one of my favs. I do have admit that the photos with the truck are my VERY favorites. Borderline magical really.

  14. Arlene Galloway reply

    Thank you for these beautiful pictures. We couldn’t make it from Scotland (although it looks like we sent the weather!) but would’ve loved to have been there. At least this way we can see what we missed. The photography is excellent, just lovely.

  15. Lauryn and Jared reply

    HIRE HER HIRE HER HIRE HER!! Katelyn these are just perfect, I cant stop smiling. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much these photographs mean to us. I knew the moment I saw your site that I just had to have you photograph our wedding. Your pictures make it all the more meaningful since its mostly what we have left from allllllllllllllllll the planning :-) I will definitely rec you to anyone and everyone I hear needs a photographer….Im gushing, but thank you thank you thank you!!

  16. Sami reply

    I just LOVE the shots with the pickup truck!! Amazing work!!

  17. Garrett reply

    Mom loves it! So does Petey K

  18. patti lashomb reply

    Oh.MY. Goodness……i am speechless, so beautiful!! I am partial to the bride, but umm, i sorta really like the ties too!!

  19. Christy Payton reply

    Katelyn, these pictures are soooo great!!!! The wedding looked totally adorable!!!! The last picture is cute!! Have some more “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  20. Caity Pavlik reply

    OMG! I love that you captured EVERY moment of their special day, down to the very special details! They both look amazing and you have done a wonderful job!!!

  21. Pam York reply

    Beautiful!!!!!!Love the last pic!!But all of them are great. Partial to the bride too!!!

  22. gayle terry reply

    You were right, I do love this wedding! Dougie had a truck like that when we started dating. It was red, wish he had kept it. The yellow shoes and the antique plates…too cool! Amazing job!

  23. Rheanna Vaughan reply

    Wow! These are amazing.. You have truely captured love for this couple..

  24. Katie Beale reply

    umm hi. could i get married like right now? just so i can have some fabulous photos like these? kthanks.

  25. Mandy reply

    KK! These are so stunning! I always thought that rain would ruin a wedding, but you used the weather to make something new and fabulous! I too like the tie picture…what a cool idea! This couple is definitely gorgeous, and you are the most creative person I know! You never run out of new ideas! Every shoot is so unique! Yay KK, another great wedding!

  26. Libby reply

    where did they get married at?

  27. Nina reply

    These are absolutely beautiful works of art!!!! Lauryn and Jared, love and happiness always!

  28. Mom reply

    Beautiful Pictures, beautiful couple, I LOVE you both.And will talk to you soon.

  29. Leslie reply

    THESE ARE FREAKING AMAZING KK! i love you and steph let me get on her comp to see these. YOURE SO AWESOME

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  31. Lauryn reply


    we were married at Ashland Berry Farm, in Ashland VA

  32. Leslie reply

    just so you know i already commented on these while i was at camp..breaking the rules to see your blog…just reminding you how much i love these and how much i love you. and obviously im stalking the blog right now. go figure.

  33. Amber Snow reply


    Saw you posted something on the B School and checked out your work – LOVE the tie images, how original!!

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  36. Judy Meek reply

    I was an aunt who did not make it to the wedding. Absolutely gorgeous photography! My favorite? The one in front of the truck. So creative and the colors really pop!

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