Jazz Nativity 2015

  • A Recap and a little "White Christmas"!

I don’t do this often. Sharing something that includes me SINGING is quite vulnerable!! However, our Jazz Nativity at our church was this weekend and it was amazing!! So, I just couldn’t help but share a little piece of it! I had one solo and a duet! I’m letting you hear the duet because the solo was loud and a tad cheesy and I was flat in three parts!!! haha So , Enjoy the duet because it was my favorite. It’s a classic and you can’t go wrong with a classic!

I sang with Chris Lucy and we took on Michael Buble’s “White Christmas” arrangement with Shaina Twain! This entire program is just extraordinary! Every year it gets better and better and I’m incredibly honored to play a part in such an amazing production. This was Jazz Nativity’s 8th anniversary and over 2,000 people attended. This has become a tradition for our families and close friends and so it was just the best weekend! We MAY have stayed up until 4am with friends Saturday night. :) We were subconsciously trying to re-live our college days. Good friends, good music and the Christmas season? It’s going to be hard to beat this past weekend’s festivities!! :)

Michael and I are so thankful to be a part of a church that dreams big and is full of such incredible talent! It’s really unreal how many musicians we have in our church family!! I not sure how long this will be live but here’s a stream of the last night if you want to see!

Here’s my duet with Chris! Enjoy! Ps. This is IPHONE QUALITY so don’t judge!! :)

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. christina reply

    Oh my goodness Katelyn!! Girl you sing absolutely amazing!!!

  2. Ashley Renee reply

    KATELYN! You are amazing, I had no idea!! What a talented individual you are.

  3. Nikki reply

    Wow! Blown away! What can’t you do Mrs. Katelyn?? ;)

  4. Michelle Staley reply

    Oh my gosh DR. ESLECK!!!! He was my choir teacher back in middle & high school when I lived in VA!!!! This is amazing, I haven’t seen him in years. & great job Katelyn!!! :) :) :)

  5. Meredith reply

    This looks like so much fun and MAN you can sing!

  6. Elizabeth reply

    Awwwww you did great. Very cute version. The question is what cannot you do lol. Merry Christmas

  7. Retha reply

    Such a super talented lady you are!

  8. Urška Majer reply

    You have such beautiful voice!

  9. Denise Karis reply

    LISTEN TO THAT VOICE! You got some amazing pipes, lady!! xxoo

  10. Megan Kelsey Marcus reply

    We loved experiencing this last year :) Wish we could have made it last weekend!

  11. Jill Gum reply

    Oh girl….so much talent! Love this and think the Jazz Nativity is quite a brilliant idea. Just beautiful :)

  12. Christin reply

    Beautiful!!! My son and I watched it several times :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Michelle Robinson reply

    WOW!!! Sara and I just LOVED your singing! You simply are amazing!! Is there anything you can’t do? You rock!!! xoxo

  14. Emily reply

    WOW! Could you be any more talented? So good, looks like the event was a blast!

  15. Elizabeth reply

    Your voice is so beautiful, Katelyn! What a gift.

  16. Randy reply

    Wow Katelyn! Thanks for sharing another one of your talents. You voice gave me goose bumps…you were that good!

  17. Dennis Bullock reply

    Wow! I guess I missed the previous year posts…what a singer!

  18. LAUREN reply


  19. Kara reply

    I’m blown away!! I had no idea you had this hidden talent tucked up your sleeve!! AMAZING!! You continue to surprise & inspire!! xoxo

  20. Ayse reply

    Wow! You seriously have a beautiful voice!!!

  21. Bethanne reply

    This is so great Katelyn! So full of talent!

  22. Brittany reply

    Good grief! Girl’s got some PIPES! If you take the mic for any number of songs at our wedding, I will have no problem with you setting the camera down. ; )

  23. Mackenzie reply

    Geesh! Girl you killed it! Yet another talent to be in awe of!
    P.S. I would totally buy your Christmas CD ;)

  24. Rici reply

    I love this so much Katelyn! Thank you for sharing! Your church looks like tons of fun!! And so glad you voice is doing all that wonderful singing !!! ;) :*

  25. Wynona reply

    I just love you and your talent, and your voice. And the one last year was perfect too! ;)

  26. Joanna Webber reply

    Oh my goodness! You’re so amazing! I’d love to have the talent and confidence to do that!

  27. Tiffany reply

    I LOVE that you’re incorporating personal with business. Beautiful voice and it looks like such a fun event!!! Merry Christmas!

  28. Sarah reply

    I had no idea you sang!! Gorgeous!!

  29. Catherine reply

    Wow you are amazing!! So talented in so many things! Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas! :)

  30. Cassia reply

    You have a BEAUTIFUL voice Katelyn! And awesome post! Love all the pictures!

  31. Carissa reply

    Sing it girl!!! Awesome job!

  32. Trina reply

    That was amazing! You have an incredible gift! Fun images from the event.

  33. ashley reply

    AHHH!!!! You did amazing!!! Gave me chills!!! :)

  34. Heather reply

    Oh my Katelyn, there is nothing you cannot do. You have such a beautiful singing voice! Your church looks incredible too, wish we lived nearby to attend!

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