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  • Come to Jazz Nativity!

up since 5:00am….. this NEVER happens. I can’t believe it’s only 9:30! I feel like 1/2 my day has already gone by! It’s crazy!!! So I didn’t wake up at 5am just to see how it would feel (I will never do that). I got up early so that I would be awake enough to sing on Lite98 at 6:45am!! Our church is promoting our annual JAZZ NATIVITY and Lite98 allowed us to come into the station and play a few live songs for their morning show! Woohoo! What an honor! We’re very thankful for their support and for allowing up to have such a huge platform to advertise this event. You may remember me blogging about this LAST YEAR.

I sang last year and I really LOVED being involved. It must have been 1/2 way decent if they asked me back to sing again this year! But you can be the judge of that:) You can see video and images HERE from 2010’s Jazz Nativity!  You can also listen to the high quality audio recording HERE! (I think my solo is at 2:50 or something close!:)  Anyway! I’m posting this in hopes that some of you Richmonders that check the blog may come out and enjoy a night of Jazz music! Tickets are still on sale and all sales go straight to world missions. Starbucks will be there with goodies and something hott to drink!! It’s a fun night and I’m so excited!! PRAY that my voice holds out! I’ve had some voice issues over the last 8 months that I haven’t really shared on the blog because I just hate talking about it. HOWEVER, God is good and faithful and after months of speech therapy (yes, can you imagine me in speech therapy? It’s quite entertaining!) I am able to SING again!! It’s not perfect or 100% back to normal but I don’t CARE! I can SING and I’m so grateful for that! I’ll share more on that later! But for right now, I have to focus on saving my voice long enough to get through 4 performances!


The shows are SATURDAY at 4pm & 7pm and SUNDAY at 4pm and 7pm. It’s going to be amazing! Buy your tickets HERE!!! I hope to see some of you!!! And below is an Instagram from this morning at Lite98!! Don’t judge my attire… it was early.

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  1. Annia reply

    A woman of many talents! Love your voice :)

  2. Heather reply

    Wow! You can sing too! AMAZING. You have talent girl.

  3. Julianna reply

    WOOO WOOOOO!!!!!!

  4. Julianna reply

    WOOO WOOOOO!!!!!!

  5. Britne reply

    So excited!

  6. Michael reply

    Im going to be there!!

  7. Lexi reply

    oh my goodness…your voice is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck this weekend! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  8. Abby Grace reply

    DANG girl, you can SING! I didn’t know you belt out notes like that!

  9. Meredith Sledge reply

    Ahhh! I wish I could’ve heard you sing on the radio!! Too bad Waynesboro doesn’t get that stationnnn.

  10. emily reply

    dang girl, you’ve got quite the voice!

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