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You may wonder what the point is for our “Good Things” category on the blog. Does this really have ANYTHING to do with photography? Or business? No, not really. But I actually think that if I thought about it long enough, I could make a parallel between Jimmy Fallon’s strong following and our approach to creating community with our brand! ha! But I’ll save that for another day. :) Our random “Good Things” posts are just little posts where I share about things we love. Right now, one of the things we’re loving is Jimmy Fallon.

Actually Michael has loved him for a LONG time but since his Late Night debut, both of us have gotten quite attached to him! I don’t know what it is. He’s different from all of the other late night show hosts. There is something so genuine and relatable about him that makes his show so much fun to watch! I think he’s so well loved because he seems so down to earth One of our favorite things to do after a long day of work is lay on the couch and watch Jimmy before bed. It’s not a nightly routine but whenever we get a chance to relax and laugh at the end of the day, we take advantage of it! Now I KNOW we’re not the only Fallon fans out there because his ratings have been through the roof! If you’re a fellow fan of Late Night, we’re right there with ya! If you love sarcasm, impersonations, hilarious interviews, games, etc…. you need to relax in the evenings and become a Fallon Fan!! :) Have a great weekend everyone! We’re off to shoot ANOTHER double header weekend. Somehow every weekend in July became a double header… EXCEPT next weekend. Next weekend we have been saving as a “break” weekend. It’s hard to pass up weddings but we know that we can’t do our jobs well without giving ourselves space to breathe every now and then. We’re excited to have a Saturday free like normal people!!!! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Anna Henry reply

    My husband and I are with ya! We are big fans of jimmy fallon. laughing is definitely a great way to end the day!!

  2. Anna Henry reply

    My husband and i are with ya! We are big fans of jimmy fallon and enjoy laughing before we head off to bed too!

  3. Sarah (Danaher) Bradshaw reply

    Crazy about Jimmy!!

  4. Christene Logesky reply

    Ahhh! Love this! We are mad about Jimmy fallon! I am impressed you stay up that late! We watch it on the iPad the next day! :-P Hmmm..I might have to find a way to blog about him myself! Love this!

  5. Deborah Zoe reply

    Did you see the recent one with Kelly Ripa, the dunce hats and balloons of water? Omgosh…hilarious;):)

  6. ashley Mitchell reply

    We LOVE us some fallon! We don’t have cable so we watch it over breakfast the next morning on Hulu! It’s the best way to start our day over bacon and Fallon haha! :)

  7. Christa reply

    Love him! I don’t stay up to watch but I subscribe to his You Tube channel and watch whenever I can. Love the hashtag skits and the Real People, Fake Arms…LOL! :)

  8. ashley link reply

    that’s because he’s awesome! i’ve LOVED him since SNL when him and tina fey did the weekend update! THE BEST! :)

  9. Erin reply

    When we were in NYC a few years ago, we went to see David Letterman and then Jimmy Fallon. We were FAR more impressed and entertained by Jimmy!!! So fun, funny, genuine, seemed to really enjoy his audience, and he even came out into the crowd during the commercial breaks to sign autographs and shake our hands :) Anyways, HUGE Jimmy Fallon fan right here! And I totally think he is incredible with social media, he has a loyal following, and his material is just brilliant! I can’t help but admire him from a business perspective!

  10. Melisa Draper reply

    LOVE Jimmy! He is my fav!

  11. Tiffany reply

    I love Craig Ferguson but his show is just too late to watch regularly!

  12. Christy Tyler reply

    We are totally Jimmy-obsessed over here too – and have been since his SNL days! :) He just has a heart of gold and looks like he is always on the verge of a hearty-belly-laugh and I love that! We are constantly quoting Jimmy around here, and have our own comedy bits doing the “eww” skit in the Tyler house! haha :)

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