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I love it when couples take risks when it comes to locations. Karynne asked me if I had anywhere in mind and selfishly, I didn’t really want to shoot at the same old locations. So I mentioned Fort Monroe. Now I have never done a session there and I had no idea what we would find but let me tell you…it was a winner! We probably only used about 25% of the island and we had a blast! I loved hearing Josh and Karynne’s story and the plans for their wedding next summer. It was a beautiful day, perfect portrait light and again, the location was awesome! Josh and Karynne, thanks for trusting me and trying something new! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Love this next one of Karynne.

Isn’t that place cool?!

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  1. michael reply

    Awesome pictures…how come you have never taken me to Fort Monroe???

  2. Katty Touchet reply

    These are wonderful! solid site. I am always impressed with your work. A lot of my friends are getting married or soon to be engaged, I send them all your way. I gave your website to my friend Josie last week. She called me and told me she got chills when looking at your pictures. You are doing amazing work and if I ever get married, you are my photographer! Can I lock in a price now? ;)

  3. Sarah Hayes reply

    love the ones by the water! i have a friend who got married at fort monroe back in 2007. gorgeous place.

  4. Karynne reply

    Katelyn these are wonderful!!! They are perfect! You are so talented I can’t wait to see more!

  5. Catie reply

    i agree with sarah, the ones by the water are my favorite, but they are a gorgous!!!! great work KK

  6. caroline reply

    yeah that is a cool place. i like how you got the saiboat in the background

  7. Tonya Peterson reply

    You were spot on with the location. Dang I just sounded British! LOL! Great shots. This is my first time coming across your blog. Love it!


  8. Maddie Carrigan reply

    These are beautiful! You really did an awesome job! I’m Josh’s sister, and this is the first time I’ve gotten to see them! You are seriously talented! These pictures are completly awesome!

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