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month was full of new adventures! One being a destination coaching session! This happened randomly! We were planning some engagement shoots in Chicago when I was asked if I would do a coaching session while I was there and I thought “Well why not?!”. It was so wonderful meeting Kelly and getting a little mini-tour of Chicago!! Michael and I would really love to traveling and do more destination coaching style workshops & sessions in the future but we need to know where to go! So if you’re out there and you’re reading this, leave a little comment for us if you think we should come to a certain area!!

My other coaching sessions were just a blast! I’m continually blessed with the amazing ladies that walk through our front door!! Courtney, Kait, Corrie and Sarah, I absolutely LOVED our time together during your different coaching sessions and I cannot WAIT to see your businesses grow and thrive!! You’re going to be amazed at what you can accomplish in a short amount of time! Stick to your goals, take risks and get motivated! A lot of what I teach isn’t just about growing and bringing in more income, it’s about finding a way to work but still have balance and enjoy life with your family and friends! I did a lot of “pricing” talk this month!  I’m excited for these photographers to be charging what they are worth and for them to book less but still make the same amount of income so that they can be with their families more!!

So July Coaching is a wrap and I’m excited to meet my August gals after vacation! Enjoy some of July’s headshot portraits!


Gosh you’re cute Courtney!


ohh la la!! 

I love that they almost matched on accident!!!

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  1. Kendal reply

    Pretty please come to Boston?!?!?! Love hearing about your caching sessions, what lovely ladies!!

  2. Kendra reply

    It would be amazing if you would come to Indianapolis! Or anywhere in Indiana really. :)

  3. Casey reply

    Columbus, Ohio would always welcome you :)

  4. Emily reply

    How about the Midwest?! I’m sure i could bring the inner farm girl out of you! :-)

  5. Nicole reply

    Toronto!!! Canadians love you:)

  6. Kristen Burtch reply

    I would be forever grateful if you WERE to come out to California! I am near Los Angeles, and I know you have quite the following here! Love your work! hugs!

  7. Meredith reply

    Dayton or columbus, ohio, PLEEEASE!!! I keep trying to find a way to get to you, but with two kiddos and no grandparents around to help out, i just can’t seem to travel so far away! would LOVE to meet you!

  8. Kelly reply

    LOVED my time with you so I won’t be a hog and say Chicago ;) So glad you’re taking the traveling coaching sessions and running with it!

  9. Cassi Claire reply

    oooooooooo come to Brooklyn or just NYC in general!! If you come to Brooklyn, you’ll have a very cozy Queen air mattress with your name on it (and Michaels haha)! I can already think of a handful of ladies who’d love to be a part of your coaching session! Including me and Jaine who both attended your Posing Workshop in Vegas!! :)

  10. Amber reply

    Please still do them in Richmond! I haven’t gotten a chance to attend yet ;)

  11. Jessica Lauren reply

    I second the Midwest!! Preferably the St. Louis area. ;) That would be amazing!

  12. Aubrey reply

    Dallas, TX or Austin, please.

  13. Hannah reply

    Please please please come to northern Virginia/ DC area! I know plenty of us photographers that are dying to do a coaching session with you here but just don’t have the time to travel.

  14. Kristin reply

    Tennessee? Pretty please with sugar on top?? :)

  15. Angie reply

    Scotland :) :)

  16. Kristina reply

    St. Louis or Chicago would be fine with me ;)

  17. Nikki Tart reply

    Boone, North Carolina! There are a ton of college students who love learning from you! Doesn’t the Blue Ridge Parkway sound tempting to you? :)

  18. robin reply

    I second the Midwest suggestion!

  19. Anna Filly reply

    Colorado! It is literally one of my FAVORITE states– so gorgeous ! Or you could always visit me in Mobile, Alabama! The south is super sweet and so is their tea! Gotta love it ;)

  20. Morgan Leigh reply

    Well, since I’m already signed up to come to you in Oct, I don’t really need a say! However, a WORKSHOP closer to Southwest Ohio would be fabulous!!!

  21. Alissa reply

    Wisconsin! :)

  22. Samantha reply

    It would be so amazing if you were able to come to Charlotte, NC! I would LOVE it!!!

  23. Hannah B. reply

    I second Boone! I only live an hour or two away and would love if you did one there! And yes, the Blue Ridge is STUNNING.

  24. Amanda ERickson reply

    South Jersey / Jersey Shore would be awesome! Ive been waiting to jump at the chance for a coaching session with you ever since hearing about Kaitlin Noel’s experience :)

  25. Jen Araya reply


  26. Jasmine Yule reply

    Scotland,!!!!!!!! Please!!!!

  27. Kami Shaw reply

    I know it’s a long shot, but Seattle!
    Here are a few reasons…. I adore you. My Husband is from Virginia, so your practically family. I adore you. We have lot’s of green landscapes and I know how you love green. I adore you. I make amazing baked goods. Oh, and did I mention I adore you?

  28. Alvina reply

    Winnipeg (canada)!!! :) Would be amazing!!!! :) :)

  29. Blythe K reply

    it’s a long shot…but, omaha!? :)

  30. Kristin reply

    Aww, I love Corrie! She’s fab!! :) As for where you should travel, Cincinnati, Ohio is pretty cool. ;) Seriously, if you guys come this direction, let me know. I’d love to take you to some fun places or grab coffee or a bite to eat at a local place. Also a great possibility: Indianapolis, indiana. :)

  31. Jessica reply

    San Antonio / Austin , TX
    I absolutely love your work.

  32. Miranda reply

    I second Boone, North Carolina! I live about an hour or two away from there and I would love to come to one of your workshops!

  33. rHONDA reply

    oh MY GOSH!!!

  34. rHONDA reply



  35. Brainna reply

    San Diego, I’d love to have ya here!

  36. Lanie reply

    You would make my day if you came to CHATTANOOGA, TN!!! Great City and I’m Positive I can find you one or two more to coach while your here!

  37. Makenzie reply

    Nashville! I live about 2 hours away in western KY but Nashville is the closest big city and I would DEFINITELY come meet you there!

  38. Chesley reply

    Come to nashville!!!!

  39. Tyrell reply

    Please come to New Orleans!!!

  40. Emily reply

    Virginia beach!!!!!! Love your work :)

  41. Kristin reply


  42. Chelsea reply

    Florida!! Fort Lauderdale to be exact!

  43. Kristina W. reply

    Ok, I’m not a photographer, but I would totally set up a workshop for you in TUCSON, AZ! :)

  44. Emily reply


  45. Valerie Duvick reply

    Definitely somewhere in the midwest!! I was so bummed that you’re all booked up this fall in VA – I’ll be visiting the east coast and that would have made it THAT much better of a trip! ;)

  46. Caitlin King reply

    My husband and I would LOVE if you came to Boston! Pretty please indeed!

  47. Caitlin reply

    The Northeast!!! Preferably Boston!!!

  48. Maggie reply

    Dallas/Fort worth, Texas!!!

  49. Abby reply

    Indianapolis :))

  50. Amanda reply

    Atlanta !! :) I hear a lot of southern locations! NC, TN.. Lets all meet in the middle :)

  51. Hannah reply

    Kansas City or Wichita would be awesome! I absolutely love your photography and would love to meet you and get advice :)

  52. Teri reply

    Katelyn, Come to south Florida, Miami/Ft Lauderdale area.. :) You have a following in this neck of the woods (country)..!! Love your work, and the wealth of knowledge you share with us through your blog..!!

  53. Becky reply

    Califonria, SF Bay area! or anywhere driving distance from here :)

  54. Jenny reply

    Come to Atlanta! :)

  55. Allie reply

    Philadelphia would love to have you! PLease Please please! :)

  56. Rosa reply

    SF, but anywhere in CA would be great!!

  57. Megan reply

    If you feel like travelling a bit further afield, Sydney, Australia is a great place to visit! I would sign up for a mentoring session in a heartbeat and would love for you to do some portraits of my husband and I!

  58. Donna reply

    Please come to Nashville, tn!!! :)

  59. Liesl reply

    I know this is a little far for you guys, but if you are up for a HUGE adventure, maybe come to south Africa.. :-)

  60. Katelyn reply

    Please, please, please come to northern California!!!!! We would love to have you here! :)

  61. Allison reply

    Columbus Ohio! I’m so pumped I’m not the first to recommend my city/state :) We would love to have you!

  62. Cyrene reply

    I think you should come to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada ! xo

  63. Christen Jones reply

    Memphis or Nashville Tennessee!!!

  64. katie reply

    denver co!!

  65. Amy Cronk reply

    OMG. If you came to COlorado that would be simply amazing. I would be so ecstatic. I love Corrie and Sarah, they are awesome photographers and friends. To have a coaching session with you is my dream!

  66. Erika reply

    Texas! Houston or Austin! I would love to have a coaching with you!

  67. Sandra reply

    Oh my gosh! If you came to the Kansas City area (or anywhere within a 4-5 hour radius) I would SO be there for a coaching session! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to travel to VA to meet with you… but that would be pretty awesome if you just happened to travel out this way ;)

  68. Karen reply

    San Diego! :)

  69. Amanda reply

    I second Allison!! Columbus, Ohio would absolutely love to have you here!!

  70. Jackie reply

    I’m very grateful to Barrie Wedding Photography from Barrie, Ontario. I’m really pleased about their creative photography

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