July 2013

  • The Snapshot

If you’ve been following these “Snapshot” posts for a while, you’ve probably noticed that some months are better than other. There are some months when I have plenty of time to really think about goals and plan out the month ahead and then there are some times when I can barely keep the next few days straight! This month is a mix of both! It’s going to be a little busy at the beginning of the month and then by the end of July, we’ll be entering into a few weekends of rest! WOOHOOO! We’re SO thankful! To all photographers out there, I HIGHLY recommend taking some Saturdays OFF in the middle of wedding season.

For Michael and I, we have found that we do MUCH better with a handful of double header weekends and then having some full weekends off instead of shooting back to back, non stop for several months in a row! We’re shooting over 38 weddings this year and yet we still have weekends in July and August that are wedding free! It’s amazing!! We just have to get through our feet through our double wedding weekends:) So here’s the snapshot of JULY!


– First order of business is that we’re shooting in Charleston TONIGHT! It’s going to be a fun destination engagement session!

– I’ll be heading to Chicago for a coaching session and two engagement shoots this month! So pumped! One of them is for my sweet cousin Paige!! Ah! She’s getting married!!!!! So fun!

– We have a weekend off at the end of July and we’re looking forward to it! Maybe we’ll sleep in, clean our house, go out on the boat with the family even?! There is so much you can do on a Saturday!! :) We’re not used to that freedom!

– We have 3 awesome weddings this month!! Praying for cool weather!! They’re going to be beautiful!

– Our new kitchen table comes this month! FINALLY! Not impressed with your turnaround time Restoration Hardware… come on! It will be worth it though… we hope:)

– I’m excited to continue decorating!!!! I could decorate EVER DAY of my life and never get tired of it!!!

– Michael is going to be a chaperone for Kids Camp next week! haha I can’t wait to hear the funny stories from that trip!!!

– We’re announcing registration for our NEW workshops this month… more like next WEEK!! AHH!!! Get excited!


– Curtains in the morning room!

– Table for the foyer!

– Pick out a storm door so that Bokeh can lay in the foyer and see the world happening! :)

– Finish edits on Bridal Guide!

– Get back into our cycling routine at the gym!

– Continue to get up early… it’s actually nice getting up early when you don’t go to bed at 2am… imagine that!

– Sell out the September workshop once it’s open for registration! :)




xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kathryn Grace reply

    You’re coming to Chicago??? That’s my neck of the woods!

  2. Ashlyn reply

    Woah… Restoration hardware furniture?! Whew… They have amazing pieces!
    You and micheal are soooo cute together. The end.

  3. Kristina W. reply

    Yay home decorating! Actually I wish I could get someone to do it for me because I am not as clever about it as you! So Good Luck with all your July goals!

  4. Carrie logan reply

    oh i love those photobooth pictures!!!! HA!

  5. Caroline reply

    bahahaha love the picture of you crazy kids!!

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