June 2012

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I found myself doing a strange thing.  I spent 40 minutes looking at houses for sale in our area… just for fun. We’re not house shopping… we’re not even close to house shopping. I just get these weird and random obsessions some weeks and they suck up time! (I did find an amazing house that I love!! But that’s irrelevant!)  So besides searching for houses that I don’t need, I actually HAVE gotten a lot done recently.  May was wonderful and while it was the start of CRAZINESS for me… I enjoyed it! May’s weddings were beautiful! I just can’t believe I shoot my first June 2013 wedding tomorrow!! This year is flying by so SO fast!!

Luckily I have kept up with Album designs… mostly:) And I’ve been “swallowing the big frog first” most days! (That was a goal from May!).  Another goal was to get the flower beds re-mulched. They are almost there… not because I did them… but because our amazing momma’s came down one day and literally worked non-stop to make our yard look more presentable! Momma and Bobbi, THANK YOU!! You have no idea how much I appreciate coming home and seeing a weed-free, newly mulched flower bed! My mom says “Oh this is just so much fun!” and I don’t understand. I’m not a yard-worker at all! All of you that read the blog are probably thinking by now “Man! Katelyn isn’t very domestic!” and that would be a very accurate assumption!


Every goal for May was completed except one. I’m still working on the massive project that is the Bridal Guide but processing through weddings and albums and emails is more important on a daily basis! So I’m actually pleased with my accomplishments in May and here are some goals for June! :


Personal goals for June:

– Continue to redecorate the kitchen!

– Continue using the “My Fitness Pal” calorie and exercise tracker APP! Michael and I are loving that thing!… Even though it limits my daily cereal intake!

– I have a love/hate relationship with waking up early. I would love to wake up earlier a few days a week because you just get so much done! …. But our mattress is so comfortable!!! It’s hard to get up when I know I don’t HAVE to.

– Continue to make time for people in my life! Remember that PEOPLE are more important that PICTURES:)


Business goals for June:

– Shoot my 5 June weddings with excellence! I’m so excited! One is out of the country!!! woohoo!

– Continue to update my production board with new weddings that have been booked.

– Start thinking about my website re-design!

– Continue researching outsourcing options! If any of you outsource and LOVE the edits you receive, leave a comment and let me know who you use! I’ve outsourced before… wasn’t thrilled. So I’m a little picky about this… actually REALLY picky if I’m being honest!

– Maybe purchase Canon 600 ex-rt?! Any reviews?!


What I’m looking forward to:

My brother graduates from High School TONIGHT!!!! Congrats Buddy! I love ya!

– Have a blast with my June coaching session!!!

– Showiteers are coming to my house next week!! woohoo! If you’re a Showit user in the Richmond-ish area, there’s a group on FB you need to be a part of!

– A mini VACATION somewhere tropical!!

– Traveling to CA to shoot a beautiful wedding!

– Having my sister helping me out with LIFE stuff since I’m so busy! We actually have groceries right now!

– Tons of graduations and parties for our youth kids!!!



Special thanks to Arli for this month’s portrait! She took this during her coaching session in May!




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  1. Holly reply

    hey katelyn! melissa jill reviewed them a couple weeks ago! here’s her review! :D

  2. jamie reply

    Katelyn…thank you for the reminder that people are more important then pictures. this month i am looking forward to a week off but at home, enjoy my family. I can not wait to see this month’s weddings that you shoot! Enjoy that tropical vacation too!!

  3. ali w reply

    Can’t wait until I’m a showiteer! November, baby!

  4. Sydni Jackson reply

    I totally feel ya on the whole getting out of bed in the morning thing. When you work from home and can do your hours anytime, why wake up before 9??

  5. Kristina W. reply

    Oh my gosh, I am so excited for your weddings in California and OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!! That is so cool!

  6. Kathleen reply

    Katelyn, you are so precious! I just love reading your blog every (or more than once a day…I cannot confirm nor deny that)! Enjoy June! I’m sure it’ll be a blast and I CANNOT wait to see photos from all the upcoming weddings and events!

  7. Christy Tyler reply

    You have quite the list of weddings this month!! CA and out of the country?! So fun!! Can’t wait to see them! Also – Melissa Jill just posted a review of the Canon 600 ex-rt’s! Check it out! Basically she said GET THEM. :)

  8. Katie Nesbitt reply

    I rented the 600 exrt to try this weekend…I personally think it recycles slower BUT I think that would be different if I used better batteries:)

  9. Selidji Laleye reply

    I LOVE your style and your pictures!!!!!! Do you coach locals only?

  10. Amy reply

    Hey Katelyn! I was super anal about my outsourcing too until I tried Colorati! LOVE them! I just specifically told them how I liked & didn’t like my images (cool vs warm; too dark of black or not, etc) & they nail it every time! Another photog friend of mine is trying out Fotofafa so we’ll see how that goes!! Best wishes in finding your perfect one! You’ll be so thrilled when you do! You’ll have more time for LIFE stuff! :D

  11. Rici reply

    Hey Katelyn! Thank you for sharing. I really like these little glimpses into your life and work life!! But I do hope you shoot your first June weddings in June 2012 and not 2013. Otherwise time would indeed fly super super fast…
    I hope you are well! Saluti.

  12. Kim reply

    Outsourcing to The Concierges and shootsendbreathe has made my life so much happier and easier and business so much better! Here’s my review of them:

  13. danielle honea reply

    so i’m currently out of country to do my other job, but am going to shoot my sisters wedding–well i just had my husband ship all my camera equipment to me. Anyway, any tips on traveling with ALL your camera equipment eek! Also website re-design?Why a change, just wondering. :)

  14. Sarah Beale reply

    You are no doubt my favorite photographer! Ever since I’ve looked at your blog it’s inspired me to take pictures.

  15. Deborah Zoe reply

    you’re a machine!:) BTW Melissa Jill did a great review on the new 600ex’s!

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