• Justin + Jess | Part II

Every couple I work with is happy. They are excited to be getting married to their best friend and their soul mate…but Justin and Jess are more than happy….they are joyful! You can see in it their images. There is a joy in their relationship that only comes from the Lord.  It was mentioned during the ceremony that they are almost always smiling…especially when they are together.  As their photographer, I couldn’t ask for anything more in a couple! I literally just told them to be themselves and I captured it. Their images are full of laughter and smiles and they just feel so genuine! …because they are!


Justin and Jess are such an awesome couple.  Both share such a gentle, sweet spirit.  They love the Lord and I can’t wait to see what they are going do in His name. It was such a privilege to capture their day and be surrounded by their friends and family. Jess and Justin, thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be a part your wedding. It’s such an honor and Michael and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you! Congratulations and have a blast in San Diego!

00h lala! Look at those colors!

Oh I love these! I just love them! They’re so stinkin’photogenic!

Can I just say that plain brick walls are not my most favorite background…but on a rainy day, I really just had to use whatever I could find and man did they make it work! I loved this portrait!

This is a favorite…… I think it’s just so model-ish!

Really? They’re so happy and it’s so wonderful! I love my job!

So after a disappointing change of plans, the reception was moved inside due to rain. They used the church Family Life Center and my first thought was “Oh no, flourescent lighting!”… a photographer’s worst reception nightmare! But a close friend designed and created a suspended masterpiece from the gym ceiling. It was BEAUTIFUL. The dance floor was covered by an arrangement of branches, twigs and lights. I was amazed! It TOTALLY transformed the room!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brock!

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  1. emy reply

    You amaze me!!! Wow… in the pouring rain, i would have never guessed it. I love you!! I miss you Ms. James… (soon to my Mrs. Alsop!!) ahhhh weird.

  2. Karin Dowling reply

    Just amazing. I love your favorite – the model one, and I love the shoe picture!

  3. Laura McG reply

    Remember how you wanted a “*gasp!* Captivating?!” picture? The umbrella picture is this one.

    Also, this might be my favorite dip-kiss? It looks completely unawkward and very delightful. =)

  4. Catie reply

    OMG!!! can i just say i love it. the 2nd one down is possibly my favorite, but its so hard to choose! again fantastic work KK.

  5. Lauren Brock reply

    So great!!! I love parts one AND two! I love how well you captured how fun and happy Justin and Jess are in all of these pictures. Also LOVE the reception ones! Thanks so much for making the day awesome :)

  6. Jessica Beale reply

    TOMS!!!!!!!!!!! This wedding looks so precious. I love it. KK – you’re so freakin’ amazing I can’t handle it.

  7. Sarah Hayes reply

    i loveeeee the umbrella picture. so cute!

  8. michael reply

    Yea I am glad we took an umbrella one even though it was not pouring down rain…it looks awesome….what no pics of everyone getting sparkler lung?!? Guess you had to be there to experience that. AMAZING DAY!

  9. Julianna reply

    Absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful wedding!!! Great job Katelyn and congratulations to the happy couple!!

  10. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Love it!!! and LOOOOOVE the fixture they put up over the ceiling! They both look wonderful, another great group of pictures Katelyn!! Every time I look at your webpage…i want to get married again haha

  11. Carter reply

    katelyn…amazing. i love it! rain may have been the best thing…beautiful lighting! and a beautiful couple of course… ;)

  12. Elise reply

    I loove these! SO good! And the lighting at the reception was AMAZING. Can I have that at my reception? K thanks.

  13. Clare Brown reply

    wow this is INCREDIBLE! really, it is so beautiful!

  14. Carmaleta reply

    I love the kiss on the shoulder and his socks! Beautiful images!!

  15. Ashley reply

    Katelyn, you are so talented! These are beautiful picures…And it helps that you had two beautiful people to work with!

  16. Anna reply

    Yay! These are awesome! I love that you are so amazing at what you do and I love that you love your job so much… can I just come work for you?!?!?! :)

  17. Ashley reply

    Katelyn… your work blows me away every time! I especially love seeing shots of those that I love :-) Very very very nice!!!

  18. caroline reply

    they make me happy. you make me happy. what a combination *sigh*
    i told you this couple is my favorite, right?

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  20. Britne reply

    Its weird to go back to these pictures now that I know the Brocks. These are wonderful!!! And I adore how much Jess and Justin smile. Its infectious. :)

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