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When Michael found out he was going to be a part of this ministry, we took a road trip to Boiling Springs, NC to check out where he’d be spending a year of his life!  There is close to nothing in Boiling Springs.  The one stop light town is cute and quaint but we didn’t feel truly welcomed until we walked into Crossroads office and met Justin.  Justin was literally the first person we were introduced to when Michael started this new part of his life and he couldn’t have been more genuine and accommodating.

I met Jess that same weekend.  I loved her the moment I met her.  Justin and Jess are two incredible people with incredible hearts for the Lord and it’s exciting to see them begin their life together.  As you look through the MANY MANY pictures from their session you will notice a common theme.  The majority of their pics are of them laughing hysterically.  They make each other smile in such an authentic way and their joy is contagious.  Thanks for letting me be a part of this exciting time in your life! Congratulations!! You guys are beautiful!!

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  1. Leslie reply

    I LOVE THESE!!!! =]

  2. Anna reply

    awesome, KK :)

  3. Annie Freeman reply

    I have not had the opportunity of meeting you Katelyn, but I have throughly enjoyed looking at these amazing pictures! You captured their genuine personality and pure joy! You are truly gifted!

  4. Lindsay reply

    KK these might be some of my favorites you’ve done so far. GREAT WORK girl!

  5. Jessica reply

    Yay! Im so glad you used the crazy root tree!! I was hoping you would! These are incredible!!!! :D

  6. Justin reply

    Thanks so much Katelyn. These are great!

  7. lauren reply

    they are so beautiful!

  8. Lauren reply

    i love these!! they are so perfect for justin and jess!

  9. Heather Harris reply

    These pictures are awesome! Of course I’m biased, Justin is my cousin. You are a very talented photographer.

  10. Melissa reply

    These are great!! Thanks so much for capturing these moments for the rest of us to enjoy too. Love the settings – it makes them look even more amazing than they do normally :o)

  11. Tony reply

    WOW!! These pictures are AMAZING!!!! Absolutely loved the diversity in where you chose to shoot these pictures. The setting is AWESOME!!!

  12. Kir reply

    Absolutely beautiful. God’s grace is so evident in your incredible smiles!!!!!

  13. Rachel reply

    These are just incredible and you have really captured the love and joy shared between them. Excellent work. I wish I knew you when I got engaged!!!

  14. Tira J reply

    Hi Katelyn! This is by far my favorite session of yours. They looked like an amazing couple to work with, and I love all of the colors and textures you captured in each shot. Blessings to you.

  15. Darla Greer reply

    These are wonderful and amazing photographs of Jess & Justin. Thank you for making their engagement so special for them…actually for all of us. Blessings to you.

  16. brittany reply

    wow i loved these katelyn, good work! that was such a fun day to share with such great people!

  17. Katie Berger reply

    Katelyn, this pictures are fantastic! I will even admit I had a tear or two in my eye…great job!

  18. Jess reply

    You are incredible, I love them! Thank you again, I had so much fun!

  19. Melissa Collins reply

    Wow! these are so wonderful, you had some great faces to work with!! i love Justin and Jess!!

  20. Charity Knutti reply

    Gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait for June!! :)

  21. Katie Beale reply

    Katelyn! This post is such J* status!!!! You’re AWESOME!!!!!

  22. Alan reply

    Great pictures, they capture the joy perfectly. Amazing settings you chose.

  23. Erin Brock reply

    These are absolutely beautiful. I love all of them all. Katelyn you did a wonderful job of portraying the love and happiness that they have for eachother. LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM, LOVE THEM!!! great job.

  24. Kendra.holton@gmail. reply

    Katelyn, you captured their spirit so beautifully. Thank you for helping far away friends to feel closer. Lovely work, very creative and fun!

  25. Ashley Alexander reply

    These are by far the best engagement pictures I’ve ever seen!!!! Not just because I love the people in them..but the photography is truly incredible.

  26. Sarah Hayes reply

    i adore these pictures! that coca-cola wall is soooo cool! and i love the train tracks too! amazing work, yet again, katelyn!

  27. susan brock reply

    Katelyn, All these pictures are just beautiful. Of course I think they both are beautiful people anyway. Thank you for making their engagement even more special. You captured the true Justin and Jess. Thanks again!!!!

  28. Jessica Marr reply

    wonderful pictures.

  29. Elise reply

    I LOVE the backgrounds for these. Some of the coolest settings :) And the photos are really excellent too. Great, great job!

  30. Marilyn McCabe Love reply

    Amazing photos that truly capature the truth of this wonderful couple and the lives they live. Your photography skills are a joy to see and your subjects, Jesse and Justin, make these photos priceless! What a blessing to see…His love in action!

  31. Jamie Delaine reply

    Loooooove this sesh.

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