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Oh my morning full of endless emails (and spelling errors! What is my DEAL today?! I can’t spell at ALL!) just got a lot better! The fabulous Justin and Mary Marantz just made my day! Before I explain just how thoughtful and kind these two are… you should probably go add the J&M Blog to your daily blog checking list. I’m serious… go right now and bookmark it. I’ll wait:)….. You’ll seriously thank me later because these two will not only inspire you, they will warm your heart with the way they love each other AND other people. I have learned so so much from Justin and Mary in the last two years… how to be a businesswoman of integrity, how to grow my business naturally by “wowing” clients and how to be intentional in my relationships with both clients AND other photographers! They are truly an amazing couple and today they featured me on their “Ones to Watch” series. When I woke up, grabbed the Blackberry and saw Mary’s email, I scared Michael half to death with my squeal! I am beyond honored to be a guest on their wonderful blog today! Be sure to stop by and leave them a little comment love!!!

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