A Colorful Birthday

  • Katie

So it’s amazing how much can go on the blog when I’m not buried in school work.  The thing is… I SHOULD be buried in school work. Next week is going to be killer. yikes! But it’s not next week, it’s still the weekend and tonight we celebrated Katie’s 18th birthday in the fields of Sparta.  We had a bonfire beside the pond and tried to stay warm! It was a ton of fun and of course I had to take a few pics of the birthday girl! When we got there, the sun had about 15 minutes of good light left and I dragged Katie up the hill for a few quick pics! Her scarf was so colorful! It really made her pictures pop!

Katie has one of the most beautiful, servant-minded hearts around. She’s such an amazing girl and I’m so proud of her! Katie, you’re going to do great things! I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

ummm… can you just look at her cake?! Holy cow! She made it!

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  1. Jessica Beale reply

    I would like to note that tonight you took a picture of me and then said, “Oh, that’s not blog worthy.” …good thing I’m in your wedding or I would have nothing to look forward to in life.

  2. Katie Beale reply

    awww… thank you so much KK!! you’re the best :)

  3. admin reply

    Jessica beale! Your mouth was open with food in it! ….don’t you worry, you’re going to dominate during the wedding!:)

  4. Julianna reply

    Hahaha Jessica Beale you crack me up.
    Katie Beale, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! The pictures are gorgeous.
    Katelyn James (Alsop)- Beautiful job as always.

  5. Michael reply

    Just making it so there is a bar on the side.

    Love you


  6. Michael reply

    Just making it so there is a bar on the side.

    Love you


  7. caroline reply

    yay for a beautiful lady!! and photographer. love you!

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