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Before I graduated college, we finished classes and had two weeks of NOTHING for graduation. Absolutely nothing. Well, I had a wedding to shoot and 3 sessions to edit but NO SCHOOL WORK! Woo hoo! It was awesome and at the beginning of senior year, people had already started naming those 2 weeks “College’s Best Two Weeks”.  It was nothing short of its’ name. We had cookouts and beach days, pasta nights and strawberry picking adventures,….even a vintage croquet themed birthday party! I loved just being with my girls and celebrating 3 awesome years together! Not only did we celebrate the end of college, we celebrated with Kel and threw her a bachelorette party! Right before dinner one night we decided to run down the street at her River house and shoot a quick 20 minute bridal session. Ps. Doing a bridal session in 20 minutes is a TEASE! An hour and a half would have made me so happy!  But we worked with what we had and we did end up with some fun shots! Enjoy!

Yea, she’s gorgeous.

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. erin reply

    These are so good! She’s gorgeous!! Also you did that in 20 minutes? I’m in awe. . . so amazing!

  2. katie yuen reply

    i ADORE the ones on the pier! Its amazing what you can do in such little time!!! great job :)

  3. Leslie reply

    Kel youre so gorgeous! and these are good kk, good work working on a time crunch.

  4. Korie reply

    I’m in LOOOVE with the black and white of her on the dock! Just GOOORgeous :)

  5. Evie Perez reply

    Great job Katelyn!!! You did a super job with these pictures :)

  6. Nate M reply

    Kel, Best serious face thus far!

  7. katie g reply

    kelly !!!!
    oh my gosh oh my goshhhhh
    sooooo beautiful !
    such a natural beauty
    i loooove the simple yet bright flowers ah and the ocean and the newportnews area :) !
    sooo great

  8. caroline reply

    incredible SO beautiful. I love that black and white shot on the pier!!

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