Meet Kelly

  • Meet Kelly

I absolutely love how much my friends get into Inspired Designs! haha They are so supportive and excited for me.  One day, one of my roommates came home and asked “Katelyn! Did you put your business cards on every table in Einsteins (an on-campus coffee shop)?!”  I quickly answered “No!” and began developing ideas of who my secret Inspired Designs Marketer could be! haha This random type of marketing worked! Kelly picked a card up off the table in Einsteins and immediately contacted me to pick a date! Kelly did a great job. We walked around Hilton Village and found some really neat spots! Enjoy!

Congratulations on graduating Kelly! You made it!

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  1. Kate reply

    Kelly looks amazing in these pictures! You captured that impish little grin of hers perfectly. And I’m excited to see our sorority letters out there too.

  2. Anna reply

    haha – that sounds like something I would do :) I love marketing for you, KK… BUT it wasn’t me :) I just pass them out at work!

  3. Connie Beth reply

    it may have been me. i talk about you all the time at work. :o) Kelly looks so beautiful, i love her so much!

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