Meet Kelsey

  • Meet Kelsey

This session is proof that you don’t have to have senior portraits done in the summer! December works just fine!  We managed to have really great light and had a fabulous time together in Downtown.  Kelsey is such a sweet girl who had a pretty rotten week and so hopefully getting to walk around and shoot some fun senior pics was a good break from her jam packed routine of school and cheerleading and yearbook…. the list goes on.  As we talked abut everything she loves and is involved in and how she never sleeps, It all started to sound EXTREMELY familiar.  I remember those days! It’s tough! You wake up at the crack of dawn and so to school, hoping everything is turned in on time and then have meetings and cheerleading practice until late. You then go home and start all over! It’s draining.  Kelsey explained that she’s ready to go to school and not have all the responsibility.  I laughed because I said the EXACT same thing when I left for college…. and welp….look at me now.  More responsilibility than ever. But I love it and she will too.  When you’re wired up that way you can’t help but be super involved in everything under the sun!

Kelsey, you’re going to do SO well at college! and you’ll love every second of it! Thanks for allowing me to capture your senior pics and to hear a little about your life! Enjoy!

Doesn’t this remind you of American Eagle’s winter ads?! haha …. maybe that’s just me:)

Kelsey dear, you’re beautiful!

Who knew winter light could be so glowy!

I love how natural this one looks!

Loved her REAL cowboy boots!:)

I love these next few! That is her grandmother’s fur! So cool!

AHH! Favorite! This is a favorite! haha and I LOVE that random little leaf!

and this is the other favorite! That light is all natural, Inspired Designs doesn’t add lens flares! No way!

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  1. Katie Beale reply

    love love love!!!!!!

  2. Michael reply

    great pictures …Fredericksburg comes through again…even in the winter time.

  3. britney reply

    oh i like these kk! she is so pretty and i love the lighting. quite lovely

  4. Jessica reply

    These are amazing. I’m kinda regretting not having the money to get you to do mine :( because these are absolutely PERFECT

  5. Christy Payton reply

    Eeeek, love them ALL! Makes me want to get portraits done!

  6. Mandy reply

    oooh yikes I have been neglecting my blog-checking! I’m glad I saw these though..they are awesome! I love the glowy light and all of her pretty outfits! It looks way too pretty outside to be freezy winter! I love you and your pictures :)

  7. Jessica Beale reply

    Once again…you never disappoint!

  8. I Belle W. Oggs reply

    Kelsey has an inner beauty that you bring out in your photos. They are beautiful

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