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Here it is! The ULTIMATE sample album! The album that will hopefully make future clients drool and long to invest in a lifelong keepsake that tells the story of their wedding day! By now, you have seen a wide variety of albums and if you aren’t convinced that they are an incredible investment yet ….you are about to be! Take a look at this BEAUTIFUL 10×10 Legacy album! All albums are designed by Katelyn and printed/binded by the wonderful people at Leather Craftsmen.  Look! Look!

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  1. MaryEllen Earley reply

    This is wonderful! I always look at your work in awe. Continue to do great things!

  2. Christy Payton reply

    Eeek, I love it Katelyn! Everything you do is aaaaaaaaamazing!!! :)

  3. caroline reply

    cool! bet you had fun makin that one! good job :)

  4. Anna reply

    I was convinced a long time ago, but yes… I definitely need one of these!

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