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They sat in my office and smile as she told me about her wedding day. “It’s just going to be magical” she said as she smiled over at her mom. Brittnie is a princess at heart. I could tell that from the first 5 minutes of meeting her and then as I got to know her throughout the last 8 months, I found out that Britt has been a princess for a LONG time. That’s how everyone talks about her. She’s just so sweet and kind and “princess-like”. This description couldn’t have rang more true than on her wedding day. I walked into the bridal suite and there she was, curling her hair and singing along to a disney sound track with her gorgeous voice! Britt was so excited… and a little nervous because  everything about

her magical wedding day was coming to life right before her eyes. It was here!! Finally!! After 6 years of dating, she was finally marrying her high school sweetheart! She put on her princess gown and we headed out for the First Look. As she walked closer and closer, the once cool and collected Austen started to get nervous. They had waited for this day for so long. She walked around him and as he cried and hugged her, he just kept repeating “We’re here…we’re finally here.”.  Gosh I love these moments!!! This was their only time to be alone on their wedding day and I felt so honored that I was there to document it.  After the tears were wiped away, hugs and kisses were exchanged and we began their wedding day.


The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Kings Family Vineyard has the most beautiful view and the storms seemed to go right around us the entire day!! However, we were close enough to one to have a rainbow join us during the ceremony! So beautiful!!! So enjoy this peek into Austin and Brittnie’s big day!! Watch out, I have a ton of favorites!!

A daddy/daughter first look:)

This image perfectly describes the build-up of a first look! Love this!


Britt you are beyond stunning. WOW!


Such a cool tradition! The B&G write letters to one another and then they seal the box until their 5th anniversary!


AH! Britt you’re gorgeous!

Smores in a jar!! Cute favor idea!

And then she sang to her groom… ah-mazing!

Venue | King Family Vineyard
Dress | Formal Envy
Florals | Anthomatic
Coordinator | Ms. Charlie Martin
Band | In Full Band
Cake | Cakes Unlimited
Catering | Harvest Moon Catering
Bridesmaids |
Invitations |
Honeymoon | Mexico!
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. molly reply

    BEAUTIFUL. their first look was AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Katie Nesbitt reply

    Pretty!!! The whole time I was looking at the images I was thinking to myself that this wedding is so pretty and colorful and Disney princess like without being cheesy at all! Nice job!!

  3. Amanda Apple-Veronee [Anthomanic] reply

    WOW. So stunning! Every little bit! What a princess! Blessed to be a part of their beautiful day :)

  4. Teri Edwards reply

    This was a great couple and family to work with! I loved all of their ideas…the photos are so beautiful!

  5. katie yuen reply

    gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS! She really does look like a princess and your images of them are amazing!

  6. Hannah Rancourt reply

    SO much about this wedding reminds me of my wedding. Simply by chance we got married on August 4th of 2007!!! I love everything about this wedding, the colors, the mountains, the joy!!! Wonderful job Katelyn!!!!

  7. Kathryn Grace reply

    Drooling… so gorgeous!

  8. Daniel Worley reply

    Simply Amazing Princess of Spotsylvania! What a ferry tale wedding if i say so myself. One you will remember for a lifetime! Katelyn was awesome and i would recommend her to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for capturing our daughters and her new husbands special day of days!

  9. Abby Grace reply

    She’s such a beauty! Lovely, lovely portraits, Katelyn, just gorgeous. I love King Family Vineyard- such a pretty venue!

  10. Sydni Jackson reply

    they’re so cute! i love the blue flowers!

  11. ashley link reply

    yay! so glad her wedding was magical for her! i remembered their e-session just from that word haha. it was so beautiful! i loved the colors. very enchanting! :)

  12. Jennifer reply

    Great photos, yet again! What I especially like is the Pinterest button on your photos! When I use it, I will give your link to your blog because I want everyone to see how great your photography is!

  13. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Beautiful! Everything about this wedding is gorgeous….love the location, those mountains are amazing!

  14. Sarah Robertson reply

    These photos are beautiful! I adore the beading on the bride’s dress- which actually brings up a question I had. I seem to have trouble exposing for the bride’s face without overexposing her bright white dress. How do you expose people’s faces and the background so perfectly while preserving all the detail of the dress?

  15. Steph @ The Event Crashers reply

    I seriously can not get enough of this wedding! I’m a sucker for vineyard venues and that first look made me emotional!

  16. Eric Swank reply

    What awesome pics! Looks like the day was one that was truly blessed! Congratulations to the bride and groom and to the parents for raising such good looking kids!

  17. name* reply

    I just can’t stop looking at these pictures. Katelyn, thank you soooo much for taking these magical pictures for my little princess!!!

  18. Heathre reply

    Katelyn, I’ve been silently following your site for a while. On Aug. 4 I was at the vineyard for wine tasting during my bachelorette party, and I saw a photographer capturing a couple’s first look. It was from a distance, but I thought “oh my gosh, that looks like Katelyn”…and what do you know, it was you! Definitely a gorgeous day. Congrats to the happy couple!

  19. Kelly reply

    I just happened upon this site and wanted to say that not only were you a beautiful bride at a beautiful ceremony, but you are very creative. I hope to remember some of these ideas for my daughter’s wedding. Thank you.

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