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has been halfway done for quite some time now. It’s at the phase where it’s “good enough” and so we haven’t made any effort to completely finish it. You can say we’re lazy…. but in reality, we just haven’t had time to focus on putting up beadboard and a new backsplash. We’ve lived in this house for almost a year and a half and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in this crazy phase of life. When we bought this little cape cod, I walked in, LOVED it…. and immediately had a list of things that we were going to change. The couple that lived here before us had a very traditional style. Dark pine trim work, dark cabinets, NO color on the walls… yikes!

That just wasn’t us! In my opinion, PAINT is the cheapest and easiest way to transform a house!  We ended up painting the whole house (well, WE didn’t paint it… we used our wedding money and paid someone else to do it during out honeymoon… BEST. DECISION. EVER.)  Then, a few months after the wedding, we decided to have the cabinets in the kitchen painted as well. It was a little pricy and it seemed ridiculous to paint perfectly FINE cabinets… but just wait until you see the difference it made! Night and DAY! It’s crazy! We loved it! We replaced light fixtures and bought a fridge… before we knew it, our eat-in kitchen looked like US!  The walls are a soft shade of green called “Wheatgrass” by Sherwin Williams and many thanks to my sweet friend Wendy for helping me find a color that would work!  We love this space and even though there is still work to be done… I thought it was about time to show it off on the blog! The other rooms of the house have had their moment in the spotlight! The kitchen was jealous:).


So this was the kitchen before we bought the house. VERY traditional and DARK…. and my brother was examining the ceiling? He’s gonna hate me for posting this.

Gah! Where’s the COLOR?!

So we moved in… and cleared it out.. and started from scratch… and bought a shiny fridge:) This is BEFORE…

And this is AFTER.



White cabinets make a HUGE difference! 

The table and chairs and bench are from IKEA and were under $500.

This island is from Crate and Barrel and we LOVE it! Totally changed the room!

I love the “Damask” pattern so much… even Bokeh has matching food and water bowls:)
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Regan reply

    I LOVE it!! Oh my gosh you make me want to makeover my kitchen!! You have such a fun decorating style!

  2. Julianna reply

    LOOOOVE this kitchen. Makes me want to go bake something…. but not enough to actually go and do it…

  3. Dede Edwards reply

    It was great to meet you in Vegas and the kitchen looks AMAZING!!

  4. m reply

    Love your work! You should contact the Nate Berkus show and film your house for a *House Proud* segment – you’re so creative. Plus, couldn’t hurt your business any to get that kind of exposure. ; )

  5. Karina reply

    Oh My….what an incredible change! I love the style, so fun & classy. Even the dog bowl is so cute.

  6. Christy reply

    I LOVE this! I’m a huuuuuuge fan of white cabinets in the kitchen as well, but we’re currently in a rental with dark wood cabinets – so we’ll just have to live with them until we buy a place. :) Love seeing your house transformations! :)

  7. Victoria reply

    I can’t get over how excellent this is! It makes me want to renovate My kitchen right now!!

  8. Meghan reply

    Your kitchen is insanely gorgeous- great job!!

  9. Emily reply

    Katelyn, I thoroughly enjoy your work! You photos are beyond gorgeous and you have such an eye for color and beauty!! and I LOVE what you did with the kitchen!! Thank you for sharing :)

  10. Sheaulee Ng reply

    The white cabinets DO make a huge difference. I’ve been wanting to paint our “perfectly fine” cabinets for a while too…maybe I’ll put it back on my list now!

  11. Janelle Morcombe reply

    Katelyn, you are too cute. It was the puppy plate that put me over the edge… of loving it! I don’t often comment on your blog, but I read it often, and your positive spirit always exudes from the pages…. thanks for sharing!

  12. Deborah Zoe reply

    this is my favorite make over so far!!! Love it:)! do I spy the mugs we gave you? Ha, little did I know I was matching your kitchen:)!

  13. Tammy reply

    Way chic katelyn. It was super cool to meet you in vegas.

  14. Camille reply

    Oh my gosh it’s so inviting! I love everything about your kitchen. Even though we’ve never met and I live on the opposite side of the country, expect me over for dinner tonight around 6!!

  15. Abby Grace reply

    Is it weird that last weekend when I was shopping for ideas for a table centerpiece I thought to myself “What would Katelyn do?” I love these posts- I have zero interior decorating skills and just looking at your images inspires me to try again!

  16. Lupe Ruiz reply

    I LOVE these before and afters!!! you’re house is soooo cute!

  17. kelly lane reply

    Can you be an cuter? I LOVE it! I can’t wait tp urchase my own house so I can decorate it! Wish I saw you at wppi! It was a mad house! :)

  18. emily reply

    love it! i can’t wait to have a house someday and be able to decorate it :) you do such a fantastic job with yours :)

  19. Kristina W. reply

    I would never have thought to put photo frames of so many different sizes and shapes so close together but it looks awesome!

  20. Lindy reply

    please be a little more cuter. :)

  21. Lydia reply

    Wow, I can’t believe how much the paint totally changed the look and feel of the room! And then the styling to top it off, amazing!

  22. Katie S reply

    I love your kitchen, can you come over and do mine :) Awesome job and inspiration :)

  23. Ashley Link reply

    BEAUTIFUL! i love it! :)

  24. Heather reply

    Love your kitchen!!! I am a huge fan of the “Damask” print as well.

  25. LeolaK reply


  26. Brenda reply

    Of course I’ve seen your kitchen in person . . . and it really does look this good! It’s fun to see the before and after pics and Bokeh’s dishes are the “icing on the cake”!

  27. Annetta reply

    WOW!! Nice job Katelyn.

  28. Allison reply

    I know I’m like a week behind in commenting…but WOW! AMAZING transformation! The house we just moved into needs a kitchen remodel, so it’s super fun to see what you did with yours! :)

  29. Allison reply

    What an amazing “after”! I really like the way you hung the artwork, too!

  30. Sara reply

    I love your style and the way you decorate! You will definitely be my inspiration for when I have my own place!

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