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been unseasonably cold here in VA the last few weeks. It’s strange! When I woke up at 6am to get ready for Cody and Mindy’s early morning shoot last Saturday the temperature was in the 40’s!! What?! In MAY?! The weather has been so strange. I’m not complaining though because I’ve heard that once the weather is warm for good, that’s when the cicadas are coming out! If you’re not on the east, you probably have no idea

what I’m talking about… I’ll have to fill you in later. It’s a strange phenomenon that’s about to happen on the East coast and I’m praying it doesn’t interrupt our summer weddings!!

So it was last Saturday morning and I was up bright and early to drive to Mindy’s house. You know when you see pictures of people and you can just tell that they are super nice? Yea, that’s how it was with Mindy and Cody! I could just tell that they were such a sweet couple before we even met! Mindy was a little under the weather but she was still as cheerful as ever… even in the cold!! These two are just adorable and I loved getting to know them last weekend! Their wedding will be here before we know it and it’s going to be spectacular! You just wait! :)

So enjoy some of my favorite images of these two! They are such good sports. It was so chilly and yet they never complained!! Enjoy!

So cute!

Love this!!

Mindy you’re gorgeous!!

The image on the left is a favorite!


Model status!


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  1. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    WOwzers! Their wedding is going to be amazing! What a beautiful, happy couple! My favorite pics are the ones in the field or with the tree but all the pics are amazing…as usual! :)

  2. Lindsey Larue reply

    Wow, what a gorgeous couple! I can’t wait to see their wedding. They just LOOK like they would be a blast to take pictures of!

  3. molly stillman reply

    oh my gosh these are so cute!

  4. Urška Majer reply

    Gorgeous! Love the 8th photo(counting from the bottom)…it’s amazing!

  5. Kat reply

    What an adorable couple! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics! P.S. And I’m praying the same thing you are Katelyn … No Cicadas!!

  6. Kerri Frattarelli reply

    It may have been chilly but the light was ah-maz-ing!

  7. Linda reply

    These photos are absolutely beautiful! This couple looks like so much fun! Such an inspiration :)

  8. Melissa Grandt reply

    Beautiful – as always. :) Am I the only one who kept getting flashes of James Van Der Beek?? :)

  9. taryn reply

    If I got half my pictures to turn out as well as yours….I’d be over the moon happy! How are you able to get such flawless faces,,,,no dark eyes and shadows????? Seriously, AMAZING!

  10. Janey reply

    Mindy + Cody, these could not be more perfect! I’m sure y’all are so pleased with the results :)

  11. Kristina W. reply

    Virginia just has the best locations! This couple is adorable!

  12. Mindy reply

    Katelyn, you’re the best of the best! thank you so much for capturing this special time in our lives! they’re all beautiful! see you soon!!

  13. Annamarie reply

    Awhh I love these! She is gorgeous! My favorites are the first few by the water:)..and I love these ring shots!

  14. Sarah Adams reply

    What a GORGEOUS couple. And by the pictures, I would never know that it was so cold out! Love the one of them leaning on the tree from afar. I love all of them, as always. Amazing, Katelyn!

  15. hannah elise reply

    Katelyn these are so awesome! love how you captured them…adorable couple!

  16. Jill S reply


  17. Regan Carter reply

    LOVE this!!! What a seriously adorable couple!! I can’t even pick a favorite. They’re all too amazing!! Such beautiful colors! :)

  18. Jennifer Davis reply

    Wow! I won’t say this is a favorite because you have so many incredible shoots but I feel like I’m looking at a Nicholas Sparks book cover or something (and i mean that in a very good way!) gorgeous couple, super photography.

  19. Chels reply

    just discovered your blog…you have some stellar work here!! beautiful!!

  20. Amanda reply

    Model Status is right!!!!! Can’t wait to see this wedding! PS love the big tree shots!

  21. Ashlyn reply

    You did An amazing job, Katleyn! And they seem like professional models!! They are an adorable couple :)

  22. Caroline reply

    Toooooo cuuuuutttteee!!!!! love the last one with them running and the ring shot with what looks like…rope? great job, kk :)

  23. Dajuan reply

    These images are absolutely adorable. I saw your favorite and I couldn’t agree more!

  24. Angela Snyder reply

    Love the model dock photo and pretty much all of them…too stinkin cute!

  25. Anna Grace reply

    Obsessed as always. This is one of my favorites!

  26. Lauren reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous! You captured every ounce of who they are!…stunning!

  27. Lauren reply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! you captured every ounce of who they are…stunning!

  28. Samantha reply

    They are such a CUTE couple!!!

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