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no clue how to start this post. Who do I talk about first? Craig, who I’ve known since middle school? Or Bev, the girl that let me spend the night in her room so I could come and visit Michael after he left for college. Both Bev and Craig are so close to my heart and I’m really  having a hard time trying to explain how amazing these two are in words.  You just need to meet them. If you were to hang out with them you would realize that 1. Bev has the most gorgeous smile and a joyful laugh that comes with it, 2. Craig is a pro at making Bev laugh, 3. They LOVE the Lord and 4. they are perfect for each other

…. really. You can just tell.  However, if you had told me years ago that the Craig that I sat beside in my high school english class would be marrying Beverly Waller, one of Michael’s friends that I loved from CNU… I wouldn’t have believed you! Craig and I were friends in high school. He played football and I was a cheerleader so our paths crossed often.  We knew each other enough to have casual conversation. Then we graduated and were the ONLY two students from our high school to attend CNU.  Luckily, once we settled into college, my friend group and Craig’s friend group ended up being the same amazing people.  I saw craig all the time and he became a part of my life. Then there is Bev. I met Bev when I was an emotional junior in high school that wanted to go visit her boyfriend at college EVERY possible chance she could. I would beg my parents to let me go visit Michael but of course, I didn’t spend the night with him, I stayed with Bev.  She didn’t know me at all… but she treated me like she did.  Bev is one of my favorite people and I have come to adore her the last 6 years.  She has this simple way of making people feel SO loved and cared for.


So naturally, when two friends that I love and care about begin to date and fall in love with each other……I am THRILLED!!!! Seeing them together, it all makes sense. They dated throughout college and after Craig and I graduated, I had a feeling that there would be a ring coming one of these days.  Easter weekend of this year came and as I was sitting at dinner with our families, I noticed I had two missed calls from Bev and no voicemail. I thought this was strange and then it hit me!!!!!! I immediately and rapidly excused myself from the table and ran outside of the restraraunt  to hear the exciting news….. CRAIG AND BEV ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!! I’m sure ALL of Shortpump Mall heard me scream! I’m so happy for them. So so happy. It was such a huge honor to shoot their engagement session and see their love for each other through my lens. I can’t WAIT to show you. Bev and Craig, I absolutely loved our time together. It was such a refreshing and joyful session and I left feeling so blessed that I know both of you. Michael and I are so thankful you two are in our life!!!!!! Enjoy!!


LOVE them. I mean, how can you not love them?! Look at them!

yessss! Love this one! I’m sure all of those people in the laundry mat that were just trying to wash their clothes in peace were getting a little aggravated with me! I tend to get obnoxious when I get images that I know are “blog worthy”!:)

#1 favorite. I love everything about it. Bev, you’re gorgeous!

Moving on to the river! River engagement sessions are always beautiful…. but when you have some old buildings and boats around, that makes it even better!!

ah!!!! Beverly!

Craig that model face of yours is impressive….


Bev I can’t WAIT for your wedding day!!!

You two couldn’t be any better looking… this is perfect.


As soon as we walked in here I knew this was going to be good…. and I wasn’t disappointed! The light was awesome!!

Seriously Bev?!



Now we’re headed down to the beach! Really, this session couldn’t have been any better!

Bev is super creative and had such a fun vision for their session but Craig made the sign! I was impressed:)


Work it girl!

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  1. beth harris reply

    Ummm…would I like to have her muscles?! Yes please!!! :)

    Beautiful pictures, Katelyn! (As always!!)

  2. Anna reply

    I am in LOVE with this session! Your work is gorgeous!

  3. debbie dean reply

    gahh! this may be a new favorite!!! so excited for you, bev and craig!!! wonderful job, katelyn! im in love

  4. Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries reply

    Gorgeous Katelyn! You have captured them beautifully… the boathouse pics are to die for… what a perfect light! Well done!!! xxx

  5. Victoria reply

    I CAN’T wait for their wedding!

  6. Ashley Barnett reply

    Wow Katelyn! Hands down, favorite e-session of yours and that says a lot!! These two rocked it! Loving them all!! I am feeling this session haha :)

  7. Emy reply

    KK, you were right.. definitely a new favorite!! My goodness, Bev and Craig you two are beautiful and i can tell you’re wedding is definitely going to be one of my tops!! :) Can’t wait for the big day!!!!

  8. Sydni Jackson reply

    this session is AWE-SOME!!! SO SO creative!! way to mix it up! :)

  9. Sydni Jackson reply

    ps i love the new poses – esp. the one laying on the washing machines and the vertical B&W of them nuzzling

  10. Abby Grace Photography reply

    a) I love her bathing suit. 2) I love that she is brave enough to be photographed in a bathing suit. III) the light in that boathouse was AMAZING!

    gorgeous set! I can’t wait to see their wedding!!

  11. elizabeth reply

    Stunning! Such an incredible pair. The ring shot in the leaves is incredible. And every picture of Bev and Craig is AMAZING!

  12. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE IT! Bev told me Saturday that you were doing these Sunday and I have been SO EXCITED!!! I LOVE THEM!!! And I CANNOT wait for their big day to be here!!! Come on, November :)

  13. deebs reply

    this may be my favorite engagement session you’ve ever done :)

  14. Regan reply

    This seriously might be the best e-session ever. Such an awesome and beautiful job!! Looooved it!

  15. Amanda McGovern reply

    Happy heart, HAPPY HEART!!! So much LOVE for these two! November couldn’t get here fast enough! AHHHHHH! :)

  16. Kari Jeanne reply

    Love everything about this session. Amazing!! Especially the bathing suit!!! She is so brave and looks so fabulous!! Seriously, love every single photo.

  17. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Absolutely LOVE this session!!!

  18. beverly reply

    Katelyn, we all know the Lord has blessed you with such a gift. It wasnt until being a client of yours that I really understood how INCREDIBLE you are as a photographer. Its not just what shots you take and get, but its how you interacted with us, made us feel comfortable, and how you made it so fun! We felt cherished. I enjoyed every second of the eshoot. Thanks for making this happen! So much emotion is showed throughout the eshoot and for that I am thankful. Exactly what I pictured. Love you!!

  19. Leah Martin reply

    Awesome photos of two very awesome people!!!

  20. ali reply

    As soon as I saw that cute little swim suit, I thought, “That would look so cute with a hat!” YES!! Beverly, I don’t know you. But you are so beautiful. This is one of the most genuine sessions I’ve seen, Katelyn! Nice job!.

  21. Laura Fiore reply

    I think this might be my favorite session of yours EVER. Such gorgeous photos of your friends…AMAZING!

  22. Jillian Tree reply

    LOVE the ‘Love Never Fails’ sign. That was the theme of my wedding as well! So cute :)

  23. Mona Alicia reply

    I just found your blog today (from Jasmine Star’s post) and I am loving it! I love your pictures but I also like your writing style and that’s what keeps me coming back to a blog. You’re now on my list of favorites :)

  24. karly p reply

    oh my goodness you two are amazing! katelyn these shots capture them perfectly and i LOVE them all!!

  25. Joe+Kathrina reply

    LOVE. Seriously way too many good ones to point out! Just simply…LOVE

  26. elise reply

    love love LOVE the photos. kk, bev is gorgeous so of course these were extra incredible. i wish you could have heard the squeals and “oh my goshes” that i kept saying out loud. so excited for them!

  27. Leslie reply

    AHHH SO GOOD I CANT WAIT UNTIL 11.19.11!!! Kk those lines in the boathouse are so good! and Bevy and craigy you guys are a gorgeous couple i love yall!

  28. sandra fazzino reply

    because i don’t like to say fabulous too much, and i already said it a hundred times in the previous post: these are fantastic.

  29. Ashley Daniell reply

    Wow-sers! These are A.MAZING!!! I love love love them. Just gorgeous Katelyn!

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