Meet Lauren and Megan

  • Meet Lauren and Megan

My best friend Caroline and I couldn’t be more opposite.  I mean, honestly, if we were to analyze personalities and personal interests, she should be best friends with my sister! haha But somehow it just works!

Watching Lauren and Megan interact immediately made me think of my relationship with Caroline. (I miss that girl!)  They are so opposite yet share a love for each other that goes deeper than personal opinions and worldly interests.  They know each others hearts and they have a solid relationship because of it! Be sure to look at the pic of their shoes! It describes them so perfectly! Megan has on black heels while Lauren is sporting the much-loved, plaid flats. Love it!

Earlier this semester I auctioned off a couple “Roomie/friend” session for a fundraiser and Lauren was the highest bidder! Enjoy my favorites!

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