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The officiant knew them well. She and her husband are dear friends of Travis and Shannon’s and so their ceremony was more personal than most. After Shannon walked down the aisle, the pastors shared that these two had waited and dreamed of this day for SO so long. They were high school sweethearts and they were beating the odds. Most high school sweethearts don’t make it this far and they did!! Travis and Shannon started dating in high school and then did long distance throughout college. After YEARS of saying goodnight and leaving each other at the end of evening, the were finally getting married and those days of saying goodnight are over!!! Michael and I remember those days well. It was such a welcomed change to never say goodbye at the end of the evening and to officially live together!! Travis and Shannon have officially started their new life together and it’s exciting!

What’s even more exciting is that they were just going to have a “stay-cation” in Richmond after the wedding since they are in Grad school and a big trip wasn’t in the budget…. but their family and friends surprised them… BIG time! During the reception, a dear family friend got up to make a toast and shared with the happy couple that he just didn’t think it was right for them not to have a honeymoon. So several months ago, he sent out ONE email to their family and friends and together, they bought Travis and Shannon a cruise!! Travis knew this was coming but Shannon had NO IDEA!!!! Talk about an amazing surprise right?!!! It was so much fun watching Shannon react to all of this. Squeals, hugs and so many tears!

That one aspect of the day was incredible but there were SO many other amazing parts to their celebration! Their ceremony was so beautiful and their toasts were heart warming. Overall,  Travis and Shannon had a dream backyard wedding. They were surrounded by family and friends and they danced under the twinkle lights….as husband and wife. What more could you want?! We are SO excited for them and all that God has in store for their marriage and their new life together!! We had a blast photographing these two and if you didn’t see their hashtag on my instagram post this weekend, it’s awesome!! Operation #agingerandagiant was a success!! Enjoy viewing their day from our perspective!

Loving all of this lavender!!

The beautiful Brawley girls… loved seeing their joy for their sister all day!!

So happy!!!!

I don’t remember what was said here but it was cute:)

Stunning Shannon!!!

Dad’s first look and Mom helping with the dress. This was quite a family affair! All day, family and friends worked together to make this wedding happen!

And while the girls were getting ready, the boys were at 7-11!!! Because it was 7-11 and so Slurpies were FREE!

Love this!!


The sweetest sisters!

Tears for days…:)


Sarah and her sweet fiance’! It’s wedding season for the Brawleys!

Love this!! 

And then it was GOLDEN HOUR!!! Whoop whooooop!!!!

This is Michael’s shot… so proud!!


Michael’s shot…. I’m jealous.

I don’t what it is with me and backroads lately but I’m loving it! Living on the edge. :)

Stunning you two!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Annafilly reply

    Oh, katelyn! These are absolutely perfection!! You captured Shannon and Travis so eloquently !!!! I just love this!!! I wish I could have been there !!! Xo

  2. Kathryn Grace reply

    SO beautiful. Their portraits… AHHH!

  3. Rebekah Carter reply

    Ah, there are so many goodies here: all the lavender, the green in the bride’s bouquet, her sparkly earrings & hairclip, the awesome virginia thing with the heart around richmond… I could go on & on. Awesome wedding!

  4. Kristina W. reply

    Wow, this wedding looks so joyous and loving! And those golden hour shots…incredible!!!

  5. Meredith reply

    Love love love! You should totally do a post on how you lit that outdoor reception in the dark without something to bounce your flash off of! I had to do that recently and it was HARD!

  6. Meagan reply

    I can’t handle this, I am tearing up!! Seriously love this family and their crazy huge personalities, and of course you captured it PERFECTLY!!

  7. Mrs FF reply

    Stunning pictures. Very lovely wedding. The golden hour shots are just amazing but the best of them all is the one where the bride seemed shocked, which I assume is when she found out about the surprise

  8. Lindsay {Everistta Bridal} reply

    What a beautiful wedding and how sweet of their friends. Such a nice story! I love the lilac details.

  9. Shannon reply

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Travis and I FINALLY got to look at these! We looked at a couple on the cruise but the rest wouldn’t download. We just got off and stopped at a Starbucks right away so we could get online. THANK YOU! These are so stinking amazing. I knew I loved you and your photography for a reason :))) We absolutely love them, and I can’t wait to have a bunch framed around our home. These mean so much to us. Thank you to you and Michael, y’all are wonderful.

  10. Janie Matrix reply

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  11. lordofpapers reply

    Such a great romantic energizing photos. Outside my window is winter now and these photos made me literally warmer. Because of this pure happiness all over the place there.

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