• Joe + Emily | Part 2

The forecast was calling for 30% chance of rain… but instead of rain, God gave us a large soft box for Joe and Emy’s big day. It was perfect. I remember waking up and feeling a little like I did on my own wedding day… I was excited but I also had a mental list of all that needed to be accomplished before hair and makeup arrived. Thank goodness we have amazing family friends that step in and help us James girls out on our wedding days! We couldn’t do it on our own!! If there is anything that I learned from my own wedding, it was that you have to let stuff go and trust other people to take care of things for you. So after working in the barn in the morning, I headed up to the house to shower and switch into my “Matron of Honor” roll. One by one, our vendors/friends started showing up and the wedding day was full steam ahead. Before I knew it, I was watching daddy walk Emy down the aisle…

…. both of them in TEARS. I was a mess too and I had to get myself together quickly because Emily’s best friend and I were singing during communion!  Like I said before, I had a lot of roles…. and I loved it. Sure, it was a CRAZY day but it was a privilege to be able to serve in so many ways. I was able to truly be present and enjoy the ceremony and not think twice about the photography because I knew we were all in good hands…. and we were. These images make my heart so happy just scanning through them. A HUGE thanks to Michael, Jill and Annamarie for capturing what I couldn’t!

After the ceremony, we did the normal family formal routine and then headed to the barn for their introductions!! The new Mr. and Mrs. shared their first dance then snuck off with us in my brother’s truck and we drove to the hill top! We dodged cow pies and ticks in order to get some beautiful mountain shots! (Well, some of us dodged them… yours truly sank into one pretty good. Oops! The images were so worth it though! :)

We quickly returned the Bride and Groom so that they could enjoy dinner and the rest of the reception with their guests. After dinner, we led everyone into the barn for dances and then the PAR-TAY began! Let me just say this… the James family has some dance moves to learn from the Malizia family!! :) They are all pros!!

It was a beautiful night to celebrate such a amazing couple. I mentioned in my toast that even though this may be the “prettiest” day of Joe and Emily’s marriage, it would not be the best… the best is yet to come and I’m so excited to see what God has in store for these two! So sit back, relax and enjoy PART 2!!!!

They were married on a little peninsula off of the spring!! 

Gosh these flowers!!! 

Veil in! Ready to get married!! Ps. This was my veil! 

Simply beautiful!

Time to walk the aisle! 


Awww… He’s about to give her away and it looks like he’s holding on for dear life.:) 

I’m learning more and more that my “singing” face isn’t my most “photogenic” face! Joe’s sister’s all read scripture.

Whoever captured this handsome kid…. thank you!!

They are listening to Julianna and me sing while Joe and Emy took communion.

Annnd they’re MARRIED!!!

Such a classic shot! Love this!!

“Look at my RING!!”

Hugs and congratulations…

I shot this one and I’m so proud of it because I know this will be treasured for years to come. This is Emy with our Gran Gran and Nanny!! :)

Whoever took this of my beautiful momma…. thank you. ;)

Speaking of the parents! ….

Love these!!!

The barn was gorgeous! 

This one monogram was the PERFECT way to decorate the COOKIE BAR! It’s a northern tradition to have a bazillion cookies made by the groom’s family members and so we did just that! We decorated and Joe’s family delivered the cookies! 

This wreath was used for my wedding…. only this time it’s covered in gorgeous florals!!

The tent! 

Huge thanks to Jill for writing out this beautiful welcome sign!! We have such talented friends!!

First Dance!! You can read about why this was special here!! 

I love this so much…

Lexington… you’re beautiful! 

And a random bouquet shot… because I’m obsessed with it!

More tears!!

A little teary eyed after watching the father/daughter dance but I love this picture we have to remember the night by!

HUGE thanks to the following vendors!! More about the planning process to come! :


DJ | Richard Greene Entertainment
Photographers | Michael, Katelyn, Jill & Annamarie
Videography | Jeremy Mitchell Cinema
Hair and Makeup | FBJ Studios
Coordination | Anna Burke Events
Rentals | Gibson Rentals
Catering | Chef’s Catering
Cake and Cupcakes | Sister Sweets
Venue | Big Spring Farm, Lexington Virginia
Floral Design | Amanda Veronee of Anthomanic
Vintage Rentals | Paisley and Jade
Dress | Bella Rose Richmond, Shout out to Camberley!!:)
Shoes | Jcrew
Bridesmaids Dresses | Adrianne Papell from Nordstroms
Groomsmen | Men’s Wearhouse
Bridesmaid’s Shoe’s | Target (Clips from Esty)



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Brenda James reply

    First to comment!!!! Yay!!! Katelyn and Michael (and Jill & Annamarie), these are wonderful! Emy you are a beautiful bride and your special day was such a joy to me. Buddy & Jill, what a pleasure it was to be the first wedding at Big Spring Farm. It is an amazing place! To everyone who helped out thank you, thank you!! And to my momma & daddy (Nanny & Gran Gran), I’m so glad you could be there to celebrate

  2. Pam reply

    Amazing photos! Such a gorgeous wedding. The details… just perfection! Love the picture with the kids in the swing and Gran Gran photo bombing! Sweet, sweet wedding. All the best to Emily and Joe.

  3. Crystal reply

    Where to start? Such beautiful photos of a beautiful day! I know Joe & Emily will treasure these memories for a lifetime. Some of my favorites, though, are the ones of your gran gran & Nanny dancing. Oh my! And love the way your reaction mirrors hers after the one of them kissing!

  4. Anna Burke reply

    Yep, I may have been late to work today because as soon as I woke up I checked the blog and here they were!!! Everything looks SOOOO GOOD because everything was absolutely STUNNING!!! It was a JOY to be with you on your big day, Emily and Joe!!! Love you guys :)

  5. Lauren Swann reply

    So, so beautiful Katelyn!! Love you, sweet friend!!

  6. Rachel May reply

    I absolutely love this! So sweet!!

  7. Colleen reply

    Where is that cute tall black chalkboard saying welcome to Joe and Emily’s Wedding from? :)

  8. Amanda reply

    Oh my goodness these are just beautiful! Emily and Joe look fabulous and I just can NOT get over how gorgeous the ceremony flowers were!! I mean WHOA!! Just amazing!!

  9. Maria Willis reply

    I teared up all over again just looking at these beautiful and touching photographs! Such precious memories captured so perfectly! It is one wedding I will always remember and am honored to have been a part of it! Love the whole James Family and we are so blessed that God brought our two families together! <3

  10. Laura reply

    So, so gorgeous! You totally got me with the shots of your grandparents. Priceless and precious!

  11. Colleen Dennis reply

    I love the ones of your grandparents so much!!! They are all perfect.

  12. SHalese reply

    SO MANY priceless moments!! What a talented group of people to work on a wedding. :) The colors are amazing, the details are just beyond . . . and of course, Emy & Joe look beautiful and so so happy! Congrats to you all!!

  13. Mary reply

    I can’t get over this wedding. Holy cow! What a special day for the whole family!

    P.S. I always enjoy your captions but especially the ones on this post! Hilarious!

  14. Kristina W. reply

    Yay! More photos of Joe and Emy’s beautiful wedding! Wow, I even teared up a little watching your dad walk Emy up the aisle! This wedding looked like so much FUN! :)

  15. Emy reply

    You got me again…. KK these are AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for capturing our day for us, you were such a wonderful photographer, decorator, MOH, but most of all sister!!! Love you soooo much!!

  16. Courtney Cline reply

    I must say that the picture with “Nanny and Gran Gran” gave me goosebumps. Does it get any sweeter than that? Some of my favorite wedding photos are the ones that you captured of heath and I with our grandparents.

  17. Donna Lee reply

    I actually woke up excited today because I knew we’d get to see the rest of the photography from Emy & Joe’s wedding. Absolutely gorgeous right down to the last detail. Congrats !

  18. Deborah Zoe reply

    These are just incredible Katelyn:)!!! So happpy for your whole fam jam:):)!!

  19. laura beth stricker reply

    L-O-V-E. The end.

  20. Stephanie Messick reply

    Absolutely stunning!!!! Love that you were able to take on a huge role in her wedding … nothing more special than that! :)

  21. molly @ still being molly reply

    blown away. absolutely stunning!

  22. Sarah Street reply

    So pretty! Loved portrait time.

  23. Nicole – Ottawa Wedding Photographer reply

    Absolutely stunning as always! I hope my barn wedding (when I get engaged) looks just like THIS! And you will photograph it :)

  24. Rebekah Carter reply

    Best ceremony pictures ever! Just so much raw emotion captured so perfectly. I think the shots with your grandparents are my absolute favorites, especially the one of him dancing with emy. So adorable!

  25. Kelly reply

    Such a beautiful wedding. One questions. Does anyone happen to know where the bridesmaid dresses came from? We have been searching and searching and these are so perfect. Would love any advice. Thanks!

  26. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    These are beautiful! I”m just in awe of everything…the light in all of these photos is so dreamy and the couple is gorgeous and I love the bond your family has. I think this is my new favorite wedding! :)

  27. Anna – OMG Yum! reply

    What a GORGEOUS venue. Very beautiful images and it looks like everyone had a blast! Enjoyed being part of it even if just on the computer :)

  28. Lesley Smith reply

    All I have to say is WOW! THOSE FLORALS!! They truly “made” the whole wedding, I think! They are unbelievable! And of course, the Dream Team of photographers didn’t hurt. :)

  29. Liz reply

    Question – the signs that are handwritten and look like chalkboards – are they, and where did you get them? Thanks

  30. Tira J reply

    HANDS DOWN, my most favorite wedding! Gorgeous everything Katelyn from this post and part 1. Wow! Congratulations Emy & Joe! What a wonderful blessing.

  31. Aunt Dot reply


  32. rosanna reply

    Your work never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful work and job. Lord bless.

  33. Lyndsey Portell reply

    Absolutely phenomenal! I felt like I was there. I loved every single picture and especially the one of Emy dancing with her grandpa. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Kathryn Grace reply

    SO beautiful! Emy is gorgeous. And those florals are out of this world!!!

  35. Amy Demos reply

    So, I’m REALLY late to this party, but now that the camp dust has settled, I finally got a chance to look at both of these posts, and I am BLOWN AWAY!! This is the sweetest, most beautiful wedding ever. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled at my screen more! absolutely gorgeous and touching and INCREDIBLE!! You can see your whole heart in these posts. Love, love love!!

  36. Cait Ryan reply

    Emily’s wedding in beyond gorgeous. I’ve been following your blog (from NJ!) for over two years. Now that the time has come for me to get married, you can imagine how excited I was to see that Emy’s colors are the same as ours! Pictures upon pictures of inspiration!! It doesn’t get much better. You do such a wonderful job sharing your “sources” but I am wondering if there is anyway for you to tell me where your flower hair clips are from. All of the ones I have been finding are too “little girl.” Thank you for any help and congratulations!

  37. Ally reply

    Quick question: I am a bride who is getting married in August. I love what your sister did with the cupcakes and identifying the different flavors. did she order the little “flags” or did y’all make them? Thanks!

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  42. Bethany reply

    Hello! These pictures are beautiful! Wondering if you know were they got the bridesmaid dresses for Joe and Emiliy’s wedding? My friend has been looking for blue lace dresses for her wedding and hasn’t been able to find any! We stumbled upon your website and would love a tip. :D

    Thank you!

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