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Last week I got an email from Lara Casey asking if I had any recent, practical life examples of how I was “choosing imperfection”. Well, this wasn’t a weird question for me because I know Lara and I know what she means and how she thinks. I’m not putting myself in the same category as Lara Casey…she’s amazing!! … But I do think that we’re similar in the way that our brains work thinking about ideas and business. There are always new ideas and the motivation to GET IT ALL DONE!! …. And yet there is also a struggle to choose life over work.

Having the “DREAMER” and the “DOER” personality can be amazing but it can also be detrimental to your day-to-day life. Michael and I had a little “heart to heart” the other week about this. Ok, lets be a little more honest…. we had a massive fight about all of this and we came up with a solution…. I’m not allowed to initiate any NEW ideas until I’m able to do so without adding STRESS to our lives. We also discussed that my inability to shut work off some days is literally me choosing my BUSINESS over my HUSBAND… and that’s not ok. If you want to make this issue a little broader, it’s about me choosing PERFECTION over having BALANCE in my life. The hard part is that 80% of my ideas are very successful and so sometimes it seems silly not to go for it… but I’m realizing that success doesn’t matter if you’re not spending enough time with your husband because then your MARRIAGE isn’t where God wants it to be…. and then we can’t set an example for other married couples… which means we can’t live out our mission statement.

So, after our little “chat” (that included lots of tears and honesty), we made a change… and when I say “we”…. I mean “I” made a change. Michael is GREAT at balance…. I’m the one that needed a reality check. So, I decided to choose imperfection that week. This meant that I stopped working even though the work wasn’t done. It meant that we said yes to dinner with Michael’s family and it meant that we stopped working at 5pm and headed to the outlet mall before the snow storm hit!!

You know what is amazing? I got a lot accomplished that week. I work better under pressure and I prioritize better when I know that there is a cut-off point! So, it turns out that “Choosing Imperfection” is better than being a work-a-holic in more ways than one…… and I HIGHLY recommend it! Happy Tuesday friends!!! 

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Courtney reply

    Thank you for sharing your heart Katelyn. I needed this as I am sitting up after midnight and really should be in bed. Finding the perfect balance is so difficult but so critical. I am still searching for the perfect solution but tomorrow I am going to make sure to make more time for my husband and our little man on purpose.

  2. Caroline Logan reply

    Love you:)

  3. sarah reply

    This is awesome! I’m not even a small business owner and I got a lot out of this. I’m a teacher and find balance very difficult when there’s always work to take home. Thank you for sharing, Katelyn!

  4. Sarah Evans reply

    Oh, Katelyn! I feel like we could be good friends. “it’s about me choosing PERFECTION over having BALANCE in my life.” Ah, that’s so good. My priorities have been skewed lately and this helped me reflect on the ways I can set my marriage, my relationship with the Lord, AND my business up for success. Thanks so much for your insight! xo

  5. Kristina W. reply

    Thank you for your honesty! Remember how sometimes you used to write “people over pictures?” well sometimes I have to remind myself of that too only in my case it’s “people over rock climbing”…

  6. Christin reply

    My husband and I had a very similar conversation this past week. Thanks for sharing! I don’t feel so alone :)

  7. ashley reply

    Great post! :)

  8. Tina reply

    Love this and it is SO true! It’s so hard to “shut it down” and not spend all day on the computer or even looking at emails and projects on my phone. One of my goals this year is make sure I make more time for my husband and family! Thank you for this great reminder! :)

  9. Trina reply

    I ADORE you!!! Thank you for the reminder and for being so honest. One of the greatest pieces of advice that I received from a photography workshop I attended was “I did not want my children growing up seeing the back of my head” – that applies for Hubby’s too!!! I am still working to find this balance my self – THANK YOU for all you have created and shared, ESPECIALLY for the KJ CONSISTENCY COURSE, as it is helping already! Bless you, sweet KJ!

  10. Brooke reply

    Katelyn, I’m sure you hear this a TON, but I am ever grateful for your willingness to share. Sure, sharing your technical & business knowledge is amazing, but I am even more appreciative of the way you share your heart. Not many people would have the courage to share the not-so-pretty parts. You owning up to getting out of balance, and admitting that the “chat” was really a fight (tears and all) is so freeing to those of us who are struggling. So for ever and always, thank you for your honesty and your genuine heart.

  11. Trina reply

    So, I related so well to this post today, that I decided to read it to my husband. As I am reading to him, he walks over, happily starts rubbing my shoulders. Immediately after I finish, he leans over, takes a screen shot of the post. I thought, ‘that’s a bit odd’ and waited as I tried to figure out what he was going to do with the screen shot. The first words out of his mouth in a happy, light-hearted, serious but joking tone, “So, can I set this your wallpaper?” LOL!! Totally not what I expected him to say, but point well taken!!! You are not alone in the “DREAMER”, “DOER”, “PERFECTION over…BALANCE” category – it might be one of the greatest challenges of a motivated creative! My husband, like Michael probably is, is one of my biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and fans, making much of what I do possible and helping me to achieve my dreams. I do love that you take the time to work it through together, and set your priorities to those who really matter most – I found my life is the most out of balance when I forget this!! Thanks for the reminder today!

  12. jamie reply

    oh gosh, i am all about this. i honestly feel like i’ve found so much freedom and joy and rest in my life/business the last couple years knowing “enough is enough” and really trusting God will fill in the rest.

  13. Brittany reply

    I think we had a similar week… Thank you for sharing your heart, it is so comforting to know that even KATELYN JAMES, fights with her husband about the same things I do. It’s definitely a constant battle, but we definitely have to choose imperfection everyday! This blog post was seriously music to my ears today! Thank you thank you!

  14. Rebecca Long reply

    Wonderful words! Always love to hear (read) your encouragement!

  15. Geert Peeters reply

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. Sydni reply

    I’m definitely not as “doer” as you but I am definitely a “dreamer” so I can relate to having to tone down my idea list so as to not stress out my husband :)

  17. Kay reply

    just what i needed! choose imperfection!

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