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  • Life Highlights of 2015

This year…. wow. What a year it was. We learned so much about ourselves and our business. It’s hard to believe that this past December was 3 years of Michael being full-time with me! When we started on this journey as a husband and wife team I remember thinking… “I have no idea what we’re able to accomplish together”. When he joined me, it literally doubled what we were able to do and it was the biggest blessing. I’m so thankful for him and for this life that we get to live together… no matter how weird and abnormal it may be at times!

2015 was full of some amazing accomplishments! Some of our business bucket list items included being on CreativeLive, launching our Consistency Course, being a part of the most amazing “big thinkers” group, thanks to The Grays, and speaking at WPPI again! Our personal highlights include trips to Nantucket, Sedona, Bahamas and Charleston! And you can’t forget the House Boat trip, sister’s weekend at JMU and our trip to NYC with Buddy and Jill! Speaking of Bud and Jill… we also had some pretty awesome kayaking, camping and 4-wheeling adventures this year!!! Instead of continuing to list out these memories, how about a share a few pictures that summarize our year!!

Our trip to the desert!

Where I was literally attacked by a cacti! And it left a huge bruise!

Then to the Grand Canyon!

Our girl’s trip to Charleston!

Love these women!

Craft night!

Sister’s weekend at JMU! Loved this!!

2015 was the year of putting the house on the market… and it’s STILL on the market! Patience Katelyn… patience. :)


This pretty much sums up our week. haha! We had a blast.

So many trips to the farm… like too many to count. Bokeh loved it!

The most amazing time with this sweet family at their home outside of  Nashville!


Showering in the lake!!

We celebrated 5 YEARS!!!! AH! And Michael surprised me with a trip to the Bahamas!!!

Our sweet boy turned 4!!!

I spoke at the BLINK conference in Austin, Texas with Pneumonia… yikes!

Exploring Charleston another time with two of our favorites!


And 4-Wheeling!

Quick trip to NYC!

UNITED 2015!!!

Seattle for CreativeLive!

We hosted TWO “Come Together” events with Jordan and Amy across the country!

Speaking at the Reset Conference!

Finding LARGER THAN LIFE posters of my work in Vegas!

We gave away a WEDDING!!

I hosted a special workshop at Big Spring Farm and it was amazing!!!

We launched the KJ Consistency Course and were literally BLOWN AWAY by the response!

Another workshop at our house!

We photographed 33 weddings and hosted the college kids again at Christmas!

Again…  multiple trips to the farm!

I attended Making Things Happen with Pneumonia as well…. God bless the poor souls who had to hear me cough all day for two days! Thanksgiving was in Florida, Sparta and Va Beach this year!

I spoke at the Pursuit Conference!!

Spark Summit!

We did a lake trip with Mandy and Josh in July and then a girls trip to the farm too!

Michael and I spoke at Connect!! And then I was named “Photographers to Watch” with Amy and Jordan in Rangefinder Magazine.

B-day trip for Natalie and 4th of July day on the water!

Farm day with the Grovers and hiring Emy to work with us!! Just the best!

Being a part of Creative at Heart!!! And Finding out Corey got into VA TECH!!!!

The LAUNCH of The Academy and speaking at WPPI! Whew!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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