Long Overdue!

  • Long Overdue!

First of all, I DID NOT TAKE THESE! (obviously) My dear friend Jessie Smith snapped a few pics for us while we were in NC this weekend.  That girl has got some serious editing to do after this weekend and so I edited a few of my favorites of me and Michael! I literally have 14 empty frames in my room because I’m never in pictures and so these were long overdue! Michael and I seriously haven’t had a good picture of us since Jessie took pics of us 2 years ago! So please thank her by checking her blog!

Jess and I shot a wedding together in Raleigh and then made a “quick” trip to the other side of the state to see Michael! Needless to say I was happy to see him.  This whole 7 hour away thing has gotten old but it’s almost over! It’s crazy it has been a year already! Since starting Inspired Designs I think I have gradually lost my ability to be photogenic! haha Most of our pictures are of me laughing at how bad I am at doing a serious/model face! I can’t do it! So all of you clients out there, I feel your pain when you say it’s hard! Dipping is hard too! I will be much more explanatory and understanding when it comes to posing from now on! Michael on the other hand is perfectly capable of modeling and he knows it! :)

Check back for more portrait and wedding sessions coming soon!

Yay for the 24mm! and Charlotte’s pretty skyline!

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  1. Anna reply

    y’all are precious! I love these pictures :) and you, too!

  2. Charity Knutti reply

    Love them how fun for you to get your pictures taken for a change :)

  3. Elise reply

    These made me smile :) Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Michael reply

    woo hoo im on the blog…yes there was alot of laughing going on during these pictures. With you, not at you. ;)

  5. Brendan reply

    Well, this is the first ever blog comment for me, but that last picture with the country-esk field and then the city skyline is pretty freakin sweet. Miss you both

  6. Lauryn and Jared reply

    you are so GORGEOUS! I love the laughing pictures, those are the most fun!! :-)

  7. Alayna reply

    These pictures are so adorable! You two are awesome! It makes me feel way better you think dipping is hard too considering all the trouble Chris and I had during our engagement pictures haha :)

  8. Anllelina reply

    Love all the pictures! You guys are so cute and Katelyn, your hair looks amazing! I gotta admit I loooooove your blog.. watching all these beautiful pictures is like a therapy after having a long day. Keep it up! :)

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