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officially finished my whirlwind of travel and weddings and mission trips and vacations.  It’s a crazy lifestyle but it’s what we’re used to it. I remember being in high school and going on a mission trip and then turning around and leaving for family vacation or cheerleading camp the NEXT DAY. So in some ways, we’ve been trained to handle the go,go,go schedule.  What I HAVEN’T been trained for is how to handle  LAUNDRY! … And the GROCERY SHOPPING and the CLEANING (Poor momma, she tried to teach me but I wasn’t interested at 16).  Thank goodness my sister has been around to help keep my life straight this summer!



Emy has been staying with us for two days a week since May and helping out around the house. Some days we call her our personal slave and some days we refer to her as our little fairy. It just depends on the mood:) But in all seriousness, she has been SUCH an enormous blessing in our life and I’m SO not ready to see her move to Philly! Emy is going to work full time with CRU up in Philadelphia for one year and since CRU is a non-profit ministry, she had to raise ALL of her salary before should could leave.


She’s been working, speaking and calling like crazy and I’m so proud of her. In just two months she’s raised $30,000 and she’s ready to start this new phase of her life!! It takes a lot of guts to move somewhere new, not knowing anyone and starting from scratch. I know that God has amazing things in store for her and even though I’m going to miss having a fairy around the house and Bokeh is going to miss his Auntie Em…. I know that this is the right move for her! Everything has fallen into place I just know she’s going to do so well!!!


So we’re excited to send her off in a week but I’m not so excited to have to figure out this whole laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping thing. I can RUN a business… but I’m not so great at running a household! I’m working on my domestic skills. If any of you wise ones have tips or tricks for making me for domestic, your advice would be appreciated by both me and my husband. :):) Happy Monday!

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  1. kaitlin reply

    Hire me. Will work for free in trade for bi weekly coaching sessions. WILLING to drive the 8 hours each way, each week. Love to be considered for the job. hahahhaha

    Seriously…white board to do lists are the best. Nothing better then breaking it down by room (so ocd over here) like Living room : DUST, VACCUM, CLEAN TABLE.


    Plus it helps to have a starbucks drink near by for refueling and awesome music in the background : )

    LOVE U!

  2. Alanna L. reply

    A chore chart checklist helps me out! I made a printable chore chart and laminated it. I created weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to do items on it. I can check them off with a dry erase marker as I complete each one.

  3. katie yuen reply

    I’m in Philly!!!!! That’s so exciting! So happy for Emy! :) I hope you find a new fairy soon! :)

  4. sarah mitchell reply

    i took a few weeks to see what we ended up needing to do around the house (laundry, dusting, groceries, mopping. etc). and would write the task down on a sheet of paper until i had a list of all of these tasks that i would’ve never remembered to write down had i tried to just do it all at once. and then i divided the tasks into days (even the ones that didn’t really need to be done every week (like dusting). so that left me with like 2 or 3 tasks each day, which MAYBE takes an hour out of my time.. which is a lot easier to digest than 30 different things all at once. so whenever i wake up in the morning and I’ve gotten ready, i get those tasks for the day out of the way, and then start on my photography (unless i have an early morning shoot, and then obviously i wait til afterwards… I’m not THAT awesome). this also helps me keep my priorities straight in my mind. a part of why its so great having my own photography business is because i have flexibility, and i have the chance to put my family (which right now is just my husband, but sometimes feels like theres a kid here!) first. So when I am doing homemaking things before photography things, its reminding me that family comes before photography. doing these annoying stupid tasks make my husband feel more relaxed when he’s home, and leaves us more time to spend together once he’s home instead of having to pick up on the slack that i didn’t take care of before hand. Thats not to say that my hubs doesn’t do any chores. he cleans the toilet and does the dishes when i cook.. but the general upkeep of the home, i like to make sure i try to get to while he at work and I’m home..
    PHEW! That was longer than expected.

  5. sarah mitchell reply

    And congrats to your sister! My husband did that one year, and he still remembers it and wishes he could go back!

  6. Caitlin Gerres reply

    This sounds crazy, but this past month I planned out all 30 meals I was going to make. Then each week I pick 7 from that list. I know we have the ingredients, because I already bought them all. And since it’s stuck on the fridge, it reminds me that I need to pull more chicken out of the freezer.
    I only really get motivated to clean the house when I know guests are coming over, so I try to have friends over at least every 2 weeks so things stay pretty neat.

  7. Kylie Nicholson {Kylie Nic Photography} reply

    That is so wonderful- thank you for sharing! I have attended Cru both at the Naval Academy and now at the University of Southern California. It’s had such a positive impact on my life. As a student, I can say that I am so grateful to your sister for devoting a year to sharing Jesus with college kids. Thank you so much Emy! Prayers and thoughts go with you.

  8. Amanda Kleban reply

    Hey Kaitlyn! I live in Philly and work with CRU often with the organization I work for. Not sure where in Philly she will be or what she will be doing for them but I would LOVE to show her around or help her learn the city. It’s a bit daunting at first! Seriously though! I’d love to help her out!

  9. Sydni Jackson reply

    YAY!!! we’re excited to have emily up here!! praise God for providing!!

  10. Christine reply

    I sort my laundry as it comes off my back into different baskets. That way you don’t have to spend the time running all over the house grabbing everything and sorting. It’s all ready to just get popped into the washer!

  11. Lauryn reply

    Congrats Emily!! So exciting and awesome!! Also, Katelyn… I love running our house. :-) Ill teach you anything you want to know!! Haha, although Jared does the laundry, so Im no help in that department!

  12. Christin Healey reply

    I wish I could help, unfortunately I am faced with the same challenge ;-) Let me know if you figure it out!!

  13. Brittany reply

    I work 8 hour days and then when I get home, I only have 2 & 1/2 hours till my husband gets home in which I have to clean and cook dinner, so I try to do just a little bit everyday. Mondays I do all the grocery shopping and wood polishing (and I keep loads of laundry running while I do that), Tuesdays I clean the bathrooms and mop the wood floors, Wednesdays I clean the kitchen, Thursdays I do the windows, and Fridays I take care of dusting. And I vacuum our living room everyday because our pup sheds SO much that if I don’t, it looks like a dog exploded. So, cleaning never takes more than a couple hours, the workload gets easier as the week goes on, I don’t get overwhelmed with having to do everything at once, and the house stays clean because nothing is left for more than a week!

  14. Katie reply

    After nannying for a year I had to learn how to manage a house and it was crazy. I found having a specific task for each day of the week helped (this isn’t actually the order i used): Monday you wash clothes, Tuesday clean some portion of the house, Wednesday wash sheets and towels, Thursday clean another part of the house, Friday go grocery shopping, then pick one part of the house to deep clean on the weekend so that it gets thoroughly cleaned at least one to two times a month. I used to plan meals for the month based around everyone schedules knowing which nights i had time to cook and which nights of the week i needed to have a meal in the crock-pot. There is so much more to it than just that but I can’t seem to put it into words. Let me know if you need any additional insights.

  15. Heather reply

    I use to help me keep track of everything . They have calendars and lists to organize. You can make shopping lists, import recipes (that can be automatically added to your shopping list) have reminders sent to your phone (or Hubby’s), etc! It’s great. Especially for someone OCD like me. There is even a section of suggestions and LOTS or articles.

  16. ashley link reply

    awww. many well wishes for her! that’s so cool to be able to be apart of something like that. that’s awesome and i’ll be sending up a prayer for her. and if ya ever need any help, lemme know. ;) good luck, emy!

  17. Maria reply

    Just remember laundry mostly does itself. So you can throw a load in and go do other things. It is a lot easier than you think. And put it right away instead of piling it up. It is actually the easiest. As far as food I don’t like any part of that, so I am not help. Oh and just repeat I can do it I can do it. LOL good luck to your sister Philly is a great town she will love it.

  18. Julianna reply

    Isn’t Emily just wonderful?! I’m sure you’ll miss having her around….I feel the same way. :(

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