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  • Lowndes Grove Plantation | Charleston Portraits

Charleston has slowly crept its way up our future retirement list. Michael and I love visiting this beautiful, historic city and we had a blast down there last week! The Creative at Heart conference took place in Charleston at the Francis Marion Hotel and we decided to rent an Air B&B once the conference ended on Monday evening! This allowed us to photograph an anniversary session while we were there an extra few days!

George and Jennie traveled over an hour to get to Lowndes Plantation where we met for their session. It was stunning! They actually got MARRIED at this venue and that made it so much sweeter to shoot there! The porch, the arches, the waterfront, the trees… this was heaven for me! As we walked around together, we got to know George and Jennie and I realized that we’re so similar in so many ways! George and Jennie work together in a family business, they are from a more rural area, they have great families, etc. The more we talked with them, the more I wished that this was an engagement session and that we would get to see them again in 6 months!

We loved our time at this stunning Charleston plantation! George and Jennie are just about as genuine as they come. It was an HONOR to document this season of their life while we were in Charleston!!

Love this one!

This venue has it all!!

What a dream!

I could have stayed and photographed the entire shoot just right here!! :

I love these pastel colors!

Charleston trees have my heart!

Oh the TREES!


Love this! You guys made my job so easy!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Colleen Smith reply

    I am OBSESSED with her plaid infinity scarf AHHHHH!!! LOVE THESE!!! I am thinking I will need to come to Charleston one day when you are there again for an anniversary shoot! SWOOONING over the scenery!!!

  2. Katie Capo reply

    Love this shoot! How great that they were able to get anniversary photos at the same place they got married (-: Lowndes Grove is one of my favorite venues in Charleston!

  3. here reply

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  4. Niall Horan reply

    Loved the photos

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