March 2012

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REALLY can’t believe I’m writing this! It’s MARCH?!! Like three months into 2012?!! Oh my GOSH!!  I really feel like time is slipping away from me and I don’t know where it’s going!  Is because I’m too busy? Or I’m slowing down to enjoy each day? Or is time ACTUALLY speeding up?! I’m pretty sure it’s the last one option.  This is my DOWNTIME… the time when I’m actually home everyday working on albums and big projects that I can’t get done during wedding season! So if time is speeding past me NOW… what is it going to feel like in MAY when the craziness happens?! I’m so thankful that I still have a break! Engagement sessions will begin soon

but the weddings won’t REALLY pick up until May and so I have some time. But TIME is so tricky because if you don’t PLAN out your time… all of a sudden, it’s gone! I’ve realized that so much recently. I’ll work at my desk on random things and before I know it, it’s 12 oclock and Michael is walking in the door for lunch already! So I’ve started planning out blocks of time to get certain things accomplished. Like, I have to return emails and blog everyday before 12. That’s a RULE. And I can’t stay on Facebook more than 5 minutes at a time and if I get on during the DAY… it has to be for BUSINESS PURPOSES only! (this is a tough rule to live by!).  I’m trying to get better at time management and continually searching for new ways to maximize my time! If you haven’t seen the recent series of “Ask Anything” posts… I have been sharing my “Time Savers”! I have several more to share so stay tuned!!!!


So here we are… in MARCH. March is a funny month. It’s kinda the end of winter, beginning of spring… and the weather changes DAILY. As I think about this month there are a few things I’m REALLY looking forward to! :


I’m looking forward to…

The 2012 Spring Workshop Experience! Woohoo! So many amazing photographers are coming to hangout in RVA for the day and I’m pumped!

– a trip to NYC with Michael’s parents! We surprised them with a trip to the big apple for Christmas and we’re going to see WICKED… AGAIN!!!! It’s like my 4th time! Defying Gravity will forever be on my ipod!

– JSTAR is coming to da’ EAST COASTTTTTT! Woohoo! Excited for the FIX next week!

– I’m also excited to go away for one night with my BOYS! Michael and Bokeh and I are heading to a little bed and breakfast tomorrow night just for fun after hanging out with our sweet friends Kurt and Jodi!


Some Personal Goals would be….

– Finish some of the goals from LAST month! haha Seriously, I haven’t TOUCHED my Dave Ramsey book and I’m ashamed. However, one kind soul commented on last month’s snapshot post and mentioned that putting Bokeh on the DRYER while it’s running would help him adjust to being brushed… and it’s TRUE!!! It works! So that may be the ONLY personal goal I accomplished from last month but it’s a big one! We can now brush Bokeh without the sharp puppy teeth coming out!

– This month I would love to continue to workout with Jillian! WPPI threw me off a bit!

– I want to take Bokeh to the park!!

– Clean out our poor cars. They are DISGUSTING right now. Like, I wouldn’t let a small child ride in the back seat of our Scion in fear that he/she would try eating an old french frie left in between the seats. Yikes.



Some Business Goals…

– Now that all the albums are designed… we have to get these babies ORDERED! I just implemented a new process for this for hopefully it will speed things along! (Brides out there… you can help me with this! Send me your revisions!!!:)

– Finish the Bridal Guide… THIS is the big project that has been looming overhead for quite some time. I just want to get it done!

– Dream Bigger


I’m thankful for…

– a puppy that reminds us to enjoy the little things in life.

– a husband that serves me and loves me unconditionally.

– and I’m thankful for the promise that God has a plan for my life and He knows the steps I’m going to take before I take them. There’s a lot of comfort in that:)


So happy March 1st!! Enjoy this month and remember to wear GREEN… on whatever day is St. Patty’s day!! Ps. THANK YOU to Tori Watson for taking my portrait for this month!!


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  1. Christy reply

    I’m working on a bridal guide too & it’s overwhelming! Good luck with yours! :)

  2. Abby Grace reply

    Reading your blog always inspires me- I’m inspired to go out and do more, create more, shoot more. No idea what this bridal guide thing is that you’re working on, but it’s got me wanting to find newer and better ways to pamper my girls!

  3. Tiffany Farley reply

    Girl I SO hear you on some of these! Great post!

  4. Elizabeth reply

    you’ve inspired me to do a “goals” blog post so i can stay accountable ;) i hope your workshop goes well!!! i hope one year i can go to it!!!

  5. Emily Tedrow reply

    Chris and I are going to start doing Dave Ramsey’s study too! I’ve heard wonderful things about it. :)

  6. Deborah Zoe reply

    love it Katelyn!! And if you’re coming to NYC — LET ME KNOW:)!

  7. HeatherK reply

    Ah! Your coming to the FIX? i will be there! I am so excited to see you there!! Look out for a short blonde who will probably be staring/smiling at you the whole night. That will be me,lol!
    Seriously, can’t wait to see you!

  8. Serena reply

    1 – Katelyn, you are a darling and I love your blog posts.2 – Those two snapshots of you are adorable (great job, Tori!). 3 -And that cardigan? <3 <3 <3

  9. Kari Jeanne reply

    I read the part about Bokeh as putting him IN the dryer and I was like WHHAAAT?!?! lol Loving this monthly snapshots :)

  10. Valerie reply

    Katelyn, don’t be surprised if I do the Justin Beiber scream when I meet you next week at The Fix LOL!!! And as a mom, I have a MILLION french fries in my back seat :-/

  11. Tori reply

    i’ve seen wicked 5 times, and i STILL love it every time. defying gravity will always be on my ipod, too! (it’s just amazing every. single. time.)

  12. Caroline reply

    you are too cute! loving those bangs :) and this post. YAY for the workshop experience, seeing wicked (the best broadway show EVER), and completing goals… you go girl!

  13. Kim reply

    Oh NYC. If you are walking and hear a scream it is me. LOL just joking. Cannot wait to see your pictures.

  14. Janelle C. reply

    Gahhh! I have been wanting to see Wicked for a long time!!!!! Plus I am sure your bridal guide will be phenomenal!!!! I totally admire your work! Keep up the great job!

  15. Tessa reply

    Lucky you!!! So sad they are taking it off broadway soon!!! BEST.MUSICAL.EVER!!!!!

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