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I always say that word-of-mouth is the #1 advertiser for my business! I haven’t spent one dime on advertising since I started about one year ago and that is all thanks to people like Jeff and LaurenJeff is Matt and Laurie’s DJ!  I was so excited when I received Laurie’s email and read that Jeff had referred them to me.  Word-of-mouth … it works! Wonderfully.


Another thing that I always say is that doing engagements is a vital part of the photography process. The time I spend with a couple during their engagement session helps me REALLY get to know them as a couple.  I notice the little ways they interact, the best ways to make them laugh and by the end of the session… I am totally ready to capture “them” on their wedding day! Matt and Laurie’s engagement session was no exception.  Not only did I get to walk around with them all evening in the BEAUTIFUL town of Harper’s Ferry, I got to hear about their story and their wedding plans in the car ride also!  They are such a great couple and several times, as I was walking along with them, I found myself being so thankful for the clients like them.  They are so fun, down to earth and loving. It makes my job so easy! Enjoy A LOT of favorites! (It’s a new location for me, I HAD to blog a lot! )

No one could say this town isn’t cute! Look at it!

I loved this old abandoned house! The light was perfect!

Laurie mentioned that they were going to the “Ralph Lauren” look.  I think they got it!

Next one, a favorite!

The lamp posts in Harper’s Ferry were awesome!

Oh my gosh! How can anyone not love that?! The colors were amazing!

Really? I almost feel bad about how all of my clients are so good looking! Not every photographer has model-like couples!

There goes another lamp post! Love them!

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  1. Julia F reply

    I usually don’t comment, even though I totally stalk your blog! I just wanted to say that I love all of the pics on the stone bridge, especially the first BW one.

  2. Catie reply

    amazing shots. love the ones where they are sitting on the stones in front of the river. they are so cute, good job KK!

  3. Allison reply

    Oh my Gosh!!! These are absolutely fantastic!!! Beautiful couple, beautiful weather, and AMAZING colors! Awesome awesome job!

  4. Mareike reply

    These are amazing! Wonderful job Katelyn. Already looking forward to their wedding pics…x

  5. Julie reply

    Love that location and the light looks amazing. Beautiful shots!

  6. Melody reply

    As expected…BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Mandy reply

    Woahh KK these are awesome! I love the colors and the light! The ones on the wooden bridge and rocks in front of the river, and in front of the old brick church, and the stone house, and the red wall are my favorites…haha I guess they’re all my favorites. You are so awesome, and you’re doing a great job of getting models for clients :) You are so talented! Love you!

  8. caroline reply

    ahh!! i LOOVEEE the location. incredible – theres a variety of backdrops there! cool! I like the shot of her hand in his with her ring showing….and the laughing ones are always a favorite :) love you!

  9. Jen Waybright reply

    Wow! These are SO good. That location is beyond gorgeous! :) You should submit these pictures to their tourism dept, because now I want to go there! :) Amazing job Katelyn!

  10. Shannon reply

    New favorite location KK, it is beautiful and so quaint! It reminded me of the little town from Gilmore Girls

  11. Steph reply

    Amazing! KK i love these pictures so much! You’re soo talented i cant wait to go on our road trip to harpers ferry!! love youu

  12. Kelsi reply

    Katelyn, these are absolutely amazing! Wow, great job!

  13. Mary Lee Davis reply

    Laurie missed her calling. She should have been a model. I have always told her that!!! A proud grandmother.

  14. amanda thiessen reply

    these are great!

  15. Julianna reply

    Oh my goodness!!!!!! SO incredibly beautiful!!! Well done!!!!!

  16. SARAH BRAWLEY reply

    kate many of those belong as adds in top magazines. you amaze me. what great shots girl. and you’re right you are very lucky for having models as clients hehe! YOU inspire me so much! thanks for being amazing.

  17. Tira J reply

    Hi Katelyn! This is my NEW favorite session of yours! I just LOVE it! Great work!

  18. June Aukerman reply

    Great shots! Great locations! My fav is laughing in the churchyard :)

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