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Brittany is one of those brides that just makes you feel like a million bucks.  Her first email was full of exclamation marks and you could almost feel her energy and excitement through the screen! She is so excited about getting married and I am one lucky girl to be able to capture their big day coming this January! It’s going to be amazing! The craziest part is that I will be MARRIED when I shoot her wedding! Oh. My. Gosh. That is so weird and yet so cool! I’m going to be a wife!! ah!


Between Brit and I, I’m not sure who is more excited about getting married……. but we sure make a good pair! Being engaged and hanging out with my clients who are also engaged is SO MUCH FUN! We ‘re walking through the same phase of life and we understand the stress and excitement that comes with planning and waiting and planning some more! Matt and Brittany’s engagement session was shot at Belle Isle in Richmond. This was my second time shooting at this location and so I wanted it to be totally different than Anna and Justin’s.  It was so easy to capture the fun Matt and Brit have together. Brittany’s laugh is contagious and never ending! It was such a joy to hangout with them last week.  Enjoy their engagement session!


Matt and Britt, I can’t WAIT til January!!! xoxo


There it is! Isn’t she cute?! This is literally our first set of shots… I knew it was going to be a fun hour or so!

One of my favs!

Love her!

the girl got style:)

We had great light!

Oh hello sun!

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  1. gladys jem reply

    love the colors that pop in these photos katelyn! you rock my world. you and your ability to capture shiny eyes ;) xoxoxo!

  2. Steph L reply

    Love the last picture! and now I want her necklace! Another super shoot Katelyn! 19 more days til we get you back!

  3. Brittany reply

    thank you, katelyn! I just called matt and told him he had to check the blog! you really captured some awesome shots for us!!!

  4. Chelsea reply

    I love how you got a few shots of the stars on her foot! Very cute. Their session was adorable!

  5. Girish reply

    Beautiful shots really. Look like you guys had fun.

    Very cool couple I feel. Warn and totally in love. Great photographs.

    I think I remember one of the locations :)

  6. Laura reply

    What a gorgeous girl and so full of life! I want her necklace.

  7. sharon reply

    She has killer eyes and great shoes!!! Perfect!!! Great job Katelyn, again! =)

  8. Austin-Lee reply

    Hey there! Met you wedding dress shopping today! :) Thanks for giving us your card. *I’m the older sister of the blond who was trying on dresses at David’s Bridals* Just stopped by to look at your site, and your blog. Your photos are fabulous…and I really enjoyed looking through them! :) I passed your card on to my sister, and she is going to take a look too. :) Thanks for the info!

  9. Megan reply

    Brittany you look beautiful!! Congrats on everything and I can’t wait to see your wedding pictures!! Best Wishes!

  10. Aimee Brooks reply

    awesome pictures!! lovely accessories and shoes! :)

  11. Sarah reply

    Brittany you look amazing! You’re ridiculously photogenic.

  12. Jansen reply

    Theses are great! The bridge picture is really cool

  13. Liz Rennie reply

    Your pictures are awesome!! Really great job by Katelyn James!!

  14. Jessica reply

    These pictures are awesome Katelyn!! Brittany you are gorgeous as always!! :)

  15. Wayne Gauthier reply

    They are just wonderful shots. You look so happy in them all. Best wishes and good luck to you and Matt.

  16. Megan Blumenthal reply

    You both look so amazing! Great pictures! :0)

  17. Lindsey reply

    I love all the pictures!! Brittany, you look just amazing and I love your necklace!!!!

  18. Phen Cox reply

    my cold, cold heart has been warmed

  19. Melissa Farrell reply

    Beautiful pictures!!! Cant wait to see pictures from the wedding in january!

  20. Whitney reply

    LOVE the pictures!!!

  21. Heather Schwarz reply

    Beautiful pictures!! <3

  22. Sue Crews reply

    These pictures are awesome. I love the colors! Brittany gave you rave reviews. I hope to use you some day!

  23. Elizabeth Wood reply

    Beautiful shots!

  24. Jamie reply

    I like the one where he is kissing you :-) Great pics!

  25. Jenifer Minatra reply

    Congrats Brittany! Gorgeous shots! And add me to the list of people who want that necklace!

  26. aperitisa reply

    Gorgeous pictures! Love them all.

  27. Robyn Rosenberg reply

    Matt and Brittany look so happy in their photos. The photo work is wonderful. I wish the happy couple a warm and happy future!

  28. Debbie reply

    Beautiful pictures! :)

  29. Beth Dechent reply

    Absolutely beautiful photography! I will definitely recommend Katelyn to any of my brides. Looking forward to the BIG DAY!!!!!

  30. Katherine reply

    The engagement photos look great. I love Katelyns style…Brittany I love the blue flats. You are going to b a beautiful bride!!

  31. Mollt reply

    Great pictures! You two are adorable!

  32. Dana Pod reply

    The second pictures is my FAVORITE!! Great shots!!! Brittany is a beautiful person and will be a beautiful bride!!!

  33. Katherine reply

    Great pictures and what a great job at capturing their personalities! Can’t wait to see the wedding! Congratulations Brittany and Matt!

  34. Sarah Horning reply

    I love these pics! Great Brittany! you both look good together! woop woop! I love the one showing just your feet & two rings- cool pic! You are stylin! happy planning!

  35. Megan reply

    You really gave Matt & Britt an amazing photo shoot .. I love the pictures and how you can capture their love. They are so cute and super adorable together ;) I know they will def. have a long life together and super cute photos to remember their engagement by.

  36. Shannon reply

    Very cute! I reallly liked your shoes and necklace and nail polish! Happy wedding planning : )

  37. Jeni reply

    Beautiful pictures, you look great together!

  38. Anne reply

    You two look great! Especially love the blue shoes:-) & the close up shots of your ring.

  39. Allison Koontz reply

    What beautiful pictures!!! xo

  40. Liz reply

    You really captured them – beautiful shots, like the playful ones most of all.

  41. Wade Johnson reply

    Beautiful Photo’s not to mention the Beautiful. Happy and Sweet Bride..I am very happy for you Brittany and Matt..

  42. Kim Wirt reply

    Brittany, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen each other, and I’m glad to see you’re so happy :-) You look beautiful, and Katelyn is a very talented photographer. I’ll have to keep her in mind (for the way distant future, lol!) Good luck with all the wedding prep!!

    PS – It’s so funny that you know Jessica Hawkes… she’s known me since I was born. Small world….

  43. Brandi reply

    Hey Brittany, Love the pictures!! You are beautiful as always!! Praying for you and Matt as you prepare for marriage!! Hopefully at some point I can meet Matt :)

  44. Meredith reply

    Congrats Brittany and Matt…love the photos

  45. Jen Creasy reply

    love them!! beautiful!!

  46. Karen reply

    Gorgeous! You two look perfect together!

  47. Jacquelyn reply

    You guys look very happy! Great shots!

  48. lisa powers reply

    I’m saying the one above the ring/shoe shot is my favorite!!!

  49. Sara reply

    The pictures are beautiful! You two are so cute! Congratulations!

  50. Angela reply

    Awwwwwww!!!!!!! The pictures look amazing and I wish you two the best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Cliff reply

    I comment, therefore, I am.

  52. McCall Goodnight reply

    These are soooooo cute!!!

  53. Christina reply

    i’ve been waiting years for this (ever since you came back to the pharmacy and told me and Debbie that you two were dating)! i’m so excited that you’re finally getting close to the day and have these gorgeous photos. i can’t wait for the ones of the wedding!

  54. nikki reply

    beautiful pictures!! makin them jan 10 knoties proud!! we have some cute couples on our team!!

  55. Susan Inge reply

    Congrats Brittany and Matt!!

  56. Sarah Fielden reply

    Brittany!!!!!!! holy cow those are awesome. I wish you and Matt the best and I can’t wait for the wedding!!!

  57. Roslym reply

    OMG!!! I LOVE alla of your pict, the Black and White are my fav, but i just love all of them (Great Job!!!)

  58. Jen reply

    Great photos guys! And I love the blue shoes :)

  59. Dana reply

    I love the pictures.

  60. Jenny reply

    Brittany you look gorgeous! I’m excited for you guys :)

  61. Taylor Hemphill reply

    These are great pictures! Amazing quality and originality!

  62. Art Dechent reply

    Great photos!Nice composition & she caught your personalities!

  63. John W. reply

    The depth of Field in all of these pictures is amazing. it made for some really bold looking shots…..and i guess you guys are pretty cute to. that certainly doesn’t hurt

  64. Beverly Fuller reply

    Great pictures of you and Matt.

  65. Maura reply

    These pictures are gorgeous! Love them so, so much!

  66. Je’Nen reply

    Really cute Brittany! Congratulations!

  67. Jessica Hawkes reply

    What a gorgeous couple captured beautifully by the photographer! Wonderful photos! I’m sure the wedding photos will be just as breathtaking! Best wishes to you both!

  68. Joanna reply

    The pictures look awesome! Conratulations to the both of you.

  69. Jason reply

    How did you get Matt into a polo? Anyways, your pictures are really great and you two look so happy. =)

  70. Jessica reply

    This pictures are super cute. I really like the different colors and effects. You two are a really cute couple, very photogenic!

  71. Kelle Gressett reply

    These are wonderful pics of a beautiful young lady and a very lucky young man!!!

  72. Christine reply

    These pictures are AMAZING!!! I am so excited for the wedding!!!
    Whoop!!! the GroomsWOman is ready for tons more wonderful photographs of the happy couple and the stellar wedding party :)

  73. Natalie reply

    I think I could cry ya’ll are so adorable!!!! It’s just obvious how incredibly happy you are!!

  74. Anna reply

    You guys look soooo happy and gorgeous! Congrats!!

  75. jenn reply

    so excited about these pictures! katelyn you did an amazing job and i know britt is so excited :) can’t wait to finally meet you in january! :) love love love them!

  76. Abby Eckhart reply

    GREAT pics!! You look so so happy!! I am so excited for you, marriage is great!!

  77. Andrea reply

    These are terrific! I love the setting. You are a gorgeous couple, and you both look so happy. Congratulations!

  78. Matt reply

    Great pictures guys

  79. Kait reply

    Gorgeous!! The pictures are almost as cute as the couple :) Congratulations Matt & Britt!

  80. Kristen reply

    Love them Britt!

  81. lauren r. reply

    Congrats Brittany! You look gorgeous and you both look so happy!

  82. Rachel reply

    Beautiful pics!

  83. molly reply

    congrats brittany! the pics are super cute!

  84. Michelle Hummel reply

    The photos are amazing! Love, love LOVE the last one! :)

  85. Kristin reply

    Those pic are sooooo cute y’all look really happy!!

  86. Kristin reply

    Those pic are sooooo cute y’all look really happy!!

  87. Tammy reply

    Fabulous pictures! You truly captured the beauty and love of this couple. What a beautiful bride!!!!!

  88. Sarah reply

    Beautiful Pictures!

  89. Diana reply

    Oh my goodness! These pictures are amazing! I loved every single one of them! I can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

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