• His 26th

a very important day! …. Michael would tell you other wise because he’s never been one of those big “birthday people”.  I happen to be a “birthday person”. I love my birthday and I expect everyone else to love it too! I mean, aren’t we all allowed to love one day out of the year and claim it as OURS?! Birthday’s are fun! And they don’t happen very often and so I believe that they should be celebrated! Unfortunately, this year  Michael is going to have to celebrate while studying and taking a final exam.  Really? That’s just not fair. Bokeh and I will just have to have a party at home without him.



Today Michael is 26…. I remember when he turned 17 and I thought to myself “oh, he’s OLD…. like REALLY old”.  Anyone that could drive a car seemed so grown up and COOL to me at age 15.  His old white Maxima with worn leather seats could have been a brand new Mustang to me.  He was the cute, funny, energetic older brother that I never had. Our families were really close and I found myself always hoping that Michael would tag along anytime that his dad had a meeting at church so that we could hangout.  He was so much cooler than me… I had a middle part and wore blue mascara on days that I wanted to look “extra nice”.  I was two years younger and so when I found myself “liking” him… I just told myself to forget it. That would never happen. Girls loved him and I knew I didn’t stand a chance.  The thought of ME dating MICHAEL made my heart flutter and stomach turn all at the same time because it was just a nice idea that would never become a reality.


All of that changed in October of 2002.  It was homecoming and I was walking to the dance from the football field… all decked out in my cheering uniform, spray-in hair glitter and white tennis shoes.  The tight ringlets of hair on top of my head were drooping because of the dew that set in at the end of the 4th quarter and I remember thinking “I should just go home”. For some reason I stayed……I danced until the first slow song came on and that was my que to find my seat along the wall.  And then something happened that was strange, ….out of the blue and almost surreal……Michael came to my side of the room and asked me to dance….. and I was shocked……I followed him onto the dance floor and we danced.  Nothing was said, we just danced alongside a ton of peers that we don’t even know anymore.  We danced to a song I don’t even remember and I actually can’t remember anything else that happened that night….. but that night was monumental for me…. for us.  That dance started something bigger than we could have ever imagined.  As my friends clung to their boyfriends and our peers just enjoyed another high school dance….. I was dancing with my future husband…. I was dancing with the man that would become my BEST FRIEND, Soulmate, and life COMPANION for years and years to come.


Michael I thank God for you…. I’m so thankful that I’ve actually known you 24 of the 26 years that you’ve been alive. You are the GREATEST gift the Lord could have given me and I love you. I love you more now than I EVER have and there are days when I still don’t understand how I could deserve someone like you.  Thank you for loving me at 24 with all of my flaws, thank you for loving me at 15 with a middle part and blue mascara….. and thank you for asking me to dance:)  You are my best friend and today I’m celebrating YOU and the amazing man that you are. Happy birthday to my sweet husband!!!!!!



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  1. francine reply

    first off, happy birthday michael, from the internet!! (:

    second, that picture is just TOO CUTE for words!!! y’all are precious!!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Stephanie Stewart reply

    What a sweet post! Wishing Michael a Happy Birthday and good luck on his studying and exam! Hopefully he’ll get to relax and celebrate with you and Bokeh!

  3. molly stillman reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! i love this post. and i love that picture! i love how Michael was sporting the bieber haircut! he was ahead of his time! :)

  4. Alison Mish reply

    I absolutely love this and can totally resonate with this post!! I love it!

  5. Sabrina reply

    I’m almost in tears over this. I love your story, I love that God has always been in the middle of it and I love how you love each other :-) Happy birthday, Michael! Good luck with your exam!

  6. Lupe Ruiz reply

    aww…so sweet! happy birthday Michael!!!

  7. Caroline R reply

    SOOOOO sweet. i’m so glad michael asked you to dance too… you guys are ca-ute!! and i’m loving the middle part too ;)

  8. Christy Tyler reply

    Umm – this totally made me cry this morning!!! What a sweet sweet story! I love that you guys have known each other forever, and been together for almost 10 years! That’s truly amazing, and you guys are teenagers are adorable! ;) Happy Birthday Michael!!! (Yay for May birthdays! James’ is tomorrow!) :)

  9. katie reply

    so stinkin CUTE! i love love! and birthdays! they’re the best! Happy Birthday Michael!!!!

  10. ashley barnett reply

    Happy Birthday Michael! :) Katelyn you should wear blue mascara in his honor today!!

  11. Kristina W. reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!! What a cute story!

  12. Britne reply

    SO sweet!! Love this story….Happy Birthday Michael; I hope you have an amazing day!

  13. Lauryn reply

    Dont feel too bad about that middle part… I see some (at home?) highlights in Michael’s hair… you’re even. :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!

  14. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Katelyn, this is so precious! I absolutely love you and Michael’s story and it is so sweet to see how the Lord planned for you to be together ALL along, even before He made you both!

  15. kaitlin Hebert reply

    Happy birthday michael….you two are amazing…but I hope you have the best day ever!

  16. Faye Bernoulli reply

    Thanks Katelyn, I’m crying into my lunch! Such a sweet story! Happy birthday Michael!

  17. Tiffany reply

    Oh my goodness that is the cutest story ever! I hope your hubby has an awesome birthday!

  18. Yasmin Sarai reply

    “I was dancing with my future husband” Absolutely HEART-MELTING! Happy birthday to your husband from this “birthday person” :)

  19. jamie reply

    loved reading your story of your first dance with Michael!! You two are perfect together! enjoy celebrating!!!

  20. jeremy reply

    so sweet!

  21. Serena reply

    You two are absolutely KILLING me with the adorable-ness here! (Happy Birthday, Michael!) :)

  22. Karin {heartloveweddings} reply

    You and Michael are just so sweet together! Happy Birthday Michael!! Good luck on your exam!

  23. emily reply

    how adorable! gotta love the throw back photos :)
    happy birthday to your hubby!

  24. Ashley Durance reply

    Aww such a sweet post!! My husband is two years older than I am as well :) he is 26 and we started dating when I was 16. Happy birthday to your husband!

  25. Alexis reply

    AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!

    Happy birthday to your husband, Katelyn! And May God continue to bless your lives together!

    Your story reminds me of a guy that I liked from the moment I saw him but all the girls wanted him and I never thought we’d ever get to know each other but God worked it out that we did meet and we did get to know each other but I don’t know if we’re going to get married! lol but I’m grateful that God brought us together as friends. He’s a blessing in my life. :)

    Again, your love story is SOOOO SWEET!!!! Aww! Ya’ll are adorable! :)

  26. JasmineStar reply

    LOVE that man! {And how can I not say something about those blond highlights?!?!?!} :D

  27. Annetta reply

    Happy Birthday, Michael!!. Hope you had a wonderful day and that your exam went well.

  28. Kristin reply

    Aww!!! You too are precious!

  29. Ashley Link reply

    awww. this is beautiful! you’re so cute. this post gives ME butterflies in my stomach. y’all are so precious and it’s so awesome how God wrote your love story. i love hearing about it and can’t wait to see more! <3 :)

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