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As soon as I met them at their engagement session, I knew that they were one of those couples that came into our lives for a reason. We were over booked for this year but we still had this past Sunday available. Joe and Perrin’s wedding just happened to be right the middle of our craziest season… #9 of 19 weddings in a row. Any photographer would admit that in the middle of a long stretch, you need something to inspire you and renew your love for your work…. Joe and Perrin’s wedding did just that. Their love for one another and everyone’s deep love for them was so thick in the air, you could feel it. These two have such an incredible story and contagious joy. As Michael and I photographed their amazing wedding day, I kept turning to him and saying “Don’t you just love them?!”.

Just being present on their wedding day and celebrating with them was a gift in and of itself. As I watched them say their vows, Perrin would squeeze Joe’s hands and they would both smile as big as they possibly could. Their wedding day was a day of joy, worship and victory.  It’s so apparent that these two were made for one another.

Even though I barely know them, I left their wedding day feeling like part of their family and part of their story… and as a photographer, there is nothing more rewarding.  So enjoy this sweet wedding today on the blog! I’ve been so excited to share it this week! Joe and Perrin, thank you for allowing us to capture your day!! We were so blessed and inspired by you guys in so many ways.  Enjoy the honeymoon and welcome to married life!!! xoxoxo

Perrin’s ring is just gorgeous!

The tears started before the dress was even on:)


Going to see Joe for the first time….

Their first look was so precious!


Love these portraits in the old Mill! I NEVER get tired of shooting at this amazing venue!

Perrin you’re so beautiful! 

Love this shot from Michael!!

Brother’s and Groomsmen steal a peek! love this! haha

Daddy/daughter first look:)

And look at all of those friends!!

Love this! You wouldn’t believe how fast we were able to shoot these massive group pictures! They have awesome friends that listen to me! ha! 

Not posed at all…kidding. Of course I told them to do a fake laugh… and they nailed it!

I said “Ok, Man hug!” and this is what I got. haha It’s a first.

Love this!

Nothing more powerful than being prayed for by all of your closest friends at one time. :)

Love this mother/daughter moment!


And we made it to the creek JUST in time to catch the light before it left us!

Love it!

SO much excitement!!!

And then I was pulled onto the dance floor. It happens at least once at every wedding:) So funny!

LOVE this!!!!

Recognize that couple bottom left?! Loved seeing Patrick and Em!

And then this happened

That’s one AWESOME getaway car!

Ceremony | The Mill at Fine Creek
Reception | The Mill at Fine Creek
Florists | Mary Henry Designs
Dress | Bella Rosa Bridal
Jill MacDougall and Josh Henderson from Mango Salon
Bridesmaids | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen | Men’s Warehouse
Band | Jimi Smooth and the Hit Time
Invitations | Sweet Pea Designs
Cake | The Desserterie
Catering | The Mill at Fine Creek
Other Vendors |  Getaway Car:  First Class Limo Services
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Tara Peddicord reply

    This is really beautiful. And although I don’t even know them, I can see the joy, worship & victory come through this. I know these photos are a gift to them and all those who love them. Just beautiful…

  2. Kat reply

    This post totally brightened up my Thursday!! Her joy is so contagious!! Love these!

  3. Emily Wright reply

    This wedding looks like it was a blast! Love the way you captured it! :)

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I LOVE THIS COUPLE! They have that inner joy that is so rare and beautiful. I have so many favorite pictures from this wedding but there isn’t room enough in this comment box to list them all! Amazing job!

  5. elizabeth reply

    can. not. handle. WOW.

  6. Emilie White reply

    absolutely perfect in every way.

  7. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Gorgeous! The Mill at Fine Creek is my favorite venue I’ve shot at to-date! LOVE that place – this wedding is so colorful and beautiful, amazing job, Katelyn!

  8. Vanessa reply

    This post was so beautiful, I could cry. Their love for each other just shines through in their joyful faces, and you can completely see that they are each other’s best friend. I hope that they have a wonderful marriage- Congratulations, Joe and Perrin!

  9. Casey reply

    Katelyn, you & Michael captured their love and this beautiful day so perfectly! It was such a joy to be there and every single one of these photos captures just how incredible the day was. It was so great to finally meet you too! :)

  10. Stella Thompson reply

    These photos were so wonderful I felt like I felt like I was there again. Beautifully done!!

  11. Annetta reply

    Beautiful wedding and photos. Great job Katelyn!! Love the one by the creek.

  12. Brooke Carroll reply

    This was awesome, probably one of my favorites!

  13. Colleen C. reply

    The bride is the cutest thing ever! I love this couple together, they really look like they are had a great wedding!

  14. Carrie logan reply

    LOVE THIS!!!! they are so cute and that shot of her friends and family’s praying over her with their hands on her dress is incredible. love love love that.

  15. cate waters reply

    Random question…. are Laurie and Perrin twins?? laurie from the wedding post two days ago? I mean, it is uncanny how much they look alike!!!!!

  16. Melissa reply

    LOVE all of this – but mostly love that she changed at the ceremony – and the Toms went so well with the dress :)

  17. Kate reply

    beautiful pictures. Their happiness is contagious and the flowers and everything about the wedding was gorgeous!!

  18. Kathryn Grace reply

    Love her enthusiasm… and that CAR!!

  19. Stephanie Messick reply

    Oh this makes me SO excited seeing your beautiful photos here because I have a wedding at eh Mill at Fine Creek next month! :) Stunning!

  20. Jennifer Hejna reply

    Love this wedding ! You did a beautiful job Katelyn !

  21. ashley link reply

    beautiful job! :) and i definitely teared up! :)

  22. Susan Drumwright reply

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful wedding with all of your extended friends. It is so evident that the Lord was leading this entire event. My prayer for this wonderful couple is that they will know the Lords blessings for ever and that their love for each other will grow deeper and deeper as the years go by.

  23. Melissa Mathews reply

    These pictures are gorgeous!!! Her smile is amazing and it just makes her such a beautiful bride. Do you have any idea where they got their ceremony programs??? :)

  24. Colleen Kimbrough reply

    All of my staff from The Mill at fine creek were so thrilled to be a part of Joseph and Perrin’s wedding day! We were so blessed to share in their day and help them begin their journey!! Beautiful job capturing every moment of the happy day!

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