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A couple of months ago you met Corey, my little brother.  He’s the golfer, the architect and the 4wheeler expert.  Emy is the funny one, the most athletic one and if our family had superlatives, she would receive “Most likely to be heard”.  She definitely has quite a voice and I’m not gonna lie, she’s loud! But that’s why we love her! When Emy gets a chance to come ALL the way home from Virginia Tech, everyone is excited! We feel complete when all of the right seats are filled at the dinner table (including Michael’s) and when we are squeezed to capacity in a 5 person car.  Our family just isn’t right when one of us is missing!

Needless to say, we have had plenty of family time within the last week! Between riding 4wheelers in the snow (which you can view on Facebook!) and playing chinese checkers, we’ve seen a lot of each other and it’s been wonderful. (Just to clarify, I didn’t play chinese checkers! For those of you who know me, you know I hate games, so I observed!:)  The snow has been such a great way to slow down and it’s beautiful! Oh how I love snow! Expecially in the country! Untouched fields of snow are breathtaking and so the day after it stopped, I made Emy venture outside for a quick photoshoot!  Momma always says things about how we never get nice family pictures because I’m always taking pictures of other people.  This statement is very true and so we got daddy to take a few of all three of us! Surprise Momma! (and daddy you did a wonderful job!)

Enjoy a little glimpse of my amazing sister and family! I love them so much and I love being HOME!

haha! When Emy laughs too hard, her eyes disappear! It’s great!

A Favorite!

How come I didn’t get pretty blue eyes!?

I think she saw a bear:)

This is Michael’s favorite!

Aw Emy, you pretty.

There we are!

Yea they don’t look a like AT ALL do they?!

Isn’t the snow beautiful?! I LOVE it!

Of course the weird ones are my favorites! But look at that Bokeh! Creamy, Creamy  goodness!

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  1. em reply

    YAY! kk you’re fabulous!! taking these pictures was so fun!! “just laugh at how awkward you look.” Classic quote. haha

  2. Leslie reply

    how come i didnt get* pretty blue eyes.
    these are good kk, emys so pretty, and i love the bright colors with the snow!

  3. Jessica Beale reply

    Oh Emy Roof! Just can’t help but love her! These are wonderful…I was wondering when they would pop up! And I love your boots KK! I’m just waiting to see your whole camo outfit on here…or is that not blog worthy?!

  4. Carrie Lillard reply

    I love these! The sibling shots are my favorite of all. Emily, you look beautiful as always! :)

  5. katie g reply

    i lloooooove yours sisters boots!
    are they the ralph lauren boots? i couldnt see if there was a gold buckle??

  6. Julianna reply

    I know that girl!!!! Great pictures, love them! Em you look beautiful!

  7. evelyn reply

    two words: simply beautiful

  8. Stuart James reply

    Absolutely beautiful! Really really stunning work using a gorgeous natural location to create brilliant environmental portrait shots! Exactly the approach I take – stunning as always, as is your sister ;o) sj.p

  9. caroline reply

    AAHHH!!!! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! looove ’em. and I love EMY!
    oh and you too katelyn :)

  10. Mandy reply

    Oh my goshhh! These are awesome! Emy you need to be a model! The colors pop and look so beautiful, and fresh snow is one of my favorites too! KK your whole family is so beautiful! You pretty. And I love your new boots..they look great in the snow :) (Sorry another paragraph post oops!)

  11. courtney bowlden reply

    you have such a beautiful family! great work =)

  12. michael reply

    Wooo hooo last to comment. You already know which one is my favorite…thats why i didnt comment…but ill say it…emy your beautiful…and i think you look like your sister in alot of these. see you tonight

  13. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Love her boots!!! And the black and white close up of her face is gorgeous!!! You guys look great!

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