Rockbridge 2009

  • Rockbridge 2009

Where have I been? No posts, no updates, no nothing.  I’ve been in the beautiful mountains of Goshen, VA on a retreat and it was awesome! I apologize to those of you waiting to see your images and believe me, I’m ready for you to see them too! I’m obviously very behind but I wanted to share with you a little taste of my week! After you see this place you will totally excuse my absence from the blog! It’s gorgeous there! Enjoy!

We had a morning to just be alone with God….. and my camera.  I couldn’t help it! How sweet are those little buildings! Just wait til you see the old rocking chair!

I love these two!

Ok, not flattering at all… I realize this.  However, that girl makes me laugh and I just love her!

Get it Katie!

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  1. MO reply

    Coke Zero: good things!
    i love you KK, these pictures are amazing, just like you!!!! miss youu!!!!!

  2. Emy reply

    I love the last picture!!! So much fun! =)

  3. Syd reply

    so i love all of these!! especially the last one!!! and i guess what?! i know that katie chick… SMALL WORLD!! :) miss you….

  4. Gina Haney reply

    You have a wonderful gift for photography.. I have love taken photos all my life. I am considering to take on this as a fun hobbie and maybe more..

    I consider myself as a beginner, so much to learn.. I noticed that you took some beautiful wedding shots of my friend and old classmate Dana Brawley. I have been trying to learn new ways to take pictures on a more professional level.

    I have a nikon D40X just to start out I understand from many great photographers that it is not the ability of the camera its the ability of the handler. I have been a life long Canon user and I am trying something different. Nikon. I was wondering what brand of camera do you use and where did you get your wonderful ability with photography…

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