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This is something that every photographer has to have… a camera bag. Everyone has their own individual needs and preferences but sometimes it helps to hear a review from someone else to help in your search for the perfect bag! My search started years ago and I actually found a bag that worked GREAT but I was so hard on it that the fabric wore out and the strap broke after year two.

My problem was that I really LOVED that bag but I didn’t want to buy another one because I needed something that was going to LAST! So I searched and I searched but I couldn’t find anything big enough with the options I wanted. You see, I have found my engagement session bag already. I use the ONA CAPRI as my eshoot bag and I love it! The issue is that it isn’t big enough for weddings.

I needed a bag for wedding days that will hold the following:

So during WPPI, I walked past our good friends at Kelly Moore and I spotted my old bag that I LOVED…. only it was in a different material!! HOORAY!!! It was the material that my LIBBY computer bag was in and that bag has lasted FOREVER! I was so excited that my dream bag was available in a different fabric option and I bought it! I’m in love.

This is the KELLY BOY bag! That’s right, it’s for men…. not women. But you know what, who cares! I love it!! And this is why! :

  • It has two strap options! Long or short.
  • It has been redesigned to have a sleeve that unzips in the back to slide onto a roller carry on handle. This is GREAT for the airport!
  • The cover material is durable and super TOUGH!
  • It’s classy!
  • It stands up on its’ own when I sit it down!
  • It’s easy to access to grab lenses!!
  • It has plenty of space for all of my gear AND personal items!
  • A camera body (without a lens) can fit in the outer zippered pocket! So I always have a backup with me!
  • There are rivets on the bottom to protect it when I throw it down!
  • The strap has been redone and it made of canvas with gold clamps.

In need of a new camera bag for wedding days?! Check out mine HERE! 



xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey reply

    To save some room in your bag with those “just in case” items… ;) It’s so tiny!!! It’s a wonder everything fits in this little pouch.

  2. Laura reply

    Oh this is so helpful! I’ve been looking into a new bag and this was on my list. Thanks for sharing, Katelyn!

  3. Jana Long reply

    Katelyn, do you wear this bag throughout the wedding? Is it super heavy?!?!

  4. Natalie reply

    I love that bag too! I really need a new camera bag – My old Shootsac is falling apart! Ahhh!

  5. Jenny reply

    I think it’s hilarious that brown leather means its “for a man”!- we have good taste too!

  6. TahJah reply

    I am SO a glad you did a review on this bag. I had the mustard yellow Kelly Boy bag I got years a go. And it just didn’t hold up. I loved the size of the bag and it could hold EVERYTHING! I couldn’t find a replacement. And so glad that this bag has been redone. It is such a great bag!

  7. Ashley Durham reply

    Very classy!

  8. Elizabeth reply

    What a beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cinnamon reply

    I have this same bag in the darker brown and I LOVE it. I must say I’m pretty excited that we share our love for this amazing bag. =)

  10. Jacinthe reply

    Okay, I think I’m sold. I’ve been eyeing the Tote and Shoot from ShootSac for years, but it isn’t as pretty as this one, and your super review has convinced! I want to buy the Kelly Boy (well, I will also need to convince the hubby… ;)). I’ve got one question though: is it leather? Or does it just look like it? I read the description on Kelly More and they don’t mention it either.
    P.S. I just downloaded your bride and groom questionnaire! THANK YOU! :)

  11. Kelly reply

    So glad the Kelly Boy is working out for you! That color is perfection with your hair!! Thanks for the shout out!

  12. Ashley Edmunds reply

    Hi Katelyn,

    Thanks for the review! I have a question- where do you keep your other lenses (70-200, 24-70, etc) during the wedding)? I am struggling knowing what to do with those during the wedding? They are too heavy to carry around and I don’t want to set them down and have them stolen. Thanks!

  13. corry frazier reply

    I have the same bag, but in the darker brown and I LOVE it!! Great review!!

  14. Oona Breyer reply

    Hi Katelyn, I have a question! I would LOVE for you to do a ‘ask anything’ blog on your blogging! You’re so fabulous at putting out consistent and beautiful blogs and I feel like they take me HOURS to put together! How do you stream-line your online presence and busy wedding season a the same time?? I’d love to know if you ever wanted to share!!

  15. Allison reply

    I am SO GLAD I came across this post! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bag for a while now!
    I do have one question: where do you put your other lenses(70-200?)? And do you have a photo of how you organize your lenses into this bag?
    Allison :)

  16. Dan @ Isle Of Vintage reply

    Nice style of bag. It looks a little big on you but it can probably hold quite a bit :-)

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