My Wedding Sneak Peek!

  • My Wedding Sneak Peek!

So, Michael and I are trying to plan.  Between both of our full time jobs and me being a full time student… it’s difficult. As much as I’m going to miss wedding season, I’m ready for it to wind down so that I plan my own! yay!!! I stayed up til 3am this morning looking at centerpiece ideas! I have so so many ideas and I can’t wait to gradually show you all little hints of whats to come on 10.10.10!  That’s our date! Officially! Not only will that be our wedding anniversary, we will be celebrating 8 years together on that date exactly! Here’s a quick peek of our theme : “Vintage Peacock”!

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  1. Stephen reply

    I love this, you took this picture lass then an hour ago. HA 10/10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alicia B reply

    This is so crazy! Andy and I are also doing a peacock theme minus the vintage!

  3. Lauryn reply

    i love peacock stuff!! im kinda hoping one or two of these go in your hair, it would look so vibrant and pretty against your beautiful hair!

  4. emy reply


  5. Leslie reply

    i cant wait to play with the live peacocks at your wedding. A wedding wouldn’t be complete in Caroline County without a petting zoo

  6. Mo reply

    yay! so pretty and so exciting!

  7. Mandy reply

    Yay! I can’t wait I can’t wait! It’s going to be such an elegant wedding…perhaps even modern and inspired! No but really it’s going to be awesome :)

  8. Sarah D. reply

    Have you checked out “Lo Boheme”? They do gorgeous headpieces, and they’re about to start their 15% off sale. Website:

  9. Charity DellaCamera reply

    Katelyn I cannot waiiiiit to see your wedding pictures!!!

  10. caroline reply

    yep, im gonna look good in vintage peacock teal

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