• Lobster, Blossoms and Cedar Shake

When Mary emailed us and invited us to her birthday celebration in Nantucket I had three initial thoughts… 1. I need to rearrange our schedule to make this happen, 2. I don’t own enough nautical clothing to go on this trip and 3. This would be the best way to get away from life and not worry about our house selling. Michael was on board… with everything except the whole “I don’t have enough clothes” part. That was a lie… I still have clothes from high school…. and I don’t know why. I think I have some hoarding tendencies. That’s way off topic… back to Nantucket.

We headed to Boston with two of our best friends, Bud and Jill. They are our best travel buddies because we are comfortable enough around each other to get grumpy and “hangry” without judging each other. :) We toured Boston in the RAIN and somehow it was still fun. Then it was time to head to Cape Cod. We road a ferry to Nantucket and as we pulled up, it was like we were entering a film set for a nautical movie. I’m serious. The little shops and quaint homes were just amazing.

I’m not sure that I had any expectations for Nantucket but if I had had any, they would have been exceeded. The worst part of the trip was that it was about 65 degrees each day and so I couldn’t where my nautical shorts. haha Seriously!? When you have 16 people on a trip together, there is normally some stress, tension and “clique” issues that arise. This group was incredible. The conversations were so life giving and our time was intentional. Friends flew in from Arizona, PA, Richmond, Smithfield and CT. It was a rare and wonderful sight to see us all together for a couple of days!

If I had to name my TOP FIVE favorite parts of the trip they would be the following:

1. Renting Wranglers and driving on the beach to the end of the island with a gorgeous view! This was amazing!

2. Sailing! We chartered a sailboat for an hour and half during golden hour and it was so beautiful!!!

3. Sitting guys/girls at meals and getting to have really intentional time with the ladies! Our last dinner was such a beautiful conversation full of honesty, vulnerability and some tears. So thankful for sweet friends who value intentionality. God is good!

4. Being with people that GET US. We have a weird life. I’m thankful for our weird life… it’s wonderful… but it is strange. We don’t have a normal work schedule and we have strange pressures and expectations placed on us because of our positions in the industry and it’s not easy. There are actually MANY occasions when Michael and I say “Gosh, lets just be PHOTOGRAPHERS…. lets just shoot weddings. No teaching, no sharing, no shop, no workshops, no coaching, no harsh blog comments… NO PRESSURE…. but I know that’s not what we’re called to. We’re supposed to be right where we are in the industry… it’s just hard sometimes. So it’s SUCH a gift to be around similar people and hear that we’re not alone in that struggle.

5. Photographing more BLOSSOMS!!!! I thought my 2015 blossom shots were over!!!! But they weren’t!!!! YAYYY!!!!!

Enjoy some images from our time together!!!




xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Ashley Durham reply

    It just looked like y’all had so much fun from all the posts on Insta!

  2. Amy Demos reply

    Loooooove!!! This brought me right back. It really was a dream!! SO thankful for this precious time together!!

  3. Moriah Ortega reply

    I love it – the happy, the lighthouse, the joy of togetherness. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Laura Hernandez reply

    What an AMAZING time! It was great following along on Periscope. This has totally made us what to go!

  5. Katie reply

    SO MUCH FUN! Ahh this trip looks like it was perfectly preppy and nautical!! So happy you had a chance to relax and just BE with good friends! Love you guys!

  6. sharon elizabeth reply

    AHHH! Love these!!! I think my favorite might be the one of us face timing Ava – SO sweet!!!! Love that you caught that for us!

  7. Mary Marantz reply

    Ohhhhhh MAN I love this!!!! I am SO thankful that you guys were there! So grateful for this time away together!!!

  8. jamie delaine reply

    oh my gosh, so many beautiful photos katelyn. thanks for sharing!

  9. Jacinthe reply

    I so enjoyed going through this post and looking at the photos! Everything’s looking so gorgeous down there!!! So glad you all were able to share such a happy time together. :)

  10. Colleen Delaney reply

    OOOOK soooo these are all AMAZING and I’m OBSESSED! Your mini vacay looked perfect and rejuivitnating but I couldn’t help but notice YOU GOT JACKS!!!! AHHHHHH DO YOU LOVE!!!! :) LOOOVE IT!! SOOOO CUTE! They look PERFECT on you!! :)

  11. Melissa Jill reply

    AHHH!!!! SUCH a great job documenting the trip Katelyn! It was such a blessing to spend time with you and Michael and the rest of the crew! Truly a life-giving group! I will never forget all these amazing memories we shared! xo

  12. Bethany Dudley reply

    These pictures are SO beautiful!! Nantucket is now on my bucket list:) Thank you for sharing!

  13. Tori Watson reply

    Looks like such a fun time! What a great group of people I love and respect! So glad you all got a little excuse for a fun time away. :)

  14. Cindy reply

    Thanks for sharing – need to send these to their tourism folks to use for their marketing efforts!

  15. Caroline Logan reply

    Awhhhhh best week :)

  16. Cinnamon reply


  17. elizabeth. reply

    What an incredible trip! SO many awesome people in these pictures. :) Love how you capture your adventures/road trips/vacations – super inspiring. Have a fabulous day!

  18. Kristina W. reply

    Your vacations always looks amazing! So glad you got some quality time in with your friends.

  19. Katie Poling reply

    This whole trip looks like a dream!! Ryan and Annamarie should be sailboat models! And what a cute little seal! The picture of Jordan and Amy in front of the lighthouse where she’s kicking her feet up is perfection.

  20. Rici reply

    It looks like a total dream trip! So many lovely people!! <3

  21. Alexandra {Heart Love Always} reply

    So. Much. Fun.

  22. instagram online reply

    Stunning photos~ Wow! Everything is so perfect!

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