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I was sentimental… until I met Sam! Sam is the sweetest! And she’s so creative! I loved her ideas for her engagement shoot and it turned out perfectly. Our first stop was at the restaurant where Steve and Sam first met. We didn’t shoot them sitting in the “exact” seats… but it was close!! Next, we shot some portraits under the tree where they shared their first kiss! Then we ended their shoot with a splash of color! Literally!! It was a blast. We left wishing that these two were getting married next month because we just loved them!

Not only is Sam super sweet and sentimental… she’s also gorgeous and has the most amazing smile!! Steve and Sam together are a power couple when it comes to modeling and I still don’t understand how I’m so blessed to work with such awesome couples!! Their love for one another is so evident in their interactions . It was a gorgeous day with beautiful light and I’m just so excited to share these images!! Ps. You also get to meet their sweet pup, Comma! How cute is that name?! Enjoy getting to know this super fun KJ Couple and get excited for their wedding next year! Woohoo!!!

Oh they are the cutest!!

And this is what Comma was doing while she waited for us to finish shooting!

So beautiful!

Obsessed with this tree!


That laugh!! love her laugh! 

The light was amazing!!!

Aren’t they the best!? Looking good Steve!! Killer smiles! 

So fun!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Emily Cole reply

    I LOVE THESE!!!! So much!! Katelyn you are a magical photography goddess and captured Sam and Steve so perfectly!! <3

  2. Lauren Swann reply

    So much joy! These are gorgeous, Katelyn!

  3. Brittney reply

    Love her style & laugh! and michael’s cameo in the piggyback shot? haha you guys always do such amazing work. :)

  4. Kim Vinch reply

    I have never seen engagement pictures capture the personalities of the couple as great as these do! Absolutely beautiful couple and photos!

  5. cOLLEEN dELANEY reply

    ohh these are AWESOME!!!!!!!!! LOOOOVE the folor blast! SOOO creative!!!

  6. cOLLEEN dELANEY reply

    Color* whooops

  7. molly @ still being molly reply


  8. Shalese reply

    What a fun session!!

  9. Jill Powers reply

    These are SO great! What a sweet couple–So much joy!! :)

  10. Jane reply

    I love how you used the surrounding plant life to take photos of the ring. very soft and abstract.

  11. natalie Kent reply

    OMG , I saw that little beach and the tree and thought that Looks like the beach near the lion gate bridge and it is ;)

  12. Anne und Björn reply

    Wow! Such a cool shooting! Pure happiness capured… ;-)

  13. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    they are so fun.. i just want to friend them on facebook and become besties.. LOL.. seriously though!!! these are adorable!

  14. Katie reply

    LOVE! I have to say… the “hold her up by her butt–i know that sounds weird but it looks really good– pose”…. is my favorite. This shoot is SO fun!

  15. Holly reply

    Love a Noland Trail Shoot! Keep on rockin it Katelyn! Loving this season!

  16. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Looooove this engagement shoot! They look like such a fun and happy couple! And their dog comma is the cutest…she could be my pup Lucy’s twin sister!!! Any idea what kind of dog she is? We get asked all the time, and we have no idea! Gorgeous photos, as always, Katelyn!

  17. Elizabeth reply

    Oh my!! Her laugh is the best! And their joy! Such awesome captures just overflowing with JOY. :D Love!!

  18. Stephanie Messick reply

    Look at her smile! SOOOO cute!!!

  19. Tatyana reply

    What an adorable pup and fun loving couple!

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