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I have never been one to really LOVE the idea of an email newsletter for our business. However, after chatting with some industry friends and seeing the change in Facebook recently, I’ve become more and more aware that email is one of the most consistent ways to get the word out!! Think about it, email isn’t going anywhere!! The purpose of our newsletter is to educate our audience about upcoming workshops, bridal events, coaching sessions, news in our business, album sales, and to share free education!! That’s right! I think that if someone is brave enough to hand over their

email address to be on a newsletter mailing list, there needs to be something in it for them, right?! We LOVE teaching and sharing and so this past year we have started sharing one tip or trick in every newsletter and this year we’re going to be even more intentional about that. It’s important to share education and to help the industry rise up as a whole. If people didn’t teach me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So our newsletter is focused on promoting our educational resources and it’s also a place to learn and grow! So we invite you to join in!! So be sure to SIGNUP today because right now, there’s a FREE EBOOK waiting for you!!






xoxo, Katelyn
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