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  • Destination Glencoe Engagement Session | Scotland

Well I can barely contain my excitement today! We are about 48 hours out from returning from our trip to Scotland and I still have piles of laundry to do, but I couldn’t wait to share this! Nick and Gillian drove over FOUR HOURS to meet us at one of my favorite locations in Scotland. When we visit Scotland, we normally spend all of our time in the highlands because it’s beautiful there and that’s where our friend Jill’s family is from. Glencoe is unbelievable. The views are amazing and remind us a lot of Hawaii! Ever since I saw this location on our trip two years ago, I secretly hoped I would be able to shoot there one day!! Well, last week, my dreams came true!!

Nick and Gillian are adorable. They met through work a while  back and have been inseparable ever since. A lot of people have asked if  they were an American couple that traveled to Scotland for their shoot and the answer is no! They are Scottish and they will be having a beautiful Scottish wedding at a CASTLE next spring. I can’t believe we get to come back!! Ahhh!

When we arrived for their shoot, Nick’s right arm was in a sling and I thought to myself “Hm, this could be interesting!”. He immediately explained that he could take the sling off and hide the fact that we have injured. He had a pretty epic mountain biking accident and broke his collar bone eight weeks prior.  Thankfully, he was a good sport and you can’t even tell that he is injured!!

We loved getting to know these two. I had met Gillian through the Showit world and the United conference that I have spoken at the past several years. She’s a talented designer and I was so honored when she first emailed us to be her photographers. It honestly still feels like a dream!! We can’t wait to travel to Scotland again in 2020. Thank goodness they are getting married at a CASTLE because it is going to be hard to compete with the epic-ness from their engagement shoot!

Enjoy my favorites and get excited KJ ALL ACCESS members because coming soon, you’ll be able to watch me photograph this entire shoot!!! yay!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sara reply

    STUNNING! Wow! I cannot wait to see this wedding!

  2. Meredith Sledge reply

    That second location and the outfit is blowing my mind!!!! What a dream!

  3. Sarah Heacock reply

    Love this so much! Also, this is a weird comment but I’m so happy to see someone else with pale Scottish legs on the blog

  4. Jasmine reply

    These are stunning!!! We were on holiday in the highlands last week too. Love the drive through Glen Coe. Is there anyway possible we can book you in for a shoot for your next trip?!?! Love that you’re coming back again!!!!

  5. Elizabeth Gelineau reply

    Absolutely obsessed with these!!! You now have me dying to go to Scotland! Can’t wait to see this one on All Access!

  6. Loren Jackson reply

    Absolutely breathtaking! What a view! I know we share a similar love for the compression of the 85, but with views like that, it would be so hard to shoot 85!!

  7. Rebekah Carter reply

    These are so breathtaking! The clothes, the landscape, the couple- everything is just so beautiful! I’m amazed at how you can travel with such a young baby. You’re incredible in so many ways!

  8. Analise reply

    These photos are amazing!

  9. Los Angeles Wedding Photography reply

    Thanks for the sharing this blog with us.I like it very much.

  10. Fotograf nuntă Ploiești reply

    I imagined Scotland more cloudy & darker. But you managed to keep your style and colors. Great job!

  11. The Blog of Hull Photographer Chris Stubbs reply

    […] Nick + Gillian | Engaged […]

  12. Abigail Easley reply

    I gotta say that I love watching your “KJ Access” and you shooting and doing what you love is so inspirational. I’m a footographer myself and learning from you has changed my business. ;)

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