• Chris + Katie | Part I

…experienced you are, if you’re a photographer and another photographer asks you to shoot his/her wedding, you get a little nervous.  What an honor!  Chris called me last fall and asked if I would shoot their wedding and of course I was thrilled! ….. but nervous. Chris and I met years ago when Michael and I were visiting friends at Clemson. One of our groomsmen in our wedding was roommates with Chris and so Chris and I had several opportunities to talk camera talk and all that nerdy stuff. The funny thing is that I specifically remember Chris asking me if I had every considered doing photography professionally…and my response was… wait for it… “Uh…No, I don’ t really enjoy shooting people”.

Yep, that’s what I said and now I am shooting his wedding! Man things change! Wow.  I reminded him of that conversation the morning of his wedding as we walked around and looked at some portrait location options.  Little did we know that it was going to rain… all day. HOWEVER, I always tell clients that some of my BEST weddings were shot on dreary, rainy days and that was so true this past weekend! There are not enough exclamation marks to describe how much I loved this wedding and this couple!! Chris and Katie are such a fabulous couple with huge hearts and sweet spirits. Capturing their day was such a joy and I loved every minute of it! … Rain and all! I have too many favorites and so I just have to do a Part I and Part II!


The day started off with a bridal brunch downtown at the cutest little restaurant!

Too many flower shots? I don’t care… I can’t choose anymore! It’s harder than it seems!

Chris and Katie were married at the Hyatt Regency of Greenville and the theme was “Old Hollywood”! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Love! Katie you are beyond beautiful, girl!

Ah!!! Favorite!

Warning: I’m posting a million shots from their “First Look” because it was beautiful and romantic and pretty much AMAZING. Every couple should consider doing one… not just because of the amazing shots you get, but because of the experience.  This moment that they shared, they will NEVER forget. It was “their time” to be together on their wedding day and that is priceless!

He was speechless…..literally. It is in these moments that I realize how beautiful my job is…. capturing this makes me so so happy!!

All of these were taken within a span of 2-3 minutes. Isn’t that incredible? You don’t get shots like this when you meet at the end of the isle!

Oh sweet goodness!

Another favorite! They are so so natural in front of the camera! My job was so easy!

Ohhh yea…. did I mention I borrowed Chris’s 85mm to shoot with?…. and I loved it…and I became obsessed with it…. and I came home and bought one!!? I even paid for 2 day shipping because I don’t even want to shoot another wedding without it! It’s dramatic, I know… but if you are a photographer, you would understand.

If you liked Part I….you’ll LOVE Part II!! Let me know what ya’ think! (and if you think I blog too many images… I already know that, I’m working on it!)

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  1. Spring reply

    You can never blog too many images… not when they are this fantastic!!! Great job Katelyn- I think I just might have to invest in an 85mm :)

  2. emily scott reply

    those are really wonderful “first look” images!! i love them and i’m sending people here when they need to be convinced! and as usual, you are terrific.

  3. gladys jem reply

    Katelyn, you are amazing. Always such beautiful work!

  4. Tira J reply

    Beautiful images Katelyn! I hope you got the 85 1.2L, because you are going to LOVE IT! It is by far my most favorite lens of all time. I use it 95% of the time. Back to the images, they are wonderful, especially the first look. And no, I don’t think you blogged to many. It’s your blog, do with it what ya want! :)

  5. Michelle Brooks reply

    Holy Photographer’s Photographing Photographers!! Kately, these are brilliant, brilliant! Wow. What a tribute you gave them to their wedding day.

  6. amanda reply

    you can never have too many images. ever. these are so gorgeous. i love their theme too!!

  7. Holly reply

    Awesome shots! Can’t wait to see the rest! :-)

  8. Sydni Gould reply

    LOVE these shots – you did such a great job! her ring looks like mine…ooh can’t wait to see mine in pictures! ;)

  9. Stephanie reply

    Oh. My. Gosh. LOOOOVE this theme. And Katelyn… Those black and whites are to DIE for! Cannot WAIT for part two

  10. Brittany reply

    These are amazing! I looove the black and red, and the first look shots really are priceless. Can’t wait for part 2!

  11. Danielle reply

    These pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I love your work!!!

  12. Vickie reply

    I had never heard of the “First Look” before, but those shots were absolutely GORGEOUS! Congratulations to one of the most genuinely loving couples that I know, Katie and Chris Isham! :)

  13. Sabrina reply

    1) You do not blog too many images. I love looking at them all and always want to see more. 2) I LOVE seeing that you shot in downtown G-vegas… about a mile from MY HOUSE! SO much fun. I’m shooting a wedding in October at Mary’s Cottage and can’t wait. 3) Fantastic job. Can’t wait for Part II.

  14. Sara reply

    oh goodness. the first look ones made me tear up a little, sooo gorgeous! you did such a phenomenal job capturing it all! can’t wait for part 2 :)

  15. Sindy reply

    I’ve been following your blog for months now, and I’ve seen some fantastic pictures. But I’ve never commented. So here it is. These were sooo amazing you’ve made me tell you!!! Seriously, GORGEOUS shots!!!

  16. Julie reply

    there is no such thing as too many images. Love Love Love this wedding. He is so handsome and she is gorgeous and the theme…well it’s outta control fun! And you work is fabulous. I can’t wait for Part II.

  17. Erika reply

    Love these! The “Old Hollywood” theme is awesome, and the white + red + black = super sexy and romantic at the same time. Her dress and details are to die for!

  18. Cait reply

    Speechless as usual. Its rare for a Caitlin to get speechless. But these are just stunning and I know what you mean about the 85mm…. I LOVE MINE! Amazing Love!

  19. Jessica reply

    These are beautiful… The couple looks stunning and so in love. And I can’t forget to mention I am a HUGE fan of your work, I have never seen more beautiful pictures.

  20. Erica reply

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! I am almost in tears these are some of the most amazing ….well everything! i love the theme- it’s is my allllll time fav, they are just perfect looking, and as always so are your shots! perfect in everyway! I wish them all the happyness in the world! May thier Marriage be truely bless each and everyday.

  21. Phyllis Caldwell reply

    Beautiful! Great job.

  22. Vicki reply

    As the MOB (mother of the bride), I’m delighted with these photos! Photos are really the only thing you have left after the wedding. So engaged couples, invest wisely in a great photographer like Katelyn or Chris. These two also fun to work with!

  23. heidi reply

    these photos are ridiculously amazing. and she is ridiculously beautiful. and the black, white, red — my favorite. ahhhh.

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