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It’s such a perfect time to be married… for MANY reasons. 1. It’s not 110 degrees, it may be a little chilly at times but I would personally rather be a little chilly than dying in the heat! 2. It’s pretty much in the “Off” season for weddings and that means wedding vendors aren’t exhausted. I know this was true for me. I took a little break in October and hadn’t shot a wedding in over a month and a 1/2! I was ready to get back in the game! Whit and Sydni’s wedding was the perfect one to start back with! They had a BEAUTIFUL ceremony so focused on the Lord and the gift that marriage is. I loved it. Sydni was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Her dress fit her like a glove and when she walked, it made her look as if she

was just floating across the floor.  Whit and Sydni’s flower girls rang hand bells as they headed down the long aisle of Huguenot Baptist Church and the large white doors were closed behind them. The bridal march began and the doors were opened. Everyone rose and Whit had his first look at his bride….well, he had to jump up a few steps in order to see her above all of the guests. As they caught eyes, tears and smiles were exchanged. I love weddings. Everyone is happy, joyful and genuinely excited to celebrate alongside of the new couple. It’s a beautiful day.  It was an honor to capture the many precious moments that made Whit and Sydni’s day so perfect.  Besides Sydni tossing her bouquet right into the middle of the chandalier, their day was perfect:).  I loved meeting their sweet college friends and even some faithful blog stalkers! It was an amazing day in the southside of Richmond and here are some favorites!!  Enjoy!

They’re Pro dippers.

So we had to play around with the light because it was a VERY bright November afternoon! But it made for some really different shots…. a challenge is always good every now a then!

Why is this is shot so great? Because Sydni has no idea that she just tossed her bouquet into the center of a chandelier! Love it.

Sydni, girl I would have done the same thing!

A super fun glow-stick exit! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jackson!

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  1. Rebekah reply

    I love love the fall colors and the dress is AMAZING!!! Once again Katelyn you have captured the love and excitement of this couples special day! I love the glow stick idea :-)

  2. Karen W reply

    Awesome pics. It was a gorgeous wedding and your pictures did an amazing job or capturing it all.

  3. Anna Burke reply

    Woo Hoo! The weddings are back :) Love it! Love fall weddings…

  4. Linda (MOB) reply

    Katelyn, the pictures are spectacular!!! I am on a “wedding high!” Sydni and Whit are going to be amazed! You are one first-class, top-notch blessed photographer!!! Thank you for capturing the true love of these two with your sweet skills!

  5. Julie reply

    I love all of them!! Beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures!!!

  6. Alex reply

    Sydni, I love your dress! Katelyn you did a beautiful job. This wedding looks so simple and elegant, it makes me smile inside and out! You made the lighting work! I love these so much =]

  7. Brenda B reply

    Beautiful pictures! They really capture Sydni and Whit’s true love!

  8. Allison reply

    Will you please shoot my wedding. Hopefully that day will come soon!!!! :)

    Oh and umm I love the exit picture!! What a great idea!!!

  9. susan lloyd reply

    I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful pictures of a wedding and all the participants, especially the bride and groom when they are together. What a great canvas you had to work with cuz Syd is absolutely stunning but, wow.

  10. Girish reply

    I think this would be one of your best shoots till date. Loved it. Each photograph is wonderful. Great colors, lovely timing of the shots. Superb colors..the post ceremony shots in the November afternoon are fantastic…I can’t get enough :D

  11. Kristina N. reply

    I love the glowstick exit! Such a cool idea! Excellent photos of a gorgeous couple!

  12. Aunt Peggy reply

    The pictures are gorgeous! Most beautiful pictures I have ever seen that captures the beauty of the day, the wedding party, the beautiful bride and handsome groom! Praying God will bestow many blessings on their Godly home in the years to come!!

  13. Brittany reply

    beautiful pictures…what an AWESOME exit idea!!

  14. Brenda James reply

    KK, sooooo many wonderful pics; capturing the light of the glow sticks was incredible; you did an amazing job with the afternoon light. I especially like the one of the Brida and Groom as they were walking away from you toward the rolling hills!

  15. caroline reply

    oh my goodness!!! I LOVE every single shot! totally hoss :)

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