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I feel like I should pinch myself! Looking back over the last two years, my blog has been full of our friend’s weddings!! First of all, it’s amazing to see all of these amazing couples starting their lives together and secondly, I’m just honored that I have been able to be a part of them!! It’s an awesome feeling to be able to serve my friends in this way and I’m so thankful I was able to be a part of Garrett and Rachel’s wedding day! This wedding day was so incredible to watch because I remember sitting on the couches at our campus bakery shop talking with Rachel about when this day would come. She was only a freshman and she had really only seen Garrett from a distance… but she liked him.

She liked that he was a leader, she liked that he loved the Lord and she was drawn to him from that very first semester.  I remember our conversations about our future marriages and what they would look like.  On Sunday, it was just crazy to realize that THAT DAY was happening!! Garrett and Rachel entered their ceremony as two people in love and left as ONE amazing team that is going to do incredible things for the Lord. I seriously can’t wait to watch their story unfold and it was such an honor to serve alongside of them on their wedding day.


It may have been a bit chilly and the sun may have only made an appearance for 25 seconds but their day was warm and happy and joyful.  Garrett and Rachel, you know I love you both. Michael and I are SO excited to welcome you into the old married people’s club… it’s the best club around! We can’t wait to watch you grow closer together and begin this new journey! Enjoy your honeymoon!!!! xoxoxo


GAH! I would shoot at Oak Ridge Estate EVERY WEEKEND if I could! Wowsers!

And that Bouquet?! Amazing!

Rach you’re stunning… SO beautiful!

LOVE THIS…. I’m sure Garrett does too:)

A tearful Daddy/Daughter first look…

Seriously, could Oak Ridge be ANY more awesome?!


gah! gorgeous!

A favorite!!!

True story, I almost got run over by the trolley… but hey! We got some great pics!

Oh my goodness! How cute!!

Talk about an amazing entrance!

That shot on the right? That’s the “I got my girl” look. I love it! New favorite recessional shot!

man hug….

Michael shot this!! so classy!

And this….


And then the sun peaked out for about 3 minutes and we took advantage of it!

Annnd they sang together… NBD.







Venue | Oak Ridge Estate

Event Planner | Shindig Weddings & Events

Event lighting and Rentals | Big Top Entertainment

Videography | Josh Gooden

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Rebekah C reply

    Ahh, these are all so gorgeous! I don’t this couple but they are both beautiful & the setting was beautiful. It’s just all so perfect! I don’t know how they’ll ever pick favorites.

  2. Ashley Jock reply

    These are amazing!!!!

  3. Melissa reply

    Wow, Katelyn yet again a fabulously photographed wedding! And extra beautiful since I know them! Congrats to Garrett and Rachel- you both look “lucky in love” and that you are :) What gorgeous photos for a gorgeous event!

  4. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Wow! I kept going “Oh, I love that one!” “That one is beautiful!” the whole way through the post. I have so many I love it’s amazing, actually! What a gift the Lord has given you!!

  5. Jill Samter reply

    I think this might be my favorite wedding you have shared with us – outside of yours. :-D His love for her just radiates out of him. Her joy is beaming out of her! It is beautiful to see and enjoy! Thanks!!!

  6. ashley link reply

    WOW! these are all gorgeous! i love all of their portraits! the donut desserts were so cute! i also loved the lighting in the tent! such a dream wedding! looks like you had a lot of fun! congrats to the sweet couple! :)

  7. Melissa reply

    I love everything about this wedding! So beutiful and fun!

  8. jamie reply

    that venue… is amazing! great captures Katelyn. so beautiful!

  9. Allison reply

    What an incredible collection of photos! Always love your work, but there were some especially beautiful photos from this wedding!

  10. Robin Day reply

    Wow does that take me back to my childhood. I grew up in Nelson County only miles from Oak Ridge. We used to go there for Folk music and art festivals. So great to see it 20 years later. Now, I am nostalgic to go back.

  11. Meredith Sledge reply

    What a DREAM!!!!! This really is a dream of a wedding.

  12. Holly reply

    You have THE most beautiful brides/friends! Absolutely love this wedding!

  13. Lydia reply

    The pictures kept getting more amazing the farther I scrolled down the page! LOVE the ones where the sun came out!

  14. Kathryn Grace reply

    I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since you posted their engagement shoot. :-) Rachel is just stunning! LOVED this wedding!!

  15. Brenda reply

    absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Great job KK!

  16. beverly lilly reply

    beautiful couple. incredible venue. gorgeous pictures.

  17. Sarah reply

    I love the one of the groom and his mother. You can see how proud she is of her son.

  18. Melissa Kate reply

    your pictures are always so amazing katelyn!

  19. Amanda reply

    Oh my goodness that picture with the full tree and the sun peeking through – AMAZING!!!! Just love it!!

  20. Rici reply

    That is such an overall super gorgeous wedding! WOW. Congrats!!! Love the washing during the ceremony! AND RED shoes! So great! ~ Saluti.

  21. Christy Tyler reply

    Just STUNNING! The first looks all made me cry… father/daughter, mother/son, bride/groom. Love! Beautiful work as always!

  22. Mandy reply

    AMAZING!!!! This venue is incredible, and I loooooooved all of the portraits! The light was incredible, there were so many settings with pretty nature…gosh just awesome! Rach and Garrett, you all could seriously consider a career in modeling! :) Love love love these pics and how they captured the beauty and love that you two have!

  23. joshua klaus reply

    katelyn, my dad is a professional photographer and he is amazing. I get spoiled because he takes gorgeous photos that line our home and so I feel like a bit of a snob whenever I go to restaurants, buildings, etc and see pictures that don’t deserve a frame. But I have NEVER seen pictures like yours that capture not only the majesty of the scenery, but the emotions of the people. You shoot people so well, it is scary. I hope this is your profession because you capture something in your lens that no human eye could capture, the majesty of the occasion. Whenever I get married, I am definitely going to give you a call! Keep up the amazing work, you made me want to be at the wedding! (my mom and step-dad went, so this is why I saw your photos).

  24. sarah dattoma reply

    One of the most fabulous KJ weddings yet.

  25. David Drufke reply

    Absolutely perfect!

  26. Amy Arrington reply

    very beautiful images…so lovely

  27. Lauren reply

    So, so beautiful! I love the pics of Garrett and his sweet Mama:) (Also loved that the red socks were captured:) Rachel- the day was beautiful and the pictures are just gorgeous! Hope your new life together is filled with joy:)

  28. jeanne giamerese reply

    This wedding was perfect! The couple is amazing! Especially, the way you captured their day~ was over the top Katelyn~ excellent once again! Can’t rave about it enough!

  29. Elise reply

    OH my gosh. SO fantastic. Great great shots and Rachel made an absolutely stunning bride! Looked like a simply fabulous wedding.

  30. Suzy VanDyke reply

    Love this wedding Katelyn! I’m so glad I got to hang with you at the Pursuit 31 conference! <3 !

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    […] The week of Christmas, my brother-in-law and his wife, Rachel, were robbed.  Jordan and I love them both deeply and consider them some of our best friends, so this was really hard for us to hear.   We were able to visit them 2 days later and were very impressed, challenged, and encouraged by their perspective and response to the robbery.  So naturally, I asked Rachel if she would be willing to be a guest writer on my blog to share her experience .   Thank you, Rachel, for your willingness to open up to me and my readers. (ps: you can check out their wedding here) […]

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