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I have to apologize. This post is SO late! It’s like 4:30 and I’m just now getting this up! Well, there is a reason it has taken me ALL day to blog this wedding…. I LOVED IT… and I have a million favorites and I really should narrow them down but I just can’t! Matt and Rebekah are such an amazing couple.  I have never shot a wedding where a couple’s family friends were so openly vocal about how these two need to be married! They’re perfect for each other and everyone is aware of that. After their pastor announced that they were officially husband and wife, guests started cheering. People rejoiced with them ALL day and celebrated their new marriage! These two were married on Sunday at the Briar Patch in Middleburg, VA.

Sunday marked the one year anniversary that they MET.  Yea…. that wasn’t a typo! They MET one year ago at a halloween party. They started talking and were dating by Thanksgiving! Several months later, they were engaged. They just knew… and so did everyone else in their life… that they were supposed to be together.


As Rebekah got ready, she showed me a notebook where she had been writing letters to her future husband since she was 16.  As she flipped through the pages with her bridesmaids, laughing at some of the ridiculous things girls write down when they are teenagers… they also read things that showed that God was preparing her for Matt so many years ago.  It’s crazy to think that a little over a year ago, Rebekah had no idea who her husband was going to be… and now she’s honeymooning in Antigua!  God is faithful and I love being a part of weddings where He’s present and very much a part of the day. It changes things… really. It just feels different. All weddings are emotional and so sacred…. but when two people love the Lord… it adds a whole new dimension to the relationship.  Being a part of their day was an amazing experience. Jill helped me out and I think she would agree that it never felt like we were working… even when the briars attacked me during portraits and the blisters started to form during the reception, I loved being there. Matt and Rebekah are WELL LOVED and I think that’s because they realllly know how to love others! It baffles me to think that this was only my SECOND time to hangout with them! I feel like we’ve known each other for years!!


It was 1:45 and Rebekah got into her gorgeous gown, put on her jewelry, shoes, garter and was smiling the whole time. The time had come to see her groom and since Rebekah is a photographer, she knows how sweet this moment is. She looked amazing, absolutely stunning. They shared a few minutes to themselves and then we drove into Middleburg for portraits. I was a little excited and literally almost walked into oncoming traffic because my mind was elsewhere. I had  “find good light!” on the brain and we did just that. I LOVED this wedding and I can’t wait to show you!! So here are my MANY favorites!!! And Matt and Rebekah, you two stole my heart the moment we met for your engagement session. I have been looking forward to your wedding day for MONTHS and it was nothing short of perfection! It was SUCH an honor!! Love you both!!

I got a little carried away with the dress shots… it was so beautiful!!

Reading a letter from Matt…

oh my sweet goodness Rebekah… you’re gorgeous!

Some time alone…. First Looks will NEVER get old to me! I love them!!

Oh… and these two laugh CONSTANTLY… I have no idea what they’re laughing at… but it makes for GREAT pictures!

Let’s play a game…. who can find Katelyn in this picture. Woops!

Her dress FLEW!

The light was awesome!!

Jill capture this one and I LOVE it!!

yesssss! yay fall!

love them:)


Some details!

Ohhhh gosh. The briars had literally attacked themselves to me hair… don’t judge. I’m just posting this because I adore these two so so much!! Sweet memories!

Venue | The Briar Patch, Middleburg VA

Dress | David’s Bridal

DJ | Jeremy Winston

Videographer |  Alyssa Eckhart

Catering | R&R Catering

Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas 

Favors | Muffins!!

Honemoon | Antigua!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Elise reply

    OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this weddding so much!!!!! Love it a lot!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike Kelly reply

    Absolutely Stunning Katelyn! I think these are some of your absolute best work I’ve seen. Beautiful!

  3. Jennifer Davis reply

    spectacular!!! gorgeous lighting, colors and people, as usual! thanks for sharing! i love the ones of them after (i think) the ceremony on the grass sitting down. wonderful!

  4. Annia reply

    Really loved this one, Katelyn. Most expressive bride EVER!!

  5. Abby Grace reply

    AH! I love the Briar Patch Inn! I knew that’s where these were taken as soon as I saw those bridal shots of Rebekah. Isn’t that bridal suite just awesome? Swoon. My favorite portraits are DEFINITELY the ones taken in that doorway downtown. Gorgeous work, girl!

  6. Meredith Sledge reply

    I have absolutely no words to describe how much I LOVE these pictures. NO WORDS. These are my favorite pictures I think you’ve ever taken, wedding-wise. I feel like I say that on every blog post but I actually mean it this time. Wow.

  7. katie yuen reply

    This is SO AMAZING! Love it!

  8. Tamara reply

    Sigh**… amazing. As always! :)

  9. Jill Powers reply

    YES YES YESSSS! I love these Katelyn! And Matt and Rebekah I love you both too! It was an honor to be a part of your day–you are both wonderful!!! God is so good!

  10. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Wow. All I can say is that these pictures are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The pictures of Mrs. Rebekah are so captivating! :) Love all of these! :)

  11. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Katelyn!!! Matt and I are sitting in our resort lounge absolutely thrilled with these pictures!!! Seriously, you have blessed us so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! What a sweet, precious collection we will have for the rest of our lives. Love you so much! Love, the Hoyts :)

  12. Beverly reply

    love the colors so much–especially against the brick wall. and her dress…mmmm…so so beautiful. this couple seems to be one of a kind…those people that you meet and immediately become their best friends. another favorite is during the first look and seeing the groom grip the bride into his arms so tightly.

  13. Mandy reply

    OH MY GOSHH! I am in love with this wedding! KK, the way you seem to have captured their personalities in the pictures is so awesome! I can just feel the joy in all of them! Also, the setting was just gorgeous…I love everything about this one…wow wow wow!!

  14. Caroline reply

    GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GOOOORRRRRGEOUSSSSS!!!!! I want a fall wedding :) good thing you have Rabbit Land training to conquer the briars :) love you!

  15. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    Those were some GREAT pictures, Katelyn!! I LOVED the couple, and the colors, AND the scenery…loved it all :D

  16. Kirsten reply

    Amazing! Absolutely love it!

  17. ashley barnett reply

    Her smile is contagious! I just started smiling and laughing at these photos right along with them. Love this one Katelyn!

  18. Sara reply

    these are INCREDIBLE. I can’t even put it into words! I feel like I know them!! AMAZING

  19. Sarah reply

    Oh my goodness. This wedding is amazing. I can only hope that my wedding will one day be this gorgeous. Absolutely amazing job Katelyn! So beautiful!

  20. Jess reply

    amazing photographs of this couple and beautiful wedding!! Also, great job on the pumpkin ring shots – very creative!! :)

  21. Emily K reply

    By far my FAVORITE wedding of yours! Gorgeous! The light was so yummy!! Great work Katelyn :)

  22. Lindsey reply

    Katelyn, these are nothing short of uh-mazing. It was such a blast to meet you at the wedding, fun to watch you at work, and now such a JOY to see the pictures. You captured Matt and Rebekah SO WELL.

  23. Tara reply

    I always love your work- but I almost died over these images! So beautiful- makes me want to get married all over again in the fall!

  24. Annetta reply

    What a wonderful wedding. Love the photo of them kissing under the big tree on the pathway. Beautiful light! I can tell you had fun with this one.

  25. Shuva Rahim reply

    Holy wonderfulness, Katelyn! I was looking through these images and thinking, ‘Now, THIS is how you shoot an awesome wedding!’

  26. Mary Marantz reply

    LOVE!! Those red dresses are amazing!! Your rocked this one OUT lady!! xoxo M:)

  27. rebekah j. reply

    beauuuutiful! probably my favorite of yours, just because rebekah is the sweetest ever. but seriously, amazing job. love!

  28. Becca reply

    Oh my goodness!!!! Katelyn one of my favorites for sure!! They are ALL wonderful! So so so pretty! Excellent job!

  29. Emy reply

    first, i love how the “briars attacked themselves to your hair.” haha oh you and those typos. :) Secondly, I loved this wedding!! The flowers, her dress flying, the one where his back is to the camera and she’s holding his arm, and the fact that they love Jesus!! Sounds like a awesome day, and you did an incredible job as always! So proud of you. :)

  30. Elizabeth reply

    i cannot get over how much i love this wedding!!! you did such a fabulous job, katelyn!!!

  31. Girish reply

    Excellent pictures. Love the way you make the couple interact and have fun. Well done.

  32. Tricia Cruz reply

    Really spectacular photos!!!

  33. Sarah reply

    Your posts always make me cry…I feel like such a baby but I can’t help it! Such a beautiful wedding and a sweet sweet couple.

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