College, Gotta Love it.

  • College, Gotta Love it.

If you have been following the blog for a while, you have probably realized that not only do I love showing off my clients…but I love sharing bits and pieces of my life! This blog is like an online scrapbook that I’ll have forever! I love it! I love it so much, I’m doing my senior thesis on it! ha! Yay for having a topic that I’m actually interested in and care about. I may actually graduate college everyone!

Anyway, here are a few pics from Intervarsity’s ANNUAl SMALL GROUP VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT! Each small group dresses up with a theme and competes against each other! Seriously, the ideas these groups come up with each year are incredible!

Dr. Seuss! They even had the Grinch and his dog! amazing!

The “Morning Men”. 

Sorry, I just love the “whoos”! Their colors were perfect and just look at that hair!

Horton himself!

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  1. Catie reply

    great shots kk!the morning men made me laugh

  2. Erika reply

    LOVE this concept. Looks like a complete blast. Great shots! I especially love the Horton one – my little bro was Horton a few years ago in his school musical :)

  3. emy reply

    hahahaha this is great!!!

  4. Mandy reply

    KK you impress me so much!!! The colors of the pictures just pop and look so good :) (I am going to abstain from attempting to make elephant faces in the future, however.)

  5. Charity DellaCamera reply

    hahah I love Horton’s face in the last shot! Great pictures girl!

  6. caroline reply

    ooohhh volleyball. and the colors! love the facial expressions. way to capture the magic kk

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