A Responsibility Rant

  • Oh to be a dog...

a dog. This is going to sound absolutely pathetic but I envy Bokeh some days. How amazing would it be to only have to worry about chasing squirrels and burying chew toys in the couch cushions?  How awesome would it be to never have any responsibility other than to be yourself and be cute?!  Bokeh wakes up, snuggles, goes out to pee and then his long day of napping, playing and eating begins. What a life!!!  I think it’s safe to say that when you constantly envy the pace of life that your dog enjoys, maybe it’s time for a BREAK! I just finished the last wedding of the season on Saturday, took a quick trip to California for 3 days and tomorrow

is my workshop (which I’m pumped about!!).  After the workshop there is a Q&A brunch and then I head to our Fall retreat for our youth group. THEN, I get a BREAK!!!! Michael asked me a few days ago “What’s happening next Saturday?”… and after a brief moment of shock… I answered him and said “nothing!”… Nothing is happening next Saturday!!! WOOHOOOOOO!!! I vote we stay in bed way too late, eat cereal and live like our dog for the day! Nothing to do but be together and bark at squirrels! Sounds like a plan me!!!!!  Needless to say, I’m looking for to next Saturday:).  Have a GREAT weekend!! I’m off to a fun day with AMAZING photographers from all over the country and Canada!!!! wowsers!!


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