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I feel like it would be accurate to name this the “blossom” shoot! There were so many opportunities to shoot underneath blooming trees and shrubbery during Greg and Keri’s engagement session! Every year I hope for a chance to shoot in the blossoms and I thought that my opportunity had passed. The peak of the cherry blossoms was over a week ago and so I assumed that all of the blooms were gone. I was very wrong! Old Town Alexandria was still full of flowers and it made for a perfect backdrop for Greg and Keri!

I honestly don’t know which part of their session that I enjoyed more… shooting in the most gorgeous light with magical petals falling from the branches or just walking and talking with this sweet couple and hearing their story! The more we learned about these two, the more we loved them! They volunteer with their youth group at church, they have awesome families, and last but not least… they have such a CLASSY style! :) What more could you want in a couple?! To top it all off, they are incredibly photogenic!

We walked around the streets of Old Town and found so many little nooks to shoot in! Michael had to reel me in because I could have kept Greg and Keri just on one street for two hours! I’m just in love with this session because of the color, the unique backdrops and of course, the blossoms!! Enjoy scrolling through some of my favorites and get excited for this wedding because Keri is going to be such a stunning bride! I can’t wait!

Oh how I love this!

LOVED this classy door! I felt like we were in Europe!

It’s true… Michael is the man behind the blossoms!

 The GLOW in this alley was on point!

 Looks like Charleston!


 Another favorite! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey reply

    So pretty Katelyn!!! I love the cherry blossoms but you always make them look 1000 times more magical!! xoxo

  2. Laura reply

    Oh that light! :-)

  3. Lauren Swann reply

    These are so pretty!! Love these, Katelyn!!

  4. Becca reply

    KERI!!! You are so beautiful (as always)! These are all just gorgeous!! Love the locations and cherry blossoms and kudos on the outfit choices :) So excited for you two!

  5. Rebekah Carter reply

    Ooh, great locations! And I love her outfit of the long orange skirt & the denim jacket.

  6. Kristina W. reply

    Wow! What a photo shoot! These images are incredible.

  7. Jacinthe reply

    Sometimes, I see light like this, and I can’t help but think… if there is light in Heaven, surely, surely it must be similar to this one! It’s surreal. Your photos from this shoot are absolutely amazing, I am in love with so many of them! But the light… gah! It’s more than “just” amazing.

  8. M.O.B. reply

    Katelyn, love these amazing shots of my beautiful daughter and handsome almost son-in-law. Looking forward to meeting you in August. Thank you for making your part of the wedding so fun and relaxing for Keri.

  9. Jaclyn reply

    One of my favorites to date! The light and location is gorgeous!!

  10. Keri reply

    AHHH! Katelyn we love love LOVE them!! They are absolutely perfect and I can’t stop smiling!!! :)

  11. Linda reply

    These photos are beautiful, as always! :) I also LOVE her skirt!! so pretty and flowy!!! :)

  12. Didi reply

    Katelyn, I love these beautiful photos. I am seeing my back yard of Old Town Alexandria come alive with new beauty through your eyes and your photos. You continue to amaze and inspire me. A day without your photos is like a day without sunshine. I am so thankful I got to know you even for a little while.

  13. ashley link reply

    So much gorgeousness!!! <3

  14. Kelley reply

    Kaitlyn! AH!!! OUR OLD HOUSE IS IN THIS SESSION!!! We miss Old Town (but not the traffic on Rt. 1.) Gorgeous e-shoot—can’t wait to see the wedding!

  15. Stephen Gosling Photography reply

    You were within a few blocks of walking to my place and you could have met some puppies!!!

  16. Ben Jones reply

    I liked all the details. Places, scenes, lights, etc. Everything is like a fairy tale.

  17. joe reply

    oh yeah you get it girl! Nasty!

  18. Lisa Fay reply

    These are amazing photos – especially with the cherry tree blossoms falling around that gorgeous couple! Would you mind telling me where I can find that adorable pink gate in the brick wall? Such a great spot!

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