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If I remember correctly, Oliver and Carley were the very first couple to officially book me back in August of last year.  I had some other weddings in the works but they were the first to sit down and actually book for the following summer! Needless to say, I owe them a HUGE thank you  for trusting me at the beginning stages.  I’m definitely still in the beginning stages of my business but I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for awesome couples like Oliver and Carley! Thank you! Thank you!


Oliver and Carley were married last Saturday.  It was a very HOTT Saturday but we knew to expect that.  We joked during their engagement session that Oliver was going to melt wearing a tux in July! Luckily, I’m happy to say, he made it! .. and he still looked sharp as they made their grand entrance into their reception! Not only was their entrance grand, the reception was unbelievably gorgeous.  They hosted their reception at Fredericksburg Square in downtown Fredericksburg and it was stunning.  Everyone danced the night away and had a blast.  There is a picture of Oliver and Carley towards the end of the post that describes their relationship so perfectly. Oliver had just finished doing or saying something ridiculous and Carley couldn’t stop laughing.  This seemed to be a common occurrence between the two of them and I love being around couples like that.  They’re so happy and it’s so genuine.


I wish you two the absolute best.  You guys are wonderful and you are going to have an amazing life together! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Beale!

I couldn’t decide which ring shot I liked best… so when that happens..I just post both!

Carley’s dress had BEAUTIFUL details!

Oh this is a favorite!

I think the main reason I posted this one is because Oliver is holding the bouquet so nicely.

I couldn’t resist posting these “daddy/daughter” shots. Rita and I actually went to school together…a LONG time ago!

Love it.

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  1. Michael reply

    Gotta love downtown F-Berg…the ones under the train tracks are so cool looking…good job!!!

  2. Anna reply

    Again, another beautiful job :)

  3. Andi reply

    I love your look – consistent and simply gorgeous!

  4. Charity DellaCamera reply

    AHHH i have been waiting for these all week :)!!! I love their dancing together photos!! Oliver and Carley were why we found you for our wedding!! The pictures are awesome of course, Congrats Carley and Oli!!!

  5. Mark Hayes reply

    These are lovely. I’m sure the couple must be overjoyed with the choice they made for their photographer when they entrusted the job to you. Outstanding job.

  6. Tracy reply

    Your pictures are always stunning. You have such a gift!!

  7. Maria Moore reply

    LOVE the shoes & flowers by that old wooden fence!

  8. Rita Beale reply

    I LOVE these pictures!! I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for posting the one of my dad and I, I love it!!

  9. Brianna Phelan reply

    I love the images numbered ’68’ and the ones in the archways – beautiful work :)

  10. Jaylene Cyr reply

    Absolutely beautiful work! Definitly original. Great couple to work with. They are definitly meant for eachother!
    We look forward to seeing your great work in the balance of the pictures.

  11. Becky Fuller reply

    Excellent pictures Katelyn! They are absolutely beautiful… if I ever come up with a reason to get professional photos taken, I will definitely be in touch! Carley and Oliver, you guys looked great!

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